Of JumpDeaths and Escaping.

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Just woke up and I usually have this habit of penning down my interesting/weird dreams.. so let me tell you what I just dreamt of.

I was a villager living in a village, was out picking fruits one day with 2 other females and 1 other male. Funny enough, they were all caucasians. I must have watched too much LOTR or something.

Anyway, while we were out of the village, we suddenly saw a lot of black smoke in the air, and decided to stop picking whatever it was that we were picking and head back to our village.

From a distance, we could see that the village lay in ruins.

Another village had attacked us while we were gone. We quickly ran back in the other direction as we heard some horses galloping towards us.

"What were we going to do now?!" Was the thought on our minds. Seems like no one else managed to escape. There was no time to mourn. We had to escape. Now.

As we walked briskly away, we spotted a creature quite a distance away, so we managed to avoid it. What was this creature?? I can't exactly remember it's shape but it has four legs, gnarling teeth and eats humans.

What a close shave! Phew.

One of my female companions told us that there was a myth that it was possible to cheat death once when you're faced with the creature. Intrigued, we asked her to share it with us.

"If the creature is in front of you, and you have no where to run, take out your dagger, and ram it into its head, in between the eyes, and at the same time when you thrust it in, jump, push your legs behind and shout "JumpDeath!"

One lady has done it before, but unfortunately she has died of old age by now."

Whoaaa. The three of us were amazed and even though it sounded hard to believe, it was better than to bank on no hope, since we had no weapons with us except our small daggers.

The sound of hooves again, but approaching us.

We dropped flat on the floor, hoping that in the evening's shadows, we wouldn't be noticed.

They passed on.

We picked ourselves up, turned to our right and noticed... the creature.

Frozen in fear, we were rooted to the ground. The creature stood directly in front of us, growling and ready to pounce.

Suddenly, one of my female companions lounged forward, holding her dagger and pierced the creature's head, shouting "JumpDeath" and jumping at the same time.

It was a magical moment.

We watched in awe as we saw her soul being sucked out to form a ghostly figure, then the soul of the creature 'replacing' her soul and she was returned back into her own body.

The body of the creature lay in a dead heap, and my companion was fine, albeit a little shaken.

"And that's the power of a JumpDeath"


I'm not kidding you, that was my dream. Can you imagine how awesome I felt when I woke up?! Like woah I was just in a movie or something. Hahah.

Have a great day :)
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