Pioneer latest Blu ray players and AV Receivers!

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I've been wanting to get a Blu-ray player for a really long time but hadn't found one that piqued my interest with its specifications. Saw Pioneer's latest Blu-ray Disc players namely BDP-140, BDP-440 and BDP-LX55 and they are surprisingly affordable!

Boasting support for a broad range of video and music playback formats as well as HDMI output offering high definition connectivity, these new models are capable of full 3D movie playback with remarkably clear, crisp images and stunning sound on 3d-capable display screens.

My seat!

The Blu ray player above, the BDP-LX55 has a striking feature which is its HDMI outputs for additional flexibility. What this means is, you can connect your video output to a TV monitor/projector, and also connect the audio output to another component like an AV Receiver! With the player you can enjoy superb video & audio experience simultaneously.

Something really special about the blu ray players is the availability of iControlAV2 Ready. Just download the free app on your phone, connect to the players using a wireless router, and you can control playback and navigation functions using your mobile phone! Now you don't have to fumble for your remote control, while holding on to your phone!

Just sit back relax and enjoy the DVD! 

While reading up on Pioneer's Blu ray disc players, I checked out their highly celebrated Advanced Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC) VSX-S500-k and the VSX-S300-K. 

What makes MCACC so special is that it comes with a CUSTOM microphone. This means that the receiver automatically assess your room’s acoustic environment BEFORE adjusting the speakers to its optimal sonic performance. In this way, there is no compromise to the audio accuracy as the sound is reproduced exactly the way it is intended to be heard. Isn't that the whole point of audio anyway? Well done Pioneer!

For eco-friendly users, you have the option to reduce by up to an additional 35% in power consumption at a single push of the ECO button on the remote controller!

What better way to enjoy shows than with friends?

I left out some tech specifications and MORE benefits but you can check them all out at
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