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5 things to eat in London

By some twist of fate and tons of lucky stars, I landed up in London for the third time in two years. It was a really last minute trip with my brother and the only things I had planned were my flight tickets and my hotel in Bayswater! Packing was done a few hours before I left for the airport, and my brother and I agreed to do everything on an impromptu basis.

Unfortunately, like many unforeseen circumstances, my brother started feeling sneazy an hour before our flight out. I forced him to pop 2 paracetamols with flu relief properties, and we went off to the airport.

Alas, it was 5am when our plane landed at Heathrow Airport. I barely slept on the 13h plane ride with my brother sniffing away, a ton of people coughing constantly, and some kid kicking the back of my seat. From the airport, you can choose pick an express train which would take you to Paddington (central London) in half the time it would take if you were to take the normal tube, at a much higher price.

Finally here!

Being cheapos who had a lot of time to kill (check in at our hotel was 12noon), we took the normal train. 

It was an eye opening experience because we got to see the less-glamourous side of London. I was so cold every time the train doors opened. The seats of the train were dirty, there was graffiti on the walls, people were speaking in English but I couldn't really catch what they were saying. In essence, the culture shock hit me pretty quickly. It was a one and a half hour journey to central London, and some of the commuters were on their way to work! 

Since our check-in timing was hours later, our initial plan was to leave our luggage at the front desk and hang out at my friend's place at Chancery Lane, which was nearby. However, thanks to our lucky stars, our room was ready and we got to check in at 9am! We napped til 11am and got up just for breakfast.

That was how my trip started, and I knew I just had to make the trip about food this time. So here's my recommended list of things to eat on your next trip to London :p

- Have scones for breakfast/tea
It's a breezy English day, you've just taken a nice walk in Hyde Park and you've worked up a breakfast appetite. Why not have a scone?

A friend brought me to this amazing, down to earth, unpretentious, cosy  bakery cum cafe called Muffin Man Tea Shop.
Surprisingly affordable!

Muffin Man Tea Shop
12 Wrights Lane
London W8 6TA
Neighbourhood: Kensington
Tel: 020 7937 6652

- Homemade Fudge
Fudge originated from America, when a teacher of a toffee-making class used the wrong temperature and instead of getting toffee, he made fudge. That also explains why the word 'fudge' means an error or mistake. Eg, I fudged it up!

Though that's not so commonly phrased here in Singapore, haha.

Anyway, my cousin, Nicholas was the one who told me to try some homemade fudge, and since I was in Oxford that day, I popped by Fudge Kitchen.

Free sample? Check. Amazing smells? Check. Cute guy by the door? Check.
K going in.

Was distracted by the huge slab of fudge right in front of me, which I later found out, was laid there to cool down. Fudge Kitchen's fudge is made using whipping cream instead of butter, giving a creamy soft texture and distinctive flavour! Plus there are a few flavours to choose from if you don't like it plain ol' original. There's Tangy Orange, Dreamy Coconut, Moreish Mint, Gorgeous Ginger, Classic Chocolate, Mocha chocolate and more!!

Gahh look at that huge slab O_O

 A while later, the fudge maker came and started mixing the fudge!! 

Turn the volume up to find out a little more on how fudge is made! 
PSST! Notice how the fudge gets easier to flip and sinks downwards, that's how it tastes so smooth and the sugar is evenly spread out.

The branch I went to was:

Fudge Kitchen
Address: 5 Broad Street
Oxford, OX1 3AJ
Tel: +44 (0) 1865 794154
For more outlets, visit their website at
However! Since this post is about London, here's a place in London you can check out for fresh, homemade fudge!

The London Fudge Company
Jubilee craft market at Covent Garden on Saturdays and Sundays

If you haven't tried fudge you're missing out on sweet, sugary goodness.

-  Eat duck rice
I know what you're thinking.

"I travelled half the world for DUCK RICE? I can eat this back home in Singapore!"

Yes you can, but it's not the same. Their duck is from Ireland.

Not only is it fatter, juicier, tender-rer, Four Seasons and Gold Mine have their magic gravy and together, you get a dish that will give you cravings even when you're back in Singapore.

Try both and tell me which one you prefer! :p

How to get there: Turn left at Bayswater, walk straight and you'll see the two restaurants on your right! They are really near each other, just make sure you don't walk into the wrong one ;)

- Grab a bagel

Along Brick Lane there is this infamous bagel shop that sells bagels for around 1 pound each that has been established since 1977. That's ridiculously cheap considering how yummy the bagels are!!

The classic smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel blew my MIND. It's served hot, looks simple,but darn a lot of passion went into every bit of it.

Get a bagel and continue strolling down Brick Lane. Now you feel that bit of London spirit, don't you?

Beigel Bake
159 Brick Lane
E1 6SB
- Have a lobster 
Even though Singapore is blessed with a large variety of food, let's face it, we could do with cheaper seafood. And after travelling all the way to London, seafood is what I'll get at an amazing price and I get to pamper my taste buds at the same time too!

At only £20 (about SGD$40), you can get an entire lobster all to yourself, with a generous helping of fries that I couldn't even finish! Even though I reached at 6+pm, I still had to wait about 20mins for a table, okay maybe it's because my full party wasn't present yet when I reached, but still!

The lobster was super fresh and sooo tasty, I don't think you can find an equivalent in Singapore. I dined at the Soho branch because we wanted to check out the night scene in the area after dinner. It's really eye opening!! However, if you're going with your family and you prefer a safer environment, head to the Mayfair Branch. After all, if it's that expensive in Monopoly, it has to be that expensive in real life as well too right?

Mayfair Branch (no reservations)

Soho Branch (plenty of things to do after!)

PS: Thought of adding Hummingbird Bakery's red velvet cupcakes here or Snog's yoghurt, or even Gordan Ramsey's restaurants but nahhh those are too common. Feel free to check them out too!

Typing this has made me so hungry. Have to plan a trip to London again soon!!! I miss Europe so much :(

Til the next time~

Dining at the Latin Quarters in Paris!

Short post on one of the best hidden food places in Paris!

Met my french friends who brought us to the Latin Quarters (where you can find cheapER meals that are absolutely delicious as well). My friends helped scout places until they finally decided on this one. Think it was Fifteen euros for either appetizer/main course or main course/dessert, or something like that.

My dinner companions

Just realised that there's a long queue of people waiting to get in :O

I had my first taste of escargots! Well, in France you gotta do what the French do!
I chose appetizer and main course because I had to try escargots right. The staff couldn't really speak english and the menu was all in french. Was quite funny how my friends had to translate for me >_>

My friend's avocado prawn salad. This was HEAVENLY.


My delicious duck confit

Bordeaux wine chosen by my friends

Can't remember what this was but it was soo good. Urgh I need to go back to Paris.

We ate along this street!

Amsterdam, city of vices.

Gosh I LOVE Amsterdam. I miss it so much. Ask me offline for things that you can do there ;) Stayed at Novotel, a tram ride away from the city centre (or you could cycle) but it was four stars and pretty.

Waiting area

Adorable seal!!! It's just plonking on the bed!!

Dam square! Arranged to meet friends there but it's HUGE. -_- Must be more specific the next time.


 Yes, I had steak quite often in Europe. So sue me. But this wasn't my plate. Hahah! Ate at an american diner because we didn't know where else to eat!! 

Can't remember what the dip was but it was delicious. 

Had fish and chips instead. Could've been batter. I mean the batter could've been thicker :P

Ants and his ribs.

We walked around the red light district after that. No photos because it's rude. Let me try and describe it here. Hmm.. it's like walking past shops except the shops have glass windows. Nothing wrong with that, but girls are posing and wearing leather/revealing outfits, beckoning you to enter. Can you imagine that? Good. That's the red light district for you!

The air also REEKS of uh... a certain type of grass, if you get what I mean. I think it might actually be possible to get high on air! JK. Everyone was really happy, and we saw quite a number of gay bars/clubs (rainbow flags). Eye-opening.


The next day, I met up with my dutch pal in front of the Rijksmuseum. There was some Van Gogh painting there but the queue was INSANELY long and NOT moving. After 30 mins of standing in the same spot, we left to go to Ann Frank's house instead. (We aren't that into art after all). Even though that had a crazy long queue as well, it felt wayyy more fulfilling, tracing the footsteps of a war victim.

 Yes I know my jacket isn't the prettiest but it's made of wool and kept me WARM! Practicality > Fashion when you're freezing.

Amsterdam is really accessible. Trams link to almost everywhere and the town is walkable! You can rent a bicycle if you want, too.

LOVED these little details.

Stepping into the house was beyond cool. This doorway was disguised as a bookshelf. The entrance to the back area where Anne Frank and her family members lived to escape from the war.

Also, I couldn't take any photos in the house so.. that's it. But you get to see the rooms, with the windows completely covered. Excerpts from Anne Frank's diary about how she felt, her interactions etc. She wasn't allowed to peep out of the windows, how she longed to be outside, how they were eventually found out. It was really sad how she passed away in a camp depressed because she thought that her family was dead.

Truly an experience and worth every cent to enter!

Shall split my Amsterdam blog post up. I went to the sex museum (five euros!) because... you're in Amsterdam you just gotta go! :P

Dinner at Hippopotamus.. in Paris.

Most of you would be familiar with Hippopotamus' branch at Marina Square. Did you know that it's a branch from a famous chain of restaurants in France? Click here for the french website.

In his previous trips to France, my pal Ants ate at Hippopotamus EVERY time. So he highly recommended that (splurge a little more) and try it!

I can't remember which branch we went to but this one was HUGE. Three storeys!

The bar counter

I ALWAYS look at the dessert page and this caught my eye. With a melting heart?!?!? I was super tempted to try this but Creme Brulee was also screaming to me.

Beef Carpaccio. Basically it's like beef sashimi. Only with delicious seasoning. This was finished in an instant. Tender and fresh. Yum. Was impressed with the first dish.

I ordered medium rare steak but I can't remember which part. Sorry. It was served MEDIUM RARE, just like I ordered! (Unlike many other places). Anyway, BEARNAISE SAUCE IS DELICIOUS with steak!! And their potatoes with cheese was perfect. Not too cheesy, but not bland either.

Similarly to Singapore, you get to pick you two side dishes alongside your main. Ants chose potato gratin and long beans. Their serving is way more generous than Singapore's branch!


D's dish. Why he ordered fish, I seriously do not know. Think it was BBQ sauce on the side!

So I gave in and picked creme brulee. You're in france you GOTTA try their creme brulee right? This was huge! I actually took a longer time than usual to finish this. But it was splendid. Not overly burnt (I could still taste some sugar crystals!), cream was thick and smooth. Aahhh I would gladly eat this again.

After the success of my creme brulee, we ordered the dessert SET. Bite size portions of all their popular desserts!! (Note the chocolate with a melting heart) fantastic way to end the meal.

I will definitely be back the next time I'm in France. Be sure to check it out!!

Welcome to Milano Centrale!

Was so excited to visit the Fashion Capital of ITALY!

DO you know that there is an area in Milan where students go to eat because it's a buffet dinner for like 8 euros or something? The food isn't the best, doesn't taste the freshest but it's edible! And it's affordable.

So on the first night that's where we went!

Oh also forgot to include something important. IT INCLUDES ONE FREE ALCOHOLIC DRINK. Yes how worth it is that?!

The most famous duomo in Milan!

Think the advertisement ruined everything lol.

Stained glass is always so pretty but it's soo hard to capture every detail unless you have a DSLR and there's just SO MANY.
This reminded me of Charlie the Unicorn. Video link pasted below for reference haha.

After visiting many countries in Europe, this gate like structure is quite common. There's one here in Milan, one in London, one in Germany.. of course the sizes are different but from far away it looks similar.

A shop with my name?! :O

And that night we had dinner at the same area again. It wasn't the same restaurant but it's like two streets filled with food. I can't remember the name but it's near the river canal? It's on the lower left of the map. Haha!!

We actually spent 4 days in Milan but I don't remember why I didn't take more pictures. Hmm. I think we went to the factory outlet on one day, I didn't take pictures because it was just shops. I'd recommending getting the coach to get to the factory outlet. I think it's an hour and a half coach ride away? They pick you up at like 9am or 10am and you return to Milan at like 7. So you have the afternoon to shop! There was Moschino, Prada, L'occitane, and I can't really remember. Reebok, Adidas.. etc. I should've bought sneakers there because they were soo cheap!!

Like for 70 sing you could buy a pair of Nike or Adidas shoes. And some weren't very ugly!!
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