Dreaming of falling. Any inception reference here?

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I am really really swarmed with work!!! Been working late and rushing to meetings, so I really apologise for the lack of updates. Hopefully I get to catch up over the long weekend. My complexion is pretty horrible right now and I really need sleep.

Just a quick update to share... my dream last night that jerked me awake. I don't know where it came from, or what it means, but here goes. WALL OF TEXT AHEAD.


There was a man who was loved by everyone in the town. He had a strong following, some men even followed him everywhere he went and did his bidding. Recently there was something strange happening in the town. People were seen dropping dead like flies.

No one knew who did it, but there was someone who had a sneaking suspicion as to who it was. He decided to amass the help of some people, to feign death all around 'The Man', to see if his reaction would expose his guilt.

That moment came. The Man was happily talking and laughing with some of his followers, when suddenly, they dropped to the ground, one by one. I was peering from a corner, looking shocked, and guess what The Man did?

"What is this? Is this an attempt to extort the truth? Very well then, I will tell you. Get up. Stop feigning your death."

*Men get up*

"My plan is already completed, there's nothing you can do about it now. Yes it was me who had been killing our townsmen one by one. And everyone here will die. No one will leave here alive. Do whatever you want but you will not escape this."

With that, the followers surrounded him, asking him a bunch of questions, while I slipped out to find my mother and one of my female tuition kids (don't ask me why it was them two, I don't know)


I found them, briefly explained the situation, and told them that we HAD to get on the first bus out of the town, since we were only tourists and weren't part of the town, I thought we could escape.

Somehow, I remembered that there was an area with gorgeously drawn paintings that I had looked through earlier, and wanted to go back to get. Due to the circumstances, there wasn't enough time to go back. I vaguely remember a painting of a forest, with someone in the distance pointing a gun straight at the painter.

It was nighttime when we boarded the bus with our luggages. It was a long bus (imagine SMRT buses but doesn't have that bendy thing in the middle, but the interior had beige walls and caramel brown leather seats). We picked seats near the front, and not soon after, the bus was packed full and left.

We watched as our bus left the town. The surrounding scenery was mind blowing. I remember there were icebergs covered in multi-coloured lights, the sea reflecting the light, stars overhead... it was surreal. When we felt safe, my tuition kid said she wanted to have another glimpse of the scenery that passed by, so she ran to the back of the bus. Being her guardian, I had to follow, right?

I kept an eye on her and an eye on the road. I saw a sharp 110 degree turn to the left, and noticed that our driver was NOT slowing down. My instinct was to grab my tuition kid and run to the front, to find my mum, but it was too late. The bus went straight, off the cliff, and nosedived straight into the sea.

In those few seconds, I shouted to my tuition kid to take a deep breath, I heard the driver shouting "IT'S OVER WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE" and everyone rushing into a frenzy.


With all my strength, I found something to smash the window with, squeezed through and swam with all my might. I saw my tuition kid follow me out. As I kicked and looked up, I felt my lungs burning, desperate for air. All I could think of, was if my mum was alright.

I woke up.


Freaky right? Okay good night have a great week you all!

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