Amsterdam, city of vices.

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Gosh I LOVE Amsterdam. I miss it so much. Ask me offline for things that you can do there ;) Stayed at Novotel, a tram ride away from the city centre (or you could cycle) but it was four stars and pretty.

Waiting area

Adorable seal!!! It's just plonking on the bed!!

Dam square! Arranged to meet friends there but it's HUGE. -_- Must be more specific the next time.


 Yes, I had steak quite often in Europe. So sue me. But this wasn't my plate. Hahah! Ate at an american diner because we didn't know where else to eat!! 

Can't remember what the dip was but it was delicious. 

Had fish and chips instead. Could've been batter. I mean the batter could've been thicker :P

Ants and his ribs.

We walked around the red light district after that. No photos because it's rude. Let me try and describe it here. Hmm.. it's like walking past shops except the shops have glass windows. Nothing wrong with that, but girls are posing and wearing leather/revealing outfits, beckoning you to enter. Can you imagine that? Good. That's the red light district for you!

The air also REEKS of uh... a certain type of grass, if you get what I mean. I think it might actually be possible to get high on air! JK. Everyone was really happy, and we saw quite a number of gay bars/clubs (rainbow flags). Eye-opening.


The next day, I met up with my dutch pal in front of the Rijksmuseum. There was some Van Gogh painting there but the queue was INSANELY long and NOT moving. After 30 mins of standing in the same spot, we left to go to Ann Frank's house instead. (We aren't that into art after all). Even though that had a crazy long queue as well, it felt wayyy more fulfilling, tracing the footsteps of a war victim.

 Yes I know my jacket isn't the prettiest but it's made of wool and kept me WARM! Practicality > Fashion when you're freezing.

Amsterdam is really accessible. Trams link to almost everywhere and the town is walkable! You can rent a bicycle if you want, too.

LOVED these little details.

Stepping into the house was beyond cool. This doorway was disguised as a bookshelf. The entrance to the back area where Anne Frank and her family members lived to escape from the war.

Also, I couldn't take any photos in the house so.. that's it. But you get to see the rooms, with the windows completely covered. Excerpts from Anne Frank's diary about how she felt, her interactions etc. She wasn't allowed to peep out of the windows, how she longed to be outside, how they were eventually found out. It was really sad how she passed away in a camp depressed because she thought that her family was dead.

Truly an experience and worth every cent to enter!

Shall split my Amsterdam blog post up. I went to the sex museum (five euros!) because... you're in Amsterdam you just gotta go! :P
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