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Fujitsu's Lifebook LH772 and portable speakers giveaway!

I managed to get an exclusive interview with Fujitsu's spokesperson, Katherine Chew, who shares more about Fujitsu's newest laptop, the Lifebook, LH772. This multimedia powerlaptop contains ONKYO® Box Speakers, DTS UltraPC II Plus™ Sound System, new 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor, i7 Quad Core on the Intel® Chief River Platform with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and 2GB NVIDIA® Optimus™ graphics and a 14-inch High Definition SuperFine LCD screen.

What this means for the user? Crystal-clear sound, long battery life, and realistic visual effects.

Claire: What do you love the most about the Fujitsu LH772?
Katherine: There are quite a few unique points about this machine. I really love the new Natural Fit Dichromatic keyboard. It’s a beautifully made keyboard that epitomizes Fujitsu’s commitment to design. The colors on the individual keys are not colored on but made in a 2 step process, layer by layer. The inside joke among us is that we like to call this the Kueh-Lapis keyboard. In addition to this, the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH772 is also the first 14” LIFEBOOK that integrates number keypad on it. You’ll usually only find number keypad on 15” and above laptop but this is a 1st for a 14”. I think this is great, especially for students or even professionals who will need this (E.g. Teachers, Accountants etc.)
The other part which I really like about the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH772 is also the first time we are collaborating with ONKYO, a top Japanese audio consumer electronics giant, to create a fantastic multimedia laptop. The integrated ONKYO box speaker will provide a great audio experience for users whether they are listening to music, watching a movie or playing games on the machine.

Claire: Tell us something special about the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH772 that not many people will notice? 
Katherine: The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH772 has quite a few design elements which tend to go unnoticed because it’s very subtle. For example there are 2 pieces of suede that’s located on the base of the machine. They are strategically placed at the hottest spot of the whole machine to absorb heat so that our customers can enjoy a great experience of using it on their lap without the heat getting too uncomfortable for them. 

The ‘Made in Japan’ Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH772 also integrate the patented Fujitsu ventilation technology which keeps the laptop cool and allows for easy maintenance. 

The built in dust filter latch makes it easy and fuss free for users to clean and maintain the laptop, keeping it in optimum condition.

Claire: If you could improve anything about the Fujitsu LH772, what would it be?
Katherine: To make the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH772 even slimmer and lighter. However, that is not possible without compromising performance, heat issues or battery life.
The engineers have managed to create a great balance of having the LIFEBOOK slim and light while still having great performance, and long battery life.

Claire: What target market would suit the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH772?
Katherine: The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH772 is actually an excellent laptop for people for all ages. Whether you are a student, a working professional, a gamer or just someone who is buying a laptop for the entire family, the specifications & features of Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH772 meets and even exceeds all the minimum requirements for whatever the use they had in mind for the laptop.

Thank you Katherine and Fujitsu!


The Fujitsu Lifebook is available in Shiny Black, Urban White and Cosmos Pink at S$1,888 (inclusive of GST)

In conjunction with Fujitsu, Claire's Flair is giving away a set of Fujitsu's portable speakers ABSOLUTELY FREE!! (for more information on the speakers, click here

I also want!!

How to win:

- Share this post on your Facebook wall (tag my page Claire's Flair) and/or your twitter feed (with #clairesflair)
- Comment on this post with your Name, Contact number, Email, and Facebook Username (so I can track!), and the reason why you want the speakers!

Speakers will be mailed to winner's address at no additional costs.

Closes: 7th August 2012!

Giveaway closed!! Used a random generator to select the winner, who has been contacted. Congrats and thanks for taking part! More goodies to giveaway soon ;)

Blackberry Bold 9790 and Torch 9860 review

The Blackberry Bold, seems to expect the Blackberry faithful to cling on to its traditional design, solid build, and Blackberry service. Encrypted communications is also the main selling point, along with push mail services which Blackberry pioneered, in the smartphone market.

 Had to get used to typing on this due to my fat thumb
 The latest Bold has a lovely bright screen, but in this age of 3.7” and 4.3” screens being the norm, the 480 x 360, 2.45” screen seems ancient in comparison. However, the screen is fully touch-capable, and coupled with the optical track pad, makes it very easy for one to interact with the phone.

The keyboard is bar-none, the best in the market. Even its closest competitor, the Eseries QWERTY phones from Nokia – which has really good keyboards as it is – can’t compare to the side-ward scalloped keys of the Bold.

The overall design and impression the Bold gives, is one of quality, and thoughtful design. It seems organic, if I may, as the curves of the Bold seem to meld seamlessly into each other, the glass screen seems to disappear at the edges, becoming metal, seemingly by some magical alchemy. I am extremely infatuated with the design and beauty of the Bold.


The software is functional and practical, all the necessary applications to keep the socially-driven, connected to their Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Functional, meaning, they get the job done, rather than being the best experience that one can get on a smartphone. There isn’t much real estate on the screen for applications to be showcased to their full potential.

However, in spite of the physical limitations, the applications on the Bold are responsive, and have no visible lag (at all) when switching between applications. Blackberry has definitely built a very functional phone that, to quote from a competitor; ‘Just Works’.

In a world increasingly moving towards capacitive screens and buttons, it is a welcome relief to be using dedicated menu buttons on the Bold, I personally prefer some tactile feedback from my devices, especially when making selections or typing. The Bold itself, marries the capacitive and tactile inputs quite seamlessly.

So for a user who wants no frills, practicality ease of use, ensured quality encryption, and to check emails on the go, I'd recommend a Blackberry. 


The Blackberry  Torch 9860  is an oddity in the current smartphone market, it has arrived at a time when most smartphone manufacturers are moving away from the traditional hardware buttons and towards full capacitive touchscreen buttons. 

The onscreen keyboard works the same as one would expect on an android phone however, android has the monstrous Android Market (now Google Play) to thank for the huge selection of other keyboards to allow the user to select a different keyboard, if the stock ones that came with the phone does not suit him/her. The Torch too, has keyboard apps on the Blackberry Appworld, but nowhere as numerous as the android alternative.

There is more screen real-estate than on its keyboard-endowed sibling, the Bold, and it makes surfing the internet, or browsing one’s Facebook and Twitter feeds more enjoyable. The applications on the Torch, similar to the Bold, are responsive, and have no visible lag (at all) when switching between applications. 

Blackberry has to make their phones more customizable and unique, to fight stiff competition from Apple and Android. Oh, and while they’re at it, I hope more Blackberry apps are FREE. There really isn't enough photography apps that are superb and non-buggy. And in the games arena, there needs to be more quality applications for the workaholics that need a break. Let's hope Thorsten Heins can turn Blackberry's declining market share around.

Posts on MFW2012 soon!

Pioneer latest Blu ray players and AV Receivers!

I've been wanting to get a Blu-ray player for a really long time but hadn't found one that piqued my interest with its specifications. Saw Pioneer's latest Blu-ray Disc players namely BDP-140, BDP-440 and BDP-LX55 and they are surprisingly affordable!

Boasting support for a broad range of video and music playback formats as well as HDMI output offering high definition connectivity, these new models are capable of full 3D movie playback with remarkably clear, crisp images and stunning sound on 3d-capable display screens.

My seat!

The Blu ray player above, the BDP-LX55 has a striking feature which is its HDMI outputs for additional flexibility. What this means is, you can connect your video output to a TV monitor/projector, and also connect the audio output to another component like an AV Receiver! With the player you can enjoy superb video & audio experience simultaneously.

Something really special about the blu ray players is the availability of iControlAV2 Ready. Just download the free app on your phone, connect to the players using a wireless router, and you can control playback and navigation functions using your mobile phone! Now you don't have to fumble for your remote control, while holding on to your phone!

Just sit back relax and enjoy the DVD! 

While reading up on Pioneer's Blu ray disc players, I checked out their highly celebrated Advanced Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC) VSX-S500-k and the VSX-S300-K. 

What makes MCACC so special is that it comes with a CUSTOM microphone. This means that the receiver automatically assess your room’s acoustic environment BEFORE adjusting the speakers to its optimal sonic performance. In this way, there is no compromise to the audio accuracy as the sound is reproduced exactly the way it is intended to be heard. Isn't that the whole point of audio anyway? Well done Pioneer!

For eco-friendly users, you have the option to reduce by up to an additional 35% in power consumption at a single push of the ECO button on the remote controller!

What better way to enjoy shows than with friends?

I left out some tech specifications and MORE benefits but you can check them all out at

Samsung Note Review

I’ve spent about a month with the Samsung Galaxy Note, and I’m seriously impressed. Thanks to Nuffnang, I got to review a set and purchased it afterwards!
The Note is a MONSTER of a device. HUGE! It's even bigger than some compact digi cams!

Let me share with you what exactly makes the Note such a fantastic smartphone (along with much pictures for your drooling over) in spite of its size; which incidentally, is its biggest advantage and disadvantage.
My heavily modified interface. This salmon appetizer can be found at Sun and Moon at Wheelock!

Android for Life
I love android’s main selling-point of allowing the user to customize the appearance of the OS to his/her liking. Also, Samsung has promised their variant of Android 4.0 (or fondly known as Ice Cream Sandwich), which I had been eager to try!

Samsung software
The Note features the latest and greatest version of Samsung’s own Touchwiz UI, which sits atop the Gingerbread variation of the android platform. 
 Revamped the Calendar App, which is easier to view by month/week/day! Just a pinch to zoom in or out!
Samsung has taken it upon itself to redo some of the apps, including the very useful and fun addition of a writing app! S Note!

Bf's handwriting.
 Mine! Along with my drawing of a flower.

There are the usual bits of android usefulness that makes using the Note a pleasure, things like inbuilt shortcuts to battery-draining services:
 The usual shortcuts.

A Multimedia BEAST
Although the Note has been touted and marketed as a business-inclined smartphone, with all the business-friendly apps and mechanics; the real star of the show is the Note’s ability to handle multimedia. Thanks to the very speedy 1.4Ghz duo-core processor the Note has housed within its body, lag time for applications is minimal.
 Seems a lot faster than the numbers show.

Market app installs are almost instant, once the initial download of the .apk files are done. Webpages are also no problem for the Note; the speed is only dependent on your carrier’s coverage wherever you are. Flash-heavy sites are handled properly and without much fuss.
Websites load well. HTML5 seems to be no problem for the Note too.
 Vimeo for Android finally, HD videos are no problem for this baby.
Games run great on the Note, although one has to be a little selective, since not all the games on the Market are able to scale up to the size of the Note’s massive 5.3” screen. However, that being said, games that do so, look great, with the odd game showing some minor pixilation due to the program having to force the sprites to fit to the Note’s screen.

If you’re into taking photographs on your smartphone, the 8mp camera and the ton of android apps will keep you happy and occupied!

Taken with the Note!

Rich Vibrant colors for your viewing pleasure.

Just when you think the Note couldn’t possibly be able to handle anymore multimedia, Samsung pulls a rabbit out of the hat and supports .FLAC natively, along with the popular H.264 format to keep video nuts and audiophiles happy. 
I’m an unapologetic Beatles’ fan.

As mentioned earlier, the Note is huge. It's probably like a handheld PDA combined smartphone. The disadvantage for me, as a girl, is that my hands are too small (yes even though my hands are above average for a girl's) to use one hand to hold the phone and type! So I passed the phone over to my bf. Who is very happy and satisfied with it! Some of his inputs are also in this blog entry.

Thanks for reading this lengthy post! 
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