Levi's® 501 party at Zouk

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Free flow? Levi's®? 987FM? Fashion show? That was all my brain needed to register - yup I'll definitely be there.

A week ago I was invited by the lovely people at Levi's® for their 501 party, in conjunction with the jean's 140th anniversary. The 501 jeans, if you haven't already heard fo them before, is the first legendary pair of blue jeans made that had durability, style, and comfort, all in one. Over the years, Levi's® 501 jeans have evolved to keep up with changing demand and have survived the test of time to prove that they're the essential "must-have" in every person's closet.

I invited my two friends, Shu and Maggie to come celebrate Levi's® history with me, and we met up at Zouk's entrance. Of course we had to hit the bar before the event started! :p

First up for the night, Divian and Dee Kosh's game, where they picked 2 female and 2 male volunteers from the audience. Boy, were they in for a surprise...

Divian and Dee Kosh explaining the rules of the game. The two ladies and men were split into two teams, and the ladies had to pass a beer bottle through the jeans (in one leg and out the other!) of two models, and one of the male volunteers. Sounded simple, right?

Check out those muscles!! :D

So the first contestant began, (evidently Divian getting excited here), and the whole purpose was to make it look "wrong".

It was about to get terribly wrong.

When it came to the male volunteer's turn, the female contestant  had trouble getting the beer bottle through because... he was wearing skinny jeans. 

Divian got the crowd to start chanting "TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT OFF" and... he obliged.

Safe for work lah
The whole crowd burst into laughter and "OHMGOD"', Divian's expression s priceless, and Justin's censorship is just hilarious. So glad I managed to capture the essence of everyone's reactions here! Hahahah.

Someone was saying that the crowd already had the better view, if you know what I mean. Haha!

After he took off his jeans, the first contestant passed the beer bottle through without any difficulty, and it was the second contestant's turn! She was luckier though, because her male volunteer had baggy jeans on. However, he still took his pants off, when no one even egged him on. The crowd was traumatized.

Joined William's table for the night! He had attended the earlier media launch, which I couldn't make it to

After a splendid tap dancing and miners-turned-hiphop dance, we were treated to a fashion show featuring Levi's® latest Spring/Summer Collection!

Levi's®'s new collection has outfits for sports, dates and casual wear! Really loving that pink floral dress that the model is wearing! So flirty and fun ;)

I'd love a boy in that denim jacket!! Maybe not buttoned all the way though :p

 William and I were debating over the sexuality of the model on the right. Is he/she male or female? I think he's a male but William was convinced he's a she!!
What do you think?

Another picture to prove my point. Male?? Okay if she's really a female then I will stand corrected. Just being curious here. Anyway, it doesn't matter if you're male or female, both of you can wear colour co-ordinated outfits, it's the new couple look! Haha.

Grabbed a photo with Sheron and Darren! :)

Next up was The Mutton's segment, which was a drinking game!! Shu wanted to get my up on stage as a volunteer but I'm so glad that wasn't successful. My team would definitely lose!

Participants were split into teams for this game, and they had to put on a pair of Levi's® jeans, finish that mug of beer, and head back to tag their next team mate.

There's William up on stage! Got pose all. Hahah.

Quick photo with Joey and Mag :)

The last segment of the night was Bobby Tonelli and Rosalyn's musical dress up game. This contestant ended up wearing so many layers he was declared the winner!! Check out how dashing he looks in a bikini and blonde!

That concluded the end of the night, it was a great party and my friends had a good laugh and unwind from the hectic week!

With the Bobby super-hot Tonelli and pretty Xinyi!

With the Muttons. Have you guys checked out their awesome burger joint in collaboration with two fat boys? The Burger Bar, at the basement of Far East Plaza (near Ya Kun!) has really juicy patties and serves the famous tiramisuhero!

A picture with some of my blogger gfs :)

Thank you OMY and Levi's® for selecting me as one of the finalists for Best Interpretation Blogger!
Hope I'll have your vote once voting is open! :)

See you guys once I'm back in Singapore!

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