Twisted Fate - Episode 2.

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Btw, you guys know that this is fiction, right? :P
And to those who are confused or do not understand, try reading this as if it were a TV script!


TT Update: Thank you for sharing E's lingerie with us. It was very entertaining. And frilly. For those who weren't invited to the party last night, I'm sure MeTube videos will show-and-tell.

Here's one of the scenes that happened last night, that WASN'T captured on film.


Megan, having one drinks too many, sitting with 6 other random guys from school. She is clearly drunk, and is having trouble fending off 2 guys from touching her like, everywhere. The other guys are enjoying conversations about soccer. Urgh.

M: "Stop it guys!" *weakly pushes them away*
A: "Haha, what's the problem Megan? Not so strong anymore, are you?"
M: "What.. did.. you.. guys.. put in my drink...?"
B: "Nothing that you don't deserve. Come alonggg Megs, we'll take you for a ride"
*turns Megan around, walks off towards the car*

Nate: "Where do you think you are bringing her?"
A: "Mind your own business, dude. She's my girlfriend."
Nate: "I know for a fact that she is not."
A: "She is dude, go away!" *pushes him*
Nate: "Okay, then what does she like to eat?"
A: "Uh.. Chocolate?"
Nate: "No, she's ALLERGIC to chocolate. She likes to eat Ben and Jerry's. Everyone knows that. I'm taking her from you"
A: "No, we didn't get her like this just so she could be stolen by you. Get him guys!"
Nate: "Don't hurt her!"
*Nate gets punched more*
*Guys get bored after a while and dump Nate and Megan on the floor*

By now, Megan is a little bit more sober, and tries to help Nate up.

M: "Thanks Nate... I'm so sorry..."
N: "It's okay.. I'm glad you're fine... Let me take you home alright?"
M: "Okay." *smiles* "Oh, by the way, how did you know I love B&J?"
N: "I know you better than you think!" *laughs* "Ow that hurts."


The room is in shock. Then everyone whips out their cellphones and snaps pictures of Elle's ripped dress. It still looks stylish though, but who can resist photos of a visible thong, right?

Elle is still frozen. Ian comes to his senses and runs towards Elle, takes off his suit jacket and throws it over Elle. Fortunately for her, it is big enough to cover everything. Everything vital, that is.

Kristen, Elle and Ian strut out of the party, make a beeline for Elle's Volkswagen Beetle and off they go.

Kristen is seen calling someone on the phone, but that someone isn't picking up. Hmm. I wonder who she might be calling, and what the person is doing right now...


At Megan's doorstep, Nate says good night. Megan gives him a hug that lasts just-a-second-too-long and gives him a peck on the cheek that means just-more-than-friends.


The next day, Elle paces anxiously up and down the basketball court, hoping to "run into" Ian. And... of all the luck in the world... she gets seen by Paris.

P: "Wow, if it isn't the lingerie model of the year. Here's my gym instructor's namecard, you should go for a workout dear, it'll be better for your business."
E: *is about to retaliate when...*
Ian (voice from behind Paris): "I think it's much sexier than a certain Paris that I know and just broke up with. *glares at Paris* Lets go, Elle."
*Ian grabs Elles hand and pulls her away*
*Paris is left looking like a sad loser*


Elle and Ian... walking back together.. How sweet. They talk awkwardly at first, then they slowly reach the topic of Paris... and how Ian feels Paris is really immature and how he is drawn to Elle's charm.

They reach Elle's doorstep, and Ian hugs her.

*Beep!* TT Alert: Is Ian already over Paris? Looks like it's been confirmed guys. Will Paris let her one-true-love slip by so easily? We're eager to find out.


Elle opens her door and lets out a gasp. Ian hears her gasp and looks into the room.

It is a mess. Books thrown everywhere, notes torn, fresh, red wet paint on the wall spelling 'THIEF'. Even Kristen's side of the room is not spared. Elle rushes to the cupboard to open her wardrobe.

Her clothes are not there.

She notices the open window... which was suspiciously wide open, which normally is never the case. She looks down and sees... her clothes. In a heap. Drenched with.. some brown liquid. Ew.

On her table... or what's left of her table, there is a pink post-it with the words...



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