How my body works.

12:38 PM claire 0 Comments

When I was walking to buy lunch, I was thinking about how my body works, and I think this is hot it's like.

When I eat or drink, my digestive process is much faster than other people's. Meaning, instead of taking 4 hours for the food in their stomach to digest, perhaps mine is only 3 hours.

This is why, noodles can only fill me up for 2 hours and rice is 3-4 hours, depending on whether I finish my food.

This is also why, when I drink alcohol, my face becomes pink/red REALLY quickly and REALLY easily. My blood absorbs the alcohol at amazing speed.

Don't be worried that I'm drunk even if my face is a little pink, it's just the circulatory system. But I don't think I can down like 2 shots of vodka or like 4 shots immediately. That one you should start worrying.

Therefore the solution is for me to drink one shot per hour. Yay!
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