A blogger's dinner at Sushi Tei

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I'm a frequent customer at Sushi Tei, so when I was invited to attend a blogger's Christmas (albeit belated post) dinner, I was so excited I had trouble sleeping the night before. Thanks OMY for the tie-up! 

If you hadn't already known, Sushi Tei has a branch at Paragon, on the top floor near the gym section. It's super crowded and normally has a long queue, but it's one of the biggest Sushi Tei branches I know!

We kicked off the night with Sashimi Salad - raw fish and vegetables which was an affordable $9. Nom nom nom.

When you get the salad, you'll be presented with a choice of sauce. My favourite is Sushi Tei's special sauce. It's a little tangy but slightly sweet. 

 When you're at Sushi Tei, you'd expect the sashimi to be their specialty, and it is! Here's the Sashimi Moriwase - bluefin tuna, yellowtail and salmon.

 If only we were presented with unlimited servings... The salmon, of course, was superb as usual, but it was my first time trying yellowtail at Sushi Tei and it was surprisingly good! All ingredients are fresh and sliced carefully for sashimi goodness. 

This small dish, is pricier, at $30.

 I am in loooove with mentai mayo. Unfortunately, it's really unhealthy (about 200 calories), but it's good to indulge once in a while, isn't it? This dish is a great appetizer and watch how your table of companions turn silent as they feel the oozing greatness exploding in their mouths. Here's their Kani Mentai Mayo Roll - crab meat sushi with mentai mayo worth $8.

Next up, the Hanasaki Ika Tempura - Squid with roe tempura. This would make awesome pub grub. Crispy, deep fried, goodness. $6

Our next dish was Asari Clams in butter and soya sauce. This was tasty and delicious! Nuff said. I didn't get any sandy bits so I was contented.

Instead of your usual crispy skin dumplings, Sushi Tei's Homemade Meat Gyoza (pork and chicken) was soft and juicy. It felt more chinese than Japanese though. Maybe it was tailored to suit chinese tastes? Haha.

Kaisen Chankonabe - hot pot with seafood and vegetables. Can't remember if we picked Shoyu or Miso base but it was so-so. There's a small portion of udon noodles! I prefer the sukiyaki, (also in Sushi Tei's menu) more though.

Golden Roll - mango king prawn sushi roll. You wouldn't think mango and prawns would go together but they do. It's a strange complimenting taste that should definitely be given a chance before judged! Haha I enjoyed this, and the roe was a great addition to enhance flavour!

Finally, the assortment of desserts. Mango sorbet ice cream balls, and I didn't try the other flavours so I don't know what they were. HOWEVER, this waffle + vanilla ice cream bread below is really good!!

Reminds me of my primary school days. The waffle isn't very crunchy but is a great end to the meal. LEFT ME HAPPY :D

 Overall, I found the portions were pretty small for a table of 15, but if you've got a cosy group of 4, this should be great to keep you guys stuffed for the rest of the day/night!

Thanks again Sushi Tei and OMY!
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