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The Body Shop Girls Day Out

A while ago, I attended The Body Shop's Girls Day Out event which saw me waking up at 7am on a weekend but was very worth it! There are some really exciting launches coming up in these last quarters of the year and I wanted to share them with you ;)

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We began with breakfast at Dome Cafe, Scotts Square, where I had smoked salmon scrambled eggs :O Wished the portion was bigger though hehe.

After our tummy's were filled, we moved off to Hollyhoque at Far East Plaza to pick our sponsored outfits!

PSST!! Hollyhoque is giving away FREE POSTAGE for readers! Just type in 'hhxbodyshop' as the promotion code when you're checking out.

Girls transformed!

Once we were all happy with our new outfits, we headed over to The Body Shop Paragon for a makeover!

The Body Shop has new makeover services available in store so if you need to look glam for a dinner and dance or want to experiment with a new look, make an appointment with them in advance! Makeovers are fully redeemable for products in-store!

Getting a mango scented hand massagem My hand was smelling too yummy after!

My makeover was a 'Beauty @ Work' look! The other girls had Glam it Up (for weddings, D&D, Prom), Fresh Faced Beauty (for a casual weekend), Smoke Me (to parrtty!) and Bloom'in Pink (for that special date)!

If you want to learn make up for a certain part of your face eg eyes, lips, concealing or eyebrows, they're also available. These beauty experts will be able to help you achieve the look you want!

PSST! The Body Shop is having an in-store promotion for Free 'The Usual Suspects' makeover for new Love Your Body members with $50 spent! 

Me getting Colour Crush'd haha.

The finished makeover!

Us goofing around with cute lipstick cupcakes!

If you're not sure which lipstick shade complements your skin tone, the friendly store assistants will explain and recommend products to you!

My lipstick swatches - hehe!


Another reason why I love The Body Shop products is because they're 100% cruelty-free! I also liked the pink rabbit cut out because it reminds me of Squishy :)

Thanks so much Body Shop for the fun day!

Will be posting about The Body Shop's new Colour Crush Lipsticks soon so look out for it!

Elizabeth Arden - Visible Whitening range review

I hate dark spots. I have tried many different types of products to get rid of those sickening things but it seemed like the only was was to invest in foundations to temporarily cover them. However, at the end of the day once the makeup comes off, I 'm still left with my dark spots. Sigh!!

Why do we get dark spots?!
Aging, hormones, inflammation and exposure to UV rays product excess melanin, leaving dark spots on your skin, decreases collagen and increases pore sizes. Over time, your skin reduces its healthy radiance.

Melanin is also more noticeable on Asian skin because we have a thicker dermis, which is more prone to hyper pigmentation  When exposed to UV rays, our skin produces extra melanin to protect the deeper layers. Over time, this excess melanin forms dark deposits on the skin.

Thank goodness for Elizabeth Arden! She has used her expertise in research, technology to come up with this Visible Whitening range developed for Asian skin to address these uneven skin tones!!

Featuring vitamin C derivatives and SpectraBright, a Hops extract originated from France and acts on reaction from UV light to control melanin production. With antioxidants, collagen, elastin boosters, pore reducers, diamond and pearl powders, you also get brighter, radiant skin.

Been using their cleanser, night care and illuminating eye serum and have seen improvement in brightness, radiance, tone and texture. Major plus is that it doesn't feel sticky or heavy on your skin!

Love Elizabeth Arden's new revamped holographic metallic silver packaging!! Too pretty!

BEST used with the entire skin regimen, but I picked out my favourite ones out of the range!

Cleanse - Visible Whitening Smoothing Cleanser ($55 for 125ml)
I *love* their cleanser in this range because it has melting micro beeds and enzymes to instantly remove surface melanin. My face feels instantly cleaner and appears brighter!

Brighten - Visible Whitening Illuminating Eye Serum ($85 for 15ml)

I find that I have some small dark spots around my eyes (your biggest critic is yourself), using this religiously until it reduces puffiness and brightens my eyes! To use, massage gently around your eyes and pat the area so your skin can absorb the full benefits :)

Night care - Visible Whitening Melanin Control Night Capsules ($140 for 50 capsules)
SpectraBright technology prevents melanin synthesis, and supports skin's natural and collagen elastin. Many people have bought these capsules and have eaten them. Do NOT eat them!! It does no good for your body if you do and it'll just come out the other way.

To use, please twist the top of the capsule until it breaks, squeeze a little product on your finger and smooth contents onto your cleansed face, then head to bed!

It's orangey inside
Something extra important to note about this range is that your skin needs to be protected from the sun because it's not producing melanin. Hence, it's essential to use sun block with this range. Elizabeth Arden has a Multi- Targeted UV Shielf BB Cream SPF 30 PA so you'll be taking care of your skin if you use the whole range!

I use Shade 2 and I'm happy with the sheer coverage which is good enough to look presentable at work!

Was also recently introduced to Elizabeth Arden's Lash + brow enhancing serum. If you've always wanted longer, fuller eyelashes or eyebrows, try them!! They're clinically tested to produce results in as little as 2 weeks if you've been using them daily.

Will continue using this until it's much more noticeable, but I can already see a difference!!

Thank you Elizabeth Arden!

Beauty Clinic Mask Mediheal Range

Recently received these I.P.L LightMax Ampoule Masks and Collagen Impact Essential Masks from Camy and they're really nourishing and hydrating!

The I.P.L LightMax Ampoule Mask contains Vitamin C-AA2G, Arbutin and Mulberry bark that, when used over a prolonged period, claims to effectively lighten the appearance of dark spots and evens skin tone.

In the Collagen Impact Essential Mask, on the other hand, contains Marine Collagen, Marine Elastine and Vitamin E which claims to  rejuvenate and nourish the skin that might be dulled from exposure to the sun and harsh external conditions.

For best results, it's advised to use the masks continuously, 2 times a week over a 4 week-period.

I like the Ultra thin Silk Cellulose material that the masks come in, which allows the formulas to easily and quickly be absorbed into the skin so nothing gets wasted.

Slapping on a mask on weekends has become such a routine so that my face can restore and recover over the craziness of the week. Isn't that what weekends are for?

For more information, visit: or

Thanks Camy!

Biore Facial Foam Skin Caring Cleanser Series!

Check out Biore's new facial foam on the right! It's a scrubbing cleanser, which is essential for you to use once a week to scrub away dead skin cells that have accumulated during the week!

Not only does it cleanse your skin, it also reduces oil at your T-zone and replenishes moisture along your cheek and chin!

Had some pimples that were about to form but after using this cleanser and scrub, it reduced in size! Very happy that my skin is more hydrated, my pores are less clogged and it also claims to lighten marks and blemishes using their Skin Purifying Technology! 

Take a small amount of product and massage it onto your face! You can use more than this 10c coin amount I put above, that's just for starters. Make sure it foams up!

The Biore Facial Foam doesn't cause any damage to your skin, doesn't leave a residue, or over-drying effect, and vitalizes your skin. Use the cleanser daily, and the scrub once a week for 14 days, and you'll be able to see the effect :)

Here's a happy picture of me after washing my face with Biore! 
Thanks Elfaine and Biore!

The Body Shop's Limited Edition Chocomania Range

A while ago, The Body Shop sent me some of their products from their Limited Edition Chocomania Range! I was pleasantly surprised at having a chocolate range, and my first instinct was to wonder if ants might be attracted to me. Haha! (they weren't).
 Chocomania Shower Cream ($14.90)

Before you head out, be sure to shower with their luxorious shower cream. It contains REAL cocoa butter, is soap-free and will not dry your skin.

This soap free cleanser contains a derivative from cocoa butter in Ghana. This means that The Body Shop's trade has helped to fund education and medicine for members and their families! Know that when you purchase a bottle, you're also indirectly helping these people.

HOW TO USE: Lather up in the bath or shower using hands. Rinse thoroughly

 Chocomania Body Lotion ($21.90)

Now that your body smells fresh and chocolate-y, it's time to apply body lotion so the scent lingers throughout the day!

When I first opened the bottle, I was greeted with a buttery scent, with hints of chocolate. It's very light and smooth to apply with, and left my skin feeling softer and smoother!

HOW TO USE: Massage into skin and allow the lotion to be absorbed by your skin before putting on your clothes.

Be sure to check these products out the next time you're at The Body Shop! Give them a whiff and you'll know what I'm talking about :)

Thank you so much The Body Shop! *hugs*

BRAND’S® InnerShine® Marine Collagen Essence Strip Review

I admit. I'm getting old. Soon I'll pass the 25 mark and then my age will mysteriously stay stagnant year after year. Urgh the perils of ageing!! 

Do you know that collagen levels start to decrease from age 25 onwards at an annual rate of about 1.5%?

UV radiation, stress, alcohol and pollution produce free radicals that further damage the skin and destroys the collagen produced by the body. 

Plus, with all the late nights I've been accumulating, my skin is only getting worse. 

But BRAND’S® InnerShine® Marine Collagen Essence Strip can reduce that effect? 
By restoring collagen!


That's me being curious and studying the strip. Hahah.

Indeed, I was skeptical. Everything is going to be digested anyway, plus I don' take to strong fishy tastes.

Check it out!!
It's made in Japan, contains Vitamin E and B3, only 12Kcal per strip, and has a Kyoho grape taste.
I've never had a Kyoho grape so I wasn't very excited about that.

And so, I decided to give it a shot, give my skin some elasticity boost. 

 I was... SURPRISED.

I didn't expect a jelly-like texture. I was expecting a more powdery substance. I even braced myself for the seafood, fishy collagen taste, but it was 95% masked by the grape flavour!

I know that this isn't a short term, immediate effect, but eating yummy jelly like this and knowing that it helps my body is awesome.

Furthermore, the BRAND’S® InnerShine®  Marine Collagen Essence comes in strips!! This is super convenient to carry around!

 I can keep one in my bag and snack on it for tea. Daily.

What it contains:

1) Hydrolyzed deep sea fish-derived collagen:

The collagen used is derived from deep sea fish, with a low molecular weight to aid in faster absorption.

2) Vitamin E

An indispensable antioxidant for skin health, protecting skin from UV radiation which accelerates the formation of wrinkles and age spots. 

3) Niacinamide (A form of Vitamin B3)
Supports the health of skin tissues by providing cells with the energy necessary for growth and repair.

Which also means...

It's priced at $30.00 for a pack of 10 strips and available exclusively at Watsons.


Like the BRAND’S® InnerShine® Facebook Page for more updates, promotions, giveaways and fun activities at
Take part in the testimonial review and stand a chance to win an InnerShine Hamper.
You can maintain supple and youthful looking skin too!

Ichikami Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment for gorgeous hair!

Trust the Japanese to have Asian's best interests at heart. If you haven't heard of Ichigami, you should definitely continue reading!

Filled with Japanese botanical essences like Rice Premium, Cherry Blossom and  Chinese Soapberry., Ichikami is the solution to hair problems such as dryness, tangles, hair breakages and dullness!!

Not only does it REPAIR the existing damage to your hair, but it also strengthens your hair to become more resistant to further damage!!

Ever since I switched to Ichikama, I've gotten tons of compliments on how great my hair smells hehe. Yes the people around you can smell the difference!

The 550ml shampoo ($16.90) should be used together with the conditioner ($16.90) to reap the full benefits of hydrated, soft and lustrous hair.

For rinse off treatments, the Ichikami Treatment is a MUST-HAVE. It instantaneously makes my hair smoother and magically untangles knots. I'm guessing it has to be because of the black soybean extracts!!

There are other products in the range like leave on treatments and styling products so be sure to check them out at Watsons, BHG or John Little! Definitely a great product to recommend to friends as well.

Chanel at Covent Garden 's Pop up Store, Express Manicure experience

In the Summer of 2012 I went to London for a quick week getaway. Before I left I went to Time Out and found out that there was a Chanel Pop up store in Covent Garden!!!

Being a crazy fan, I made sure I stopped by. Make sure you book an appointment first because they are REALLY busy and fully booked most of the time!!

There are a few services you could try, but I was tempted by the express manicure service. Pay £25 for an express manicure (nail shape and paint) that's fully redeemable in Chanel make-up products, after! If I remember correctly there was a makeover service as well.

Oh it was pampering, alright. I was treated to a light hand massage with Coco Chanel's Mademoiselle Fresh Body Cream, which is a heavenly scent, followed by a spritz of Parfum on my hands, which lasted the entire day. I spent the rest of the day randomly smelling my hands I kid you not!!

Very tempted to get the scent and the body cream now.

Then came the buffing and shine :*) 

Super happy face. It was time for me to pick my colours!! Check out the whole rack of colours next to me. Being spoilt for choice was an understatement.

Was tempted to pick this bright red colour but decided not to. Still can pose with the bottle anyway.

Decided to try out a few colours before finally deciding on one!! Absolutely LOVE the shade!!




 I also painted my fourth finger in a different shade but I can't remember which shade it was <_ br="br">

It looks like I'm concentrating in this picture instead haha.

After the express manicure was over, I was convinced to try on (and eventually buy), Chanel's Winter 12's limited edition lipstick colour- L'infidele, which is now sold out. It was a perfect match to my nails and I love how it brightened my face and gave me this rosy glow which you can see for yourself below!

 Whenever I apply the lipstick I feel empowered and immediately more confident! The colour glides on easily, and the Hydratendre complex softens your lips for a plumper, healthier look! Plus, there's an awesome smell which I'm quite addicted to.

Buying from the Chanel Pop up store was great as I had free samples and a 'Chanel at Covent Garden' tag which could be used as a necklace or a keychain or anything you like! 

No regrets, would definitely do it again on my next trip to London (if it's still there).

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