Purple Sage's Fall in Love Wedding Workshop

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No, I am not getting married soon. But I am definitely considering renting a vintage Volks for mine!! How gorgeous is this beetle that's really well maintained and check out the pretty colour it's in?!

Purple Sage invited me for their Fall in Love Wedding Workshop held at Mount Emily, which was craaazy hot weather to climb steps to, so I took a cab and managed to rush down. The welcome speech was held in a nice little tent and I felt like I was attending a wedding already.

 Don't forget to have these if you decide to have an outdoor event. Phew!

 All the attendees were with their significant other half... except me. I brought Crystal and people thought that we came here to find out about same sex marriages. I guess that's possible too! Haha.

 I've always like the use of wax seals to seal envelopes, so you can consider that for your wedding too :P For a customised design, you can check out Butterflies & Cakes!

The theme for that day was Autumn so I wore a dress in autumn-y colours to match :D
 You can consider having chefs serving food kiosk style on your special day!

 Or a live band perhaps? Major weakness for saxophones + Kenny Rogers. 

 Neat and polished table decor!
 Buffet lunch decor. Choose your location and Purple Sage will set up everything for you!

 Now came part 2 of the afternoon. We were ushered upstairs for a buffet dessert as well as have the opportunity to complete some activities with the partners for the event!!

 When you decide on a wedding venue, think about your guests. Do you want a small intimate wedding? Or a large scale wedding? Will parking be an issue?

 The activities were really fun! We had a free 5 min shoulder massage from Mary Chia, could decorate our cupcakes from cakelovecoulture, fill up pails with sweets etc!!

To have roses at your wedding, or not? 

 Have you considered a Candy Bar? For your hungry guests to help themselves before your wedding officially commences.

 Get as creative as you can with your weddings to create a memorable experience for your friends and family as well!!

I am considering have a Tiffany themed engagement party. Hmm.

 One of the booths had this attractive microphone + stand. When I walked closer I realised the mike was a Shure. Woahhh expensive! Of course, had to pose with it. Hahaha.

 I think I was going "oooooh"
 Claire, singer extraordinaire! Sings for weddings and events etc drop me an email today! :)

 No actually I've never done any events or sung live so I was just kidding. I pose only.


Thank you Purple Sage for inviting me this year! If you need a boutique caterer for your wedding, they'll help you realize it! Don't forget that you have to start planning wayyy in advance and you can't expect a miracle, unless you book with Purple Sage heheh

Purple Sage Group Pte Ltd
Tel: 6396 6990

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