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Shinee in HK!

Had an urge to watch 'Ring Ding Dong' on youtube, the original one, but found out that they recently performed in HK.

Take a look.

Is it me or is it a little too obvious that they were lip-syncing? And that their actions didn't have much strength or meaning? I think the best person who really put in his all was Taemin. He really danced well here. I like the audience though, they were so into the whole Shinee zone, singing along and everything, but they didn't look too thrilled.

Want to see a better performance and understand what I am talking about? Here! They are so much better here.

(to all shinee fans, I am not saying they're bad or whatever but I'm just disappointed in THAT performance. No flames please!)

Current awesome song.

Zhang Li Yin feat. Kim Jonghyun (SHINee) - 交错的爱(Chinese)

(男)真的是你嗎 眼前熟悉面孔
我有點不敢相信 仿佛這只是一場幻想的夢
如果此刻真的 在夢中 心 就 不會那麽痛
可是我寧願這就是夢 不要醒來

(女)真的是你嗎 眼前熟悉面孔
緊緊 地 把你抱在 我 懷中
就算是夢 我會祈求夜空 天亮再晚一秒鐘
讓我講完 想對你說的話

(男)漫漫長夜 一個人望著星空寂寞地歌唱
(女)沒有你的小屋 盛著我的孤獨 感覺都一樣
(合)一條單行綫一次交錯的愛 一道深深的傷
(男)望著 背影消失在人海 如何釋懷

(女)眼前的你擡起熟悉的面孔 讓我不敢相信這是夢
我希望這個你不 会 在夢裏
(合)我還在猶 豫 如果真是夢
(男)夢醒 之 前 我會把話講完

(女)漫漫長夜 一個人望著星空寂寞地歌唱(我們都一樣)
沒有你的小屋 盛著我的孤獨 感覺都一樣(爲什麽這樣)
(合)一 道深深的傷
(男)望著背影消失在人海 如何釋懷

(女) 我也需要活下去(男)因爲你 才讓我戰勝了孤獨
(男)你交給我的心已經 掏空
(女) 这 愛情(男) 太脆弱 (合)愛哭了是誰讓她流淚

(男)漫漫長夜 一個人望著星空寂寞地歌唱(我們都一樣)
沒有你的小屋 盛著我的孤獨 感覺都一樣(爲什麽這樣)
(男)我的手卻還是放 不開
(合)把這道深深的傷害 忘懷

Credit goes to 5imply_5wt @ soompi


Zhen de shi ni ma
Zai yan qian shu xi de mian kong
Wo you dian bu gang xiang xin
Fang fu zhe jiu shi yi chang wan xiao de meng
Ru guo ci ke zhen de zai meng zhong
Xin jiu bu hui na me tong
Ke shi wo, ning yuan zhe jiu shi meng bu yao xing lai

Zhen de shi ni ma?
Zai yan qian shu xi de mian kong
Wo hao xiang you yi zhong chong dong, xiang jin jin de ba ni yong bai zai wo de huai zhong
Jiu suan shi meng, wo shi qi qiu ye kong
Tian liang zai wan yi miao zhong, rang wo jiang wan xiang dui ni shuo de hua…

Man man chang ye yi ge ren wang zhe xing kong ji muo de ge chang
Mei you ni de xiao wo chang zhe wo de gu du
Gan jue dou yi yang
Yi tiao gan qing xian yi zi jiao cuo de ai, yi dao shen shen ge xia
Wang zhe bei ying xiao shi zai ren hai, ru he shi huai

Yan qian de ni
Tai qi shu xi de mian kong, rang wo
Bu gan xiang xin zhe hui shi meng

Wo xi wang zhi ge ni bu hui zai meng li
Wo hai zai you yu yu guo zhen de shi meng
Meng xing zhi qian wo hui ba hua jiang wan
Wo you hua dui ni shuo

Man man chang ye yi ge ren wang zhe xing kong ji muo de ge chang ( wo men dou yi yang)
Mei you ni de xiao wo chang zhe wo de gu du
Gan jue dou yi yang
Yi tiao gan qing xian yi zi jiao cuo de ai, yi dao shen shen ge xia ( wei shen me zhe yang)
Wang zhe bei ying xiao shi zai ren hai, ru he shi huai…

Dui bu qi yuan liang wo ( bu yao shuo de zhe me wu qing)
Wo ue xu yao huo xia qu ( yin wei ni zai rang wo gan shou le shen me gu du)
Xi wang ni neng cong xin li wang le wo ( ni jiao gei wo de xin yi jing)
(diao ku) zhe ai qing ( tai cui ruo) ai ku le shi shui rang ta liu lei

Man man chang ye yi ge ren wang zhe xing kong ji muo de ge chang ( wo men dou yi yang ji mo)
Mei you ni de xiao wo chang zhe wo de gu du
Gan jue dou yi yang
Yi tiao gan qing xian yi zi jiao cuo de ai, yi dao shen shen ge xia ( wei shen me zhe yang)
Ni de bei ying yi jing xiao shi zai ren hai
Wo de shou que hai shi fang bu kai
Bai zhe dao shen shen de shang hai
Wang huai

Credit goes to 5imply_5wt @ soompi


[Jong Hyun] Is it really you? That familiar face before my eyes
I still can’t completely believe it; somehow it seems like an imaginary dream
If this moment is really part of a dream, my heart wouldn’t hurt like this
But I’d rather this be a dream that I’ll never wake up from

[Li Yin] Is it really you? That familiar face before my eyes
I really want this kind of impulsion
To tightly hold you in my embrace
Even if it’s a dream, I’d make a wish to the night sky to let dawn arrive just a second later
Just let me finish what I wanted to tell you

[Jong Hyun] This long night, it’s just me staring at the starry sky, singing in solitude
[Li Yin] Without your little shelter containing my loneliness, I have those same feelings
[Together] A one-way street, a wrongly given love, a deep, deep wound
[Jong Hyun] How could I live through, as I watch your back slowly disappearing into the crowd?

[Li Yin] You lift that familiar face before my eyes so that I can’t believe this isn't a dream
I wish that this you would not be in my dream
[Together] I’m still hesitating, if this really is a dream
[Jong Hyun] I’ll finish what I have to say before it’s over
[Together] I have something to tell you

[Li Yin] This long night, it’s just me staring at the starry sky, singing in solitude
([Jong Hyun] We’re both lonely)
Without your little shelter containing my loneliness, I have those same feelings
([Jong Hyun] Why is it like this?)
[Li Yin] A one-way street, a wrongly given love
[Together] A deep, deep wound
[Jong Hyun] How could I live through, as I watch your back slowly disappearing into the crowd?

[Li Yin] Oh no~ I’m sorry, please forgive me
[Jong Hyun] Don’t say it so cruelly
[Li Yin] I also need to move on
[Jong Hyun] It was only because of you that I could defeat that loneliness
[Li Yin] I hope that you can forget me in your heart
[Jong Hyun] The heart you gave me was already emptied out
[Li Yin] This love [Jong Hyun] was too weak [Together] Who was it, that made our love cry?

[Jong Hyun] This long night, it’s just me staring at the starry sky, singing in solitude
([Li Yin] We’re both lonely)
[Jong Hyun] Without your little shelter containing my loneliness, I have those same feelings
([Li Yin] Why is it like this?)
[Jong Hyun] A one-way street, a wrongly given love
[Together] A deep, deep wound
[Li Yin] Your back slowly disappears into the crowd
[Jong Hyun] But my hand still can’t let go
[Together] Let this deep, deep wound…fade away

Lyrics are <3. Vocals are amazing.

New IR!

Whee Universal Studios hopefully up by CNY, then I can spend it on a day trip. Awesome. And DOYOUKNOW THAT VICTORIA's SECRETS WILL BE IN SINGAPORE. YES A STORE.

I am so happy. I am sure every other woman in Singapore is happy too.

Just HAD to blog about it because I am so excited. WOOHOO!


I watched Gokusen the Movie yesterday! It was... ok. They showed all the actors from the previous casts. The main ones. It's still as retarded, all Yankumi's antics were shown "fighto... on!" and her yakuza stuff.

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, Gokusen is a japanese drama! It's about this girl who is the granddaughter of a yakuza boss and she's supposed to take over the whole clan, but she chooses to be a teacher instead, to help her delinquent students.

The ironic thing is, after we came out of the movie theatre, we saw a bunch of delinquents outside (it was 12.30am) and they definitely looked around 16 years old.

You know that new law thingy that kids below 16 can't stay out after 11pm? Hahahh.
Should've turned the cops on them.

Shampoo in Eye.

Today while shampooing my hair, some soap got in and my right eye hurts. It still stings a little.

It's been years since that happened.


Today I have established something.

I need to buy goggles. If I want to go swimming. GOGGLES!!

Let me tell you a secret.

I am talking to Nellie on msn (omg it's been ages) and we are chatting about our schools blabla.

So, let me tell you a secret, that some may know, some may not know. I shall not mention schools because it is google-able, but...

on weekends, people from X and Y university go to Z university to study or have project meetings.

Why? Because Z is in town. It is central. It is in CITY HALL. Can you guess? It's pretty obvious!

And I just had to confess it because yesterday, when I was at Z myself, my groupmates recognized at least 3 tables behind us who were also from our school, and when I saw Terri walking past, she also said she is here to do her project meeting!

What a coincidence! Or not?

Perks of having a university in town. It's awesome. Thank you!

Do they look alike?

Monday... blues?

We are in the FTR 3 classroom now! It is very exciting because every computer has two moniters. It is amazingly cool. We were very hyped about it last week, but it kinda died down because of many SAP problems - many of our programs hung.

But this week everything seems to be working fine! Happiness!

Anyway, here are some random thoughts for the day.

Have you ever stared at a pigeon? Well, when you're waiting for people or waiting for time to fly by, just stare at a pigeon.

Notice how a pigeon walks. He bobs his head. What if... a pigeon is sine artist's mascot... is a pigeon. HAHA. Then he can bob his head to the music! How awesome right. Then maybe the pigeon can rap and breakdance too. That's cool man.

Okay, end of randomness. Need to pay attention now!

Almost 20 years old. Sobs.

I am almost 20. Sobs. I am waving good bye to teenage days and supposedly welcoming the adult life. The life of responsibility and maturity. Sniff.

What happened the past year? Hmmm.

Well, last year Cherlyn surprised me (with a few other pals) with a cake at midnight. My first midnight surprise ever! (yes yes deprived etc) and we chatted until 4am. I had an IT quiz at 9am the next day and I got 50/100. HAHA.

Birthday was alright. Japan was amazing. I will definitely go back!! Christmas surprise (I touched down on the 25th of Dec at like 1.25am. Spent Christmas on the plane) was happy. Celebrating with the family and relatives as usual.

January to April... Semester Two! Was... interesting. Living in hall was relaxing, didn't need to wake up at 6?!?!?! And I looked forward to every single day. Because it was so slack. I actually SWAM in the Sports Hall pool. Wow. My cores weren't very packed. I had a four day week. Most importantly, I didn't give tuition.

I was rarely at home though. But it was okay. Cherlyn was an awesome roomie. Falling sick the entire Feb and part of March was... memorable, you have to admit. It's not everyday where you wake up and feel like puking sooo bad. And having a fever every alternate week (with the roomie filling in the OTHER alternate weeks) was... omg.

Miss wearing IJ PE shirts or SAJC PE shirts + FBT shorts + slippers to school. Really looked like I just woke up. Haha.

Doing work until 1-2am in the morning and not feeling sleepy at all in class the next day (because I mostly only had morning lessons, which started at 10.30am) Frequenting Macdonalds at 12mn just before it closed... having Cherlyn's ahem give us drinks at 12mn also..... :P (i admit i was a free rider for that)

Of course there are SO MUCH MORE THINGS THAT HAPPENED. For example, watching movies on the laptop til 3-4am... going to play the piano in school... pillow fights... screaming... security guard chasing... woah. This is why you SHOULD stay in hall. Haha.

After school was over, doing Beerfest with Cherlyn... I thank god it wasn't anyone else but you <3 June working... July tuitioning... enjoying life, enjoying each other's company...

Korea... good times...

Then smack! School started. Super stressed. Trying to balance work and play and life and tuition. Dying of stress, unable to catch up with tutorials, but still happy from just making someone smile...

I'd say being 19 rocks. Being 20 is one step closer to the big 2-1, but I still have an excuse to be immature. HAHA.

So much more pressure to be 21. But let's not think about it yet. Haha. 20, here we come! :D


I have been too MIA, sorry about that. I did not abandon you blog, I merely just... have too crazy a schedule.

Giving tuition, meeting people for dinner, more tuition, clubbing, hanging out, blablah saps up a lot of your time! And I give tuition EVERYDAY!

But I went to Malaysia twice last week and bought like, total 5 pairs of heels/flats, a pair of shorts, a vest, a top and a gorgeous dress. Getting ready for the school term!

Cherlyn's birthday/farewell party is next week! I hope to make it a memorable one. HERE IS A PICTURE OF US. <3.I love you Cherlyn!! I guess we really were sisters in our past lives. Let me tell you what happened. (And, the picture is angled, nothing really happened, so please stop chetching...)

Cherlyn and I were supposed to meet up on the 8th of July to club. This was organized and decided and confirmed like, 3 weeks ago. We wanted a day where we could club together for the last time before she went to Mexico!

Thing is, she had tuition until 9.30pm at Boon Lay, and I had tuition until 9pm at AMK. (But mind dragged until 9.30pm anyways) and I was REALLY really tired. Tired until I was yawning every 5 minutes, muttering nonsense, etc.

So I texted her, aye where are you? On your way? And she was walking to the train station, and she said she was tired but doesn't mind clubbing! So I asked if she wanted to meet another day instead cos I was tired too. But she kept replying that her phone battery was dying.

My last message to her before her phone died was:

"Ok, so are we still meeting?"

Her last message was this:

"Saturday? Go home! Ok may not reply phone dying"

And then her phone died. So we never confirmed if we were still meeting or going home. Well, lets just say a very confused Claire still travelled to Orchard from AMK and waited at the control station in hope of seeing her.

At 10.30pm (before her phone died) she texted that she was at Redhill! So I figured, why not wait a while? I mean, what if she came and didn't see me here? That would suck. Plus, she'd know that I was already here (AMK is really near town, nearer than Boon Lay at least) so I'd arrive earlier.

So I was there, walking around, talking on the phone, when I see a friend from long-lost ago, ask him where he's going, blahblah, when suddenly I had an urge to turn around to see...

This pretty girl on the left! :D ( I think this is an AMAZING pic of you btw, you look damn good here)
We screamed until the people in Amsterdam could hear and we were so happy because neither of us knew if the other person would show up.

Moral of the story, charge your phone kids!! Especially when you're going to meet someone. Haha! And also, this goes to show how much we both trust each other!! <3.

Everyone loves Cherlyn! (Ok, honestly, I put this picture in because I was afraid a certain SOMEONE will complain that someone else's picture was in here but his wasn't. :P)

Cinnamon Melts. <3.

If you guys have me on facebook, and actually saw my Japan pictures, these will look familiar.

Macdonalds in Japan!

Love Japanese Menus <3

This was outside Macdonalds. Looked interesting. Buy.

Ooohh what could be inside?

Holy shit it tastes good. So good.

It is, cinnamon melts. Damn fatty. It's just bread, butter, and cinnamon. Microwaved. Hot. DELICIOUS. Fattening.

Know what's the best thing? It just came out in Singapore Macdonalds. And it tastes the same as the one in japan.

Everyone, go try it now. :)


In Claire's world there is a section of good thoughts, and a section of evil thoughts.

And of course, a section of emo thoughts. Which is the most dormant of the 3, but the most deadly.

How can it be more deadly than evil thoughts?! Because evil thoughts will fade away once good thoughts reason out, but emo will just be emo... until somehow happy thoughts push them away.

So I really wanted to go overseas. So badly that I almost went to Sarawak to be a 3rd wheel while my soon-to-be-couple friends were staying in a room together.

But I didn't.

And well, something finally good happened in my life that really made me excited and happy and everything.

Until it is 100% confirmed, I will not reveal it here.

And as for TT Alerts... next week ok? Promise. This weekend I am quite busy. Urgh.

Everyone should push emo thoughts aside ok?!??! Be good. :)

Fiona Xie? Or not?

For those people who love Fiona Xie...

do you still like her now?

What I have, any what many people in Singapore don't have.

Don't hate me!
Btw Cherlyn! K told me that he bought a dozen from Malaysia
If I see you this week, I'll definitely pass you some :)

Super random, like I always am.

This is how my room wall looks like :)
For those of you who will never get a chance to see! HAHA.

One of my favourite cakes :)

End of NBS Camp~

Me, when I was a kid. The haircut was horrible, I know.

Random photos!

I once got a spray paint with Maria Gimik. Hers was much smaller, but I wanted swirly stuff.

Nice right! I think it lasted for 2 weeks or so. Yes, I didn't scrub that part of my arm when I bathed. HAHAHA.


Ok, Now that I've spammed some photos, I am let off the hook from putting more pictures on my blog... right? :P


I hate how some people, after they get a boyfriend or girlfriend, they completely block out all other appointments with friends.

Even when friends are having farewell reunions, and you'll probably not see that friend for at least a year or something.

To make matters worse, this happens every time. Until I get sick of it and just give up asking them out altogether. Good grief.

Oh well, had 3 glasses of apricot brandy (finished the remaining stuff in Don's bottle) and it tasted ten million times nicer than the stuff they serve in clubs/bars. I wonder what brand of apricot brandy they use, because sometimes it has a tinge of medicinal taste. But the one I drank last night was just pure sweet heaven.

And then I drove Jie's car back from Kallang to Yishun because he drank too much.

Have a safe trip back to America Colin! You better reply my facebook wall posts, idiot.

Even though people leave, other people come back too. I woke up from Chloe's phone call just now. SHE IS BACK!

and... wait for it.. wait for it.


F*king happy right now. I can't wait to meet her, not only for the Krispy Kreme, but also to see her! We are going to go MADDD this time.

Last time she came, I was like, 17? And I had short hair, and I was geeky.

Now, I am 20 (almost), long hair, and STILL geeky. Awesome.

Ok, but the geeky bit isn't the highlight, the highlight is.. WE CAN DRINK ALCOHOL TOGETHER NOW!

Bringing her to dbl O to get free entry, free flow alcohol, on Wednesday. ;)


So, I was waiting for the bus to come on my way to work today.. and I saw a bird.

The black one with yellow feet. Whatever that species is called <_<

And I started thinking... how the hell does the bird balance on those two stilts? THEY ARE SO THIN!!

Their muscles must be really strong huh? Wow, not only for flight, but to stand up too. Imagine if a bird kicks you, would it be painful or weak? :O

And since birds can never 'sit down'... we humans should stop complaining that we're tired, because we have thicker legs than birds do anyways so technically we're supposed to be more able to cope with the strain. Urgh.

Okay, another boring day at work. Bleh.
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