Elizabeth Arden - Visible Whitening range review

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I hate dark spots. I have tried many different types of products to get rid of those sickening things but it seemed like the only was was to invest in foundations to temporarily cover them. However, at the end of the day once the makeup comes off, I 'm still left with my dark spots. Sigh!!

Why do we get dark spots?!
Aging, hormones, inflammation and exposure to UV rays product excess melanin, leaving dark spots on your skin, decreases collagen and increases pore sizes. Over time, your skin reduces its healthy radiance.

Melanin is also more noticeable on Asian skin because we have a thicker dermis, which is more prone to hyper pigmentation  When exposed to UV rays, our skin produces extra melanin to protect the deeper layers. Over time, this excess melanin forms dark deposits on the skin.

Thank goodness for Elizabeth Arden! She has used her expertise in research, technology to come up with this Visible Whitening range developed for Asian skin to address these uneven skin tones!!

Featuring vitamin C derivatives and SpectraBright, a Hops extract originated from France and acts on reaction from UV light to control melanin production. With antioxidants, collagen, elastin boosters, pore reducers, diamond and pearl powders, you also get brighter, radiant skin.

Been using their cleanser, night care and illuminating eye serum and have seen improvement in brightness, radiance, tone and texture. Major plus is that it doesn't feel sticky or heavy on your skin!

Love Elizabeth Arden's new revamped holographic metallic silver packaging!! Too pretty!

BEST used with the entire skin regimen, but I picked out my favourite ones out of the range!

Cleanse - Visible Whitening Smoothing Cleanser ($55 for 125ml)
I *love* their cleanser in this range because it has melting micro beeds and enzymes to instantly remove surface melanin. My face feels instantly cleaner and appears brighter!

Brighten - Visible Whitening Illuminating Eye Serum ($85 for 15ml)

I find that I have some small dark spots around my eyes (your biggest critic is yourself), using this religiously until it reduces puffiness and brightens my eyes! To use, massage gently around your eyes and pat the area so your skin can absorb the full benefits :)

Night care - Visible Whitening Melanin Control Night Capsules ($140 for 50 capsules)
SpectraBright technology prevents melanin synthesis, and supports skin's natural and collagen elastin. Many people have bought these capsules and have eaten them. Do NOT eat them!! It does no good for your body if you do and it'll just come out the other way.

To use, please twist the top of the capsule until it breaks, squeeze a little product on your finger and smooth contents onto your cleansed face, then head to bed!

It's orangey inside
Something extra important to note about this range is that your skin needs to be protected from the sun because it's not producing melanin. Hence, it's essential to use sun block with this range. Elizabeth Arden has a Multi- Targeted UV Shielf BB Cream SPF 30 PA so you'll be taking care of your skin if you use the whole range!

I use Shade 2 and I'm happy with the sheer coverage which is good enough to look presentable at work!

Was also recently introduced to Elizabeth Arden's Lash + brow enhancing serum. If you've always wanted longer, fuller eyelashes or eyebrows, try them!! They're clinically tested to produce results in as little as 2 weeks if you've been using them daily.

Will continue using this until it's much more noticeable, but I can already see a difference!!

Thank you Elizabeth Arden!
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