BRAND’S® InnerShine® Marine Collagen Essence Strip Review

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I admit. I'm getting old. Soon I'll pass the 25 mark and then my age will mysteriously stay stagnant year after year. Urgh the perils of ageing!! 

Do you know that collagen levels start to decrease from age 25 onwards at an annual rate of about 1.5%?

UV radiation, stress, alcohol and pollution produce free radicals that further damage the skin and destroys the collagen produced by the body. 

Plus, with all the late nights I've been accumulating, my skin is only getting worse. 

But BRAND’S® InnerShine® Marine Collagen Essence Strip can reduce that effect? 
By restoring collagen!


That's me being curious and studying the strip. Hahah.

Indeed, I was skeptical. Everything is going to be digested anyway, plus I don' take to strong fishy tastes.

Check it out!!
It's made in Japan, contains Vitamin E and B3, only 12Kcal per strip, and has a Kyoho grape taste.
I've never had a Kyoho grape so I wasn't very excited about that.

And so, I decided to give it a shot, give my skin some elasticity boost. 

 I was... SURPRISED.

I didn't expect a jelly-like texture. I was expecting a more powdery substance. I even braced myself for the seafood, fishy collagen taste, but it was 95% masked by the grape flavour!

I know that this isn't a short term, immediate effect, but eating yummy jelly like this and knowing that it helps my body is awesome.

Furthermore, the BRAND’S® InnerShine®  Marine Collagen Essence comes in strips!! This is super convenient to carry around!

 I can keep one in my bag and snack on it for tea. Daily.

What it contains:

1) Hydrolyzed deep sea fish-derived collagen:

The collagen used is derived from deep sea fish, with a low molecular weight to aid in faster absorption.

2) Vitamin E

An indispensable antioxidant for skin health, protecting skin from UV radiation which accelerates the formation of wrinkles and age spots. 

3) Niacinamide (A form of Vitamin B3)
Supports the health of skin tissues by providing cells with the energy necessary for growth and repair.

Which also means...

It's priced at $30.00 for a pack of 10 strips and available exclusively at Watsons.


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