The Body Shop Make Up Review and Giveaway

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Girls, admit it, you want to look better. So do I, of course.

Let me tell you about how I was when I was much younger. Imagine little Claire, with bangs and short hair just below her ears, hiding behind her parents when meeting relatives, and not talking to anyone.

Yup that was me. Insecure, shy and... cute? Haha.

In primary 1 or 3 though, I met my 'partner'. You know how teachers would give you a partner, make you hold hands and sit together etc? Yeah my partner talked a lot. After that, I couldn't shut up.

In primary 4 I did something really stupid. I roughly remember it because I really regret doing it -_-. I really liked hanging out with my then best friend, and when she got closer to another girl I got really jealous and wrote that I hate her on the blackboard.

We stopped being friends after that. Urgh so STUPID right?!?! No I'm not lesbian but I really just can't believe I threw away a great friendship. Wait I'm digressing.

In secondary school, I had long hair, but geeky, small oval framed specs, had a high belt and used a backpack. Outside of school, I wore OP t-shirts, jeans and sports shoes.

This is why there are no pictures of me during my secondary school days, online. Good riddance.

In JC, I tried wearing contacts but DID NOT LIKE THEM. They made my eyes so dry and I always envied friends who could open their eyes wide enough to wear them every day. In the mornings my eyes are like, half-closed.

Mind you, I hadn't even explored the use of make-up yet.

It was only in university that I tried foundation. Then eyeshadow. Then eyeliner. It was only last year when I started using concealer, lipstick and blusher.

Now, I'm using wig hair extensions. Hahahha.

Nothing is impossible so I'm sharing all the tips now to hope that you guys don't take as long as I did. Or if you've passed it, hurry up and zoom to the whole package!

In my previous post HERE, I talked about the new all-in-one range of BB creams from The Body Shop and here's my quick review :)

BB Cream

This product claims to be...

1. Colour-adapting
2. Even skin tone
3. 24h Hydration
4. Conditions
5. Smooth Finish
6. Lightweight
7. Undetectable
8. Non-clogging

But let's figure out how to use it first, k?

How to use:

I wouldn't recommend directly applying the product onto your face, instead, squeeze a little onto your hand, rub in a circular motion, then use a foundation brush to spread this evenly onto your face.

 Blend in a circular motion (but I blended horizontally because I didn't want to mix it with the other shades) and watch as the colour changes!

When you first squeeze a little product onto your hand, and rub it in a circular motion, you'll see a bit of pink mixing into the foundation colour. Don't be alarmed (I know I was alarmed at first). That pinkish fluid is Body Shop's secret formula that causes the perfect blending onto your skin.

 Final product! From top to bottom 01, 02 and 03.

There are three shades, for light, medium and dark skintones. As you can tell from the picture above, I suit the light shade the best. Each BB cream is $32.90!

Did you know? All-In-One BB Cream contains Community Fair Trade marula oil, sourced from the Eudafano Women’s Cooperative in Namibia. They have been trading with them since 2000, helping more than 5000 women in rural communities to benefit through gaining a sense of independence, competence and confidence, as well as creating a lifeline for their children by providing money for education.

The Verdict: 
Use loose powder after because I felt my face feel shiny. Coverage is quite light, and I would prefer to look fairer rather than my same skin tone. Good for dry skin!

Face base - Foundation and powder

The Body Shop also gave me their All-in-one Facebase ($36.90) to try. It's a foundation and powder which gives a flawless-looking, matte finish.

Verdict: Love it!! Was bringing the 052 everywhere with me until I dropped it and all the powder shattered -_-. Well done Claire. Now I use the 045 but I feel it makes me look a little tanner. Oh well.


From the top, left to bottom right: 7, 10, 2, 5, 4 ,1

Don't forget your blusher before going out! It can turn pale, dull skin into vibrant and youthful ones. The Body Shop's all-in-one cheek colour is $22.90 and is a superfine powder blusher. 

 My FAVOURITE shades are 2 and 1. From pale and sickly to healthy and glowing. Not kidding.

Dabbed a little on a piece of white paper so you can see the difference since I don't expect everyone to have the same skin colour as me :) You can see which blushers have pink undertones and which are more orange-y! Here are the colours on my arm.



Giving away these 3 blusher colours!! Aren't I generous? They are brand new except for me using my finger to take some colour and apply onto the white paper and on my arm :)

I am also giving away ALL 3 BB Creams!! Again, they are brand new except for the small amount I squeezed out to show on my arm :)

Teehee are you readyyy to win?

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  • Leave a comment here with your Name and Email, tell me if you wanna win a blusher or a BB cream! 

Wait for the magic to happen :)

Meetups at my convenience. Open to Singapore residents only.

Easy peasy! Feel free to share this with all your friends on Twitter or any social media platform as well!

Giveaway ends: 28th September at 2359!

No monetary compensation was received for this blogpost.
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