I'm 23 and loving it!

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Hi everyone I'm back!!!

Sorry for the long hiatus. I shall summarize the past 3 weeks. I was in London for about 7 days, then Hong Kong for 5 days and finally when I came back I had to combat work and emails and planning birthday things , Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge, had my company's DND, then it was Filter's 2nd anniversary and catching up on season premiers of American dramas and... okay basically the rest are excuses. I just needed to rest.

I compiled a list of places to eat in HK for you guys!! And I haven't uploaded my pictures from London yet so... sorry. >_< I have, however, uploaded pictures from the DND so you can see me decked up as a Greek Goddess. This is the first time I've ever dressed up as a Goddess so... I'm pretty happy people could guess who I was supposed to be. :)


Let's start with my travelogue summary. London was amazing, this was the best trip to London I've had so far, even though my brother fell sick, because I had a friend who had been a student there for 4 years to bring me around! I also managed to catch the Thames Festival Parade, and watch fireworks in the freaking cold.

London Eye, not SG flyer.

Hmm what else. I went to Oxford to check out the factory outlet, bought some fudge, didn't have time to watch a musical this time, had really yummy food (larger budget haha) and uh, had a drink every day.

Hong Kong was super different. It was hot, sweaty, the haze was horrible, water from the aircon units in buildings above leaked randomly and would drop on random 'lucky' people, but the food was great.
Michelin star char siew bao
 Things were also much cheaper here compared to London and I was spending money happily. Branded goods are also crazily more expensive here (yes more expensive than Singapore)!

When I got back to Singapore it took me a day to get used to hearing strangers speak english again, haha. Yes I know they speak english in London but their accents are so thick sometimes I don't understand them at all -_-

I feel like having weekend trips to Hong Kong, gotta keep my eyes peeled for cheap fares ;)

I've kinda mastered the AB double eyelid fibre tape. I swear it's amazing. I think they probably patented the fibre idea (which is genius) because I don't see any other brands selling it for cheaper! It's completely worth your money, I'm not even being endorsed by this, but please get it from Guardian ASAP.

It can make tapered eyelids parallel, and create double eyelids for single eyelids, and is not obvious at all. I cannot stress this enough. The scariest part of the AB tape is cutting the sides off because I use a big scissors and have a fear that I might cut part of my eyelid away =\

So far it has not happened. Should I do a tutorial on how to use the AB tape? Though there are quite a few tutorials out there already!

Can't wait to share with you guys Elizabeth Arden's Visibly Difference range. I brought it along with me to London and it does wonders for my skin, especially in the cold!

Right now my eyes are a little tired but I'm really happy because... it's my birthday! I want to remember every bit of it because I have the worst memory ever. Thank you everyone who wished me!! I feel really grateful and appreciate every effort! Am I the only person who still believes in phone call wishes?

I had a friend who sent me answers to a test I had to do so that was officially the first birthday present I received :D That was late last week. I just had to mention this because I used it as my bargaining chip to get the answers ahaha.

2nd Oct eve was spent having a croissant from Tiong Bahru Bakery with Pearl of the Orient Tea (I love my tea), followed by ramen (which was tooooo salty) and James Morrison's concert!! James Morrison also flashed his (not very defined) abs twice and I screamed like a fangirl. That's the whole point of concerts, isn't it?

3rd Oct morning I woke up to birthday messages, Chrispytine sending me a picture of a bunny which made me melt on the train, Shu bought me a creme brulee tart with a candle in it :') Then lunch with my colleagues at Botan Restaurant. They gave me a treat! Thanks guys!

Picture of ladies for you guys to look at.

PSST: My nose looks quite sharp here right! I swear by the highlighter + shading tools found in Haraju-cute (in Guardian) I can't remember the brand offhand but it has three colours and a brush. Choose the princess palette. It really makes your nose look sharper, especially in pictures. Don't put too much though, then it'll look fake :X

That's a quick update on life so far. Miss all of you LOVE
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