Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!

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It's the 5th birthday of Nuffnang coming up next week and I wanted to say a big..


What I hope to see in Nuffnang for the next 5 years!

1) Nuffnang expands to more regions in in the world! 
Not just Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Philippines, but Thailand, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong! After conquering Asia, even America and Europe too! There's just so much potential to grow, especially since blogs can be accessed from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection, assuming your blog isn't blocked etc etc) and that gives VAST advertising opportunities! Especially for brand building and marketing efforts.

2) Nuffnang has a chill out lounge!

 I've been to the Nuffnang office, it's an awesome working space, very cosy and open environment. A great place to work in! With a chill out lounge, bloggers can pop by any time to just sit down and chat, possibly have weekly get togethers, hopefully a pool table? Or a pinball machine? :D

Chillin' out.

3) Nuffnang has an expanded clientele!
Ranging from all industries, from low tier, mid tier to high end! Everything! Nuffnang becomes an experience rather than just a job :)

Thanks so much for EVERYTHING Nuffnang!

To Nuffnang taking over the world!! :D

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