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White hair?

Yay or nay?

Flower girls!

Photo credits: Carissa.


happy picture! after the previous post i wanted the blog to look a little happier.


Cindy and I, after our dinner at Hippopotamus !

Random photos!

Hi everyone this is pretty Cher! :P

and a last picture of me. Hehe! She's pretty right! Don't stalk her and freak her out please. kthxbye.

Orange hair.

Borrowed a friend's wig for 10 mins. Haha!

Haha that's thursday entertainment for you! Happy Teacher's Day! 

Random: Pic of cousin!

Here is a picture of my cute cousin, Royce! :)

My first, unfeeling set of clothing


Listening to music on Youtube and decided to listen to Westlife. Ah, good old times.

I remember my tuition kid asking me for song recommendations. I told her to listen to Backstreet Boys and Westlife and she replied "Huh who are they how come never hear before?"

I felt super old.

You know, the instance when your parents talk about Greese and the Beatles, and you think "Wah that's damn long time ago man"


Anyway, the point of this entry was just to say that I was watching the Westlife - Flying without Wings video, and noticed how startling their blue eyes are.

WHICH reminded me of how us ij girls in primary school were swooning over blonde hair blue eyed guys like Nick Carter.

Don't tell me you don't know who Nick Carter is?!?! He's the guy in Backstreet Boys! Urgh.

So when I made my first ang moh blue-eyed friend in university life, another friend and I kept gushing about how blue his eyes were and he just laughed and said it's a common sight in Canada.

BUT. If you stare into blue eyes and compare that to staring into brown eyes, you get a completely different feeling!

This is based on personal observations and discussions with friends, but when you stare into blue eyes you feel more cold but icy clear. Brown eyes are more warm and loving.

Could be due to the colours la but wow eyes are really the windows to the soul.

Planning a trip!

So as some of you know, I'm graduating this semester from my university. And I'm planning a graduation trip!

Just received news that I have to pay for my flights to UK myself, so I spent this entire morning researching on good and cheap direct flights to the UK.

Found one, now just have to pray that in the meantime while I'm discussing with my friends to see if they're okay with it, that it won't be fully booked.

Planning a trip is not an easy thing to do, especially since I'm planning to hit up europe and there's language barriers and everything is x1.7 or x2 due to the exchange rate!

So I'm thinking of 12days in Italy, 8 days in Paris, 6 days in London, 3 days in Amsterdam. And that's a whole lot of planning to do!!

It's so hard to find a good hostel/3 star hotel that's near a train station, offers private bathroom, clean linens at least, and hopefully include free breakfast. Oh and forgot to mention, that's not too expensive.

Have to plan the routes to get to places of attractions, like take the train from xx and change at xx, this journey will take us 40mins so we have to leave the house at xx.

Some people prefer to take things more relaxed and easy, just leave things to the last minute, but I like to plan at least a rough itinerary for the day? Like you can say shopping, but shopping where? Just tell me shopping in Lotte World. And that's good enough for me. So that we don't end up wasting a day. As for where we should eat at or whatever, we can just grab whatever's good and nearby.

Planning a budget is also tough because there are so many variables!

And I have to do all these while juggling with tutorials, quizzes and my crazy tuitions. That's why I was half burned out yesterday and just needed to rest.

Hoping to do a tour of Italy which will solve a bulk of the problems.

If anyone has any suggestions or good places to recommend for us to stay at, please let us know! :)


Churchies! We've stuck together for so long.
We'll be each other's kid's godparents.

Good times.

This is Rachel everybody :)

A sekrit is revealed!







Have you guessed it yet? :P

Yes, I turn pink/red when I drink.

Good night all!


❒Taken ❒Single ✔ Gave up hope.

Post exam plans.

My plans are filling up fast!!

16th - Facial at 4pm
17th to 19th - KL
20th - ??
21st - Hanging out with exchange buddies
22nd - Crystal <3
23rd - Rachel <3
24th - Family dinner
2fifth - Christmas!!!

Book book bookkkings are accepted :P

More pictures from that same night!

Taken from my companion's DSLR. Which is much better than my Canon Ixus but my Canon still rocks.

This was our food.

Mixed Grill!

Dessert Plate!

When you are full and contented, you are sleepy.

And alright, I will reveal the location. It's at:

@ 4 Rochester :)

Check it out, thoroughly enjoyed myself!

By popular demand.

Another one!

Ochard Central's Basement.


and Empty.

Check it out!

And here's a random picture of me because I haven't been blogging and I am wondering who is reading this nonsense anyway.


I like hanging out with genuine people.

What do I mean by that? Meaning people who don't use you, backstab you, suddenly change their characters to achieve a certain purpose, hypocrites etc.

You can be weird and I will still hang out with you, you can be messed up and I will still be your friend, just be yourself and not be manipulative, that's all.

Cheers world.

How my body works.

When I was walking to buy lunch, I was thinking about how my body works, and I think this is hot it's like.

When I eat or drink, my digestive process is much faster than other people's. Meaning, instead of taking 4 hours for the food in their stomach to digest, perhaps mine is only 3 hours.

This is why, noodles can only fill me up for 2 hours and rice is 3-4 hours, depending on whether I finish my food.

This is also why, when I drink alcohol, my face becomes pink/red REALLY quickly and REALLY easily. My blood absorbs the alcohol at amazing speed.

Don't be worried that I'm drunk even if my face is a little pink, it's just the circulatory system. But I don't think I can down like 2 shots of vodka or like 4 shots immediately. That one you should start worrying.

Therefore the solution is for me to drink one shot per hour. Yay!
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