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Listening to music on Youtube and decided to listen to Westlife. Ah, good old times.

I remember my tuition kid asking me for song recommendations. I told her to listen to Backstreet Boys and Westlife and she replied "Huh who are they how come never hear before?"

I felt super old.

You know, the instance when your parents talk about Greese and the Beatles, and you think "Wah that's damn long time ago man"


Anyway, the point of this entry was just to say that I was watching the Westlife - Flying without Wings video, and noticed how startling their blue eyes are.

WHICH reminded me of how us ij girls in primary school were swooning over blonde hair blue eyed guys like Nick Carter.

Don't tell me you don't know who Nick Carter is?!?! He's the guy in Backstreet Boys! Urgh.

So when I made my first ang moh blue-eyed friend in university life, another friend and I kept gushing about how blue his eyes were and he just laughed and said it's a common sight in Canada.

BUT. If you stare into blue eyes and compare that to staring into brown eyes, you get a completely different feeling!

This is based on personal observations and discussions with friends, but when you stare into blue eyes you feel more cold but icy clear. Brown eyes are more warm and loving.

Could be due to the colours la but wow eyes are really the windows to the soul.
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