My 23rd Birthday at 2fifteen Kitchen!

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  I had the most splendid 23rd birthday party held at 2fifteen Kitchen last week. It's tucked in a little corner of Rochester Mall, a short walk from Buona Vista MRT. Only accessible from its own entrance, so you have to follow the signboards to find it.

It's a REAALLLY new mall, so some shops aren't even open yet! Want to be at a place before everyone else finds it? If you want a quiet, homely, place for a romantic dinner or lunch where you get 100% attention from your partner, this is it. 
(PSST! Read on to find out how you can get 15% off when you dine at 2fifteen Kitchen!)

I loved it.

Let me briefly talk about my past 2 birthday celebrations, shall I? If you don't want to read about this bit, just skip ahead until you see the pictures of the food, they were phenomenal!!

On my 21st birthday, I booked a room The Chevron's, which is all the way at Jurong East, but it had a great room!

A stage, a pool table, and enough capacity to fit 70 pax. On that day itself, I realised I could even afford to invite more people because there was so much food left over and there was so much space to even fit 120 people. I even sang on stage (albeit out of tune, but this wasn't a competition right), and my friend bought me a little adorable tiara! Went to Marina Barrage after that to release balloons into the sky, spent midnight there and then went to Zouk after.

My fabulous cake was from St Regis. It was a great 21st! Whoever travelled all the way to Jurong East just for my birthday got mega brownie points. Lol!


Last year, on my 22nd bithday, I spent it... in Germany with my relatives and distant relatives. I got to experience a German birthday!! 

All the relatives did a canon and sang  happy birthday to me in German, while forming a semi circle in front of me. It was surreal... and surround sound. Haha! Pretty awesome.


Which brings me to this year. I wanted a small dinner with my blogger pals to thank them for everything and a separate small one for my pals! I only started this blogging scene (events and such) about a year and a half ago, I've learnt so much and got to experience more than I ever thought I would. So when Walter recommended this place to me, (I hold a high esteem for Walter's taste), I just had to check it out.

 This is what you see when you've found the right place. With a gorgeous chandelier on top! 
I liked this place already.

Since it was my birthday, I decided to spice it up and decorated the place a little. Bought 12 balloons to hang on every chair, made some placards, and got some Smoulder lava cakes to place on the table in case my guests wanted to nibble on something before everyone else came. 

The team at 2fifteen were so kind to prepare a menu for the night! A great touch, as you know, bloggers like to know what's in store for them, and know what they're eating. Haha! Here's some photos of the setting after some magic.

 Love the unpretentious feel :)

Had to be there early to setup for my guests. Sarah, Valerie, William, Hong Peng, Joey, Angie, Jessie, Shu Qing, James, Christine and Jordan! 

We even had a hashtag for the night on twitter and instagram! #clairesflair but I think most stopped using it after a while haha.


 Printed these online, coloured them with colour pencils like a primary school kid, and cut them into little pieces! #effort

Me all smiles and writing the names on the placards. Peach lace dress from H&M in HK.

The staff, all smiles and ready for the night!

Pretty, right? I couldn't have done it without Christine and Jordan's help, and 2fifteen *hearts* Thank you! Okay let's go right to the food!

 Smoulder 's  bite sized lava cakes for everyone! Each box had different flavors.

What I love about Smoulder is that their cakes are prepared daily in nine unique flavours with premium ingredients and no preservatives! 

I just HAVE to list all 9 flavours out for you. Here you go.

Signature Dark Chocolate, Intense Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Black Forest, Milk Chocolate Mocha, Milk Chocolate Rum & Raisin, White Chocolate Matcha, White Chocolate Raspberry, White Chocolate Pistachio, White Chocolate Lemon

Address at the bottom of this post!

2fifteen Kitchen's menu creations are made lovingly by Kenny Yeo, who has helmed renowned restaurants in Singapore and Taipei including a 3-star Michelin hotel in France. Plus they only use quality ingredients to pamper their guests ;)

 We were served some bread, and I was impressed by the presentation already! The bread was arranged nicely and even the butter, cut into little rectangles with a zigzag design.

 The first out of the 5 for the night.
 Hot seared Duo Watermelon with Foie Gras, Basil Oil and Feta Cheese.
Incredibly generous portion. Everyone was so impressed by the dish that no one talked until it was half devoured. Hahah. It was Sarah's and Christine's first time trying Foie Gras, and they agreed that it was really good!

You might think that the fruits and cheese might be a strange touch but it complimented the flavours wonderfully. The fruits were cut in a perfect cube, and the effort gone into this dish could be tasted as well as felt. *thumbs up*

 Carrot Puree soup with Clam jam. 
What IS clam jam anyway? The clam portion was cold while the carrot puree was hot. Blend them together and you get a hot/cold mix. This is definitely an acquired taste. I never had Clam jam before, so it was different for me. I preferred the carrot puree, blended but didn't lose its thickness and sweetness.

 Prawn Capellini
 The prawn was really fresh and juicy, and the chef Kenny asked us if it tasted like Hokkien Mee. Lol? I didn't think it was similar though, but this was really tasty! How Kenny made the noodles into a rectangular shape, I do not know.

 Confit of salmon roulade with wild rice, hazelnut oil and poultry jus
This. was. h e a v e n l y.

 I have NEVER tried anything like it. The salmon, though it looks raw, is actually cooked for hours under really lowwwww fire. It literally, MELTS in your mouth. A must try!!

Wow, the dessert platter. Bean curd cheesecake, granny smith green apples, vanilla ice cream and a cherry tart with pistachio nuts :D
My grin and smiles were wider after a bite of this. Soooo good.

 My favourite dish of the night is the foie gras, but it was very hard to decide between the foie gras or the salmon confit. In fact, I am planning to go back just to have them again! :)

 Just when I thought things couldn't get any better than this...

2fifteen surprised me with a birthday cake with hazelnut, biscuits and vanilla!! YUM!! One of the most ostentatious cakes I've ever eaten. And it was no ordinary was a SPARKLER. A really high one!!

In the middle of the courses, we played some games to pass the time and get the bloggers to know each other better!

Every one is assigned a celebrity, and has to put the card on their forehead for the rest to see. Then they have to ask a series of questions to try and figure out who their celebrity is.

So William was given Paris Hilton, but he couldn't guess it. So we changed the rules again and tried breaking the words into two to help him. "What is the capital of France?" "The place where Eiffel Tower is?" "That hotel in Orchard road that's next to Forum?"

After that, we chose Britney Spears for William and Hong Peng to guess. They had no idea, so Jessie and I incorporated the titles of her songs into our conversation.

"She's very Lucky! And Oop's she did it again and hit her baby one more time!"

Fun stuff hahah.

 A slice of goodness for everyone :) The staff cut my cake into slices for me. Good idea because I probably would've messed it up hahah.

Continuation of the games: Sarah was so cute, she wrote me a celebrity to guess, and it was HER! Hahaha I guessed it really quickly *hearts* I picked Blake Lively for Sarah and she also guessed it! Awesome.

Jessie decided to come up with some games of her own (Yay!) and she told us to find a cat at the back of a $2 note. Can you find it? Hahaha take out a SGD $2 note and try to find it, if you think you've got it, leave a comment!

Thank you my blogger friends for coming, for making this so memorable, the 2fifteen team (Kevin, Jolene and everyone!) and Walter for making this party a sweet success!
Thank you Nicolette for lending me the photo frames!
Also, thank you William for letting me use your food pictures!!

Thank you Kenny for the mind blowing, indulgent meal! I loved every single bit of it and there was nothing more I could ask for. It was perfect.


2fifteen will unveil a brunch menu in November in two sessions, 11am and 2pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Public  Holidays! It's an ala-carte buffet with hors d'oeuvres before ordering your main course. 
$38 per adult, and free for kids below 4 years.

Once the party was over, we went outside to play with sparklers and lightsticks that I had brought. When I came back from the toilet, everyone pointed at William for releasing two balloons by accident ahahah.

After playing with the sparklers, William came up with this super sweet idea of using the lightsticks to spell my name! That was completely unexpected.

 An extremely happy birthday girl ^_^

Watch this video to see the lightstick presentation :')

 Watch this to see snippets of the entire dinner! William made this for me!! Hi girls please snag him up already. *hearts*

I am so, so, happy, grateful, and thankful right now. It seems like there are rainbows and just happy thoughts everywhere.

Also a shoutout to Smoulder, thank you for the lava cakes! They were fabulous, just like I remembered them to be. The pistachio and intense dark chocolate flavours are my favourite! Everyone should just make a trip down to Raffles Place just to try them. If you're working near by, be sure to stop during lunch time!

 Location: China Square Food Centre,
51 Telok Ayer Street #01-04,
S048441, Singapore

Phone: +65 6225 6422
 Hours: mon-fri, 8am to 8pm
sat, 11am to 3pm

Once, I accidentally pre-heated it for too long and it came out as a cake instead. Still delicious though, but remember to keep the timing very carefully!

 2fifteen Kitchen
Location: 35 Rochester Drive,
 #02-15 Rochester Mall S(138639)
 Phone: +65 66598215

HOW TO GET 15% OFF 2fifteen Kitchen?
Just make a reservation via email to with the subject header "Claire's Flair" and you will be awarded with the discount accordingly. 
The discount is applicable till 20 December 2012.

Once again, thank you 2fifteen! This year's birthday was simple, superb.

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