Ichikami Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment for gorgeous hair!

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Trust the Japanese to have Asian's best interests at heart. If you haven't heard of Ichigami, you should definitely continue reading!

Filled with Japanese botanical essences like Rice Premium, Cherry Blossom and  Chinese Soapberry., Ichikami is the solution to hair problems such as dryness, tangles, hair breakages and dullness!!

Not only does it REPAIR the existing damage to your hair, but it also strengthens your hair to become more resistant to further damage!!

Ever since I switched to Ichikama, I've gotten tons of compliments on how great my hair smells hehe. Yes the people around you can smell the difference!

The 550ml shampoo ($16.90) should be used together with the conditioner ($16.90) to reap the full benefits of hydrated, soft and lustrous hair.

For rinse off treatments, the Ichikami Treatment is a MUST-HAVE. It instantaneously makes my hair smoother and magically untangles knots. I'm guessing it has to be because of the black soybean extracts!!

There are other products in the range like leave on treatments and styling products so be sure to check them out at Watsons, BHG or John Little! Definitely a great product to recommend to friends as well.
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