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My Dream Grohe Bathroom

Hello everyone! I am back from my mini hiatus which consisted of a trip to Tokyo and a weekend in Bali. It's been so hectic and exhausting I actually slept through roosters crowing just outside my window in Bali. Well, today's entry is to share about my dream bathroom, and if you share your dream bathroom too, you stand to win GROHE products! So keep reading :P


Some people like to sing in the shower, some like to dance, some use those precious minutes to think about life and its mysteries, or the rest of us like to forget everything worrying us in our lives and just focus on the present - the sound of water gently dripping, the pressure of the jet on your skin, soaping and lathering every corner to make sure you're squeaky clean... ah just thinking of that makes me want to take another shower!


Grohe invited me to describe my dream bathroom, and I think it's easier to show pictorial evidence.

Number 1: SPACE

It's hard to get this in Singapore though, but wouldn't it be nice if your bathroom had two sinks (like the one above) so you and your partner can brush your teeth together in the mornings and not have to wait for each other? 


My shower facility needs to have hot water when I want to bathe. I hate bathing in cold water!!

I will take this steam room any day. This is actually part of the GROHE F-Digital Deluxe which is like, the ultimate luxurious shower room.


Of course, you might say that all working shower heads are 'proper', but what I mean is that their jet better not be painful (the villa I stayed at in Bali had really painful ones, even though I turned the entire head to try out all the functions), and the water flow better be consistent. I hate those that run out of water halfway, or lose power suddenly, you know what I mean. Cheap ones don't last. 

This is how my bathroom looks like. It is old, it is faulty, and it doesn't make me want to take a looong shower. I am so embarrassed to be showing you a picture of this. However, GROHE has kindly given me their showerhead which I will soon be enjoying the benefits of!! (Once I get my dad to fix it up for me lol) Thanks GROHE!!

This is how a proper shower head looks like. Why does a shower head look like a cute flower and why is it in a potted plant, you might ask? It's actually Grohe's Rainshower Flower, inspired by tulips, sunflowers and orchids, which will instantly brighten and cheer up your bathroom. WHow do those petals act as a shower head? Well, the petals, apart from their aesthetic purpose, also help to protect your shower head from damage. If you're a klutz like me who drops their shower heads once in a while (it's soapy ok!), this will definitely prolong its life. These babies come with GROHE's DreamSpray technology and have a pretty chrome finish to last you for years

Rain showers will do too.


Claire, you already have an awesome shower head why do you need a bathtub? Well it's simple. Because this is my dream bathroom!!! I love soaking in the bathtub and you can bet your money that I will use the hotel's bathtub every time I'm overseas. It's just so relaxing! You get time all to yourself and it works best with a scrub to rub off those dead skin cells. And the bubbles!!! Nuff said.


Were you expecting this? Bath products are essential and definitely part of the whole perfect bathroom experience! What's the point of having top notch products if the scent of your bath gels put you off? I like fruity smells that last long, meaning even if you step out of the shower and you randomly smell your skin, you can still smell the scent!
So thanks to GROHE, I can now haz nice smelling bath products!! Scented candles are also a wonderful way to complete your sensual experience in your bathroom.


Well, now that you know MY dream bathroom conditions, it's YOUR TURN!

Get a chance to take home a part of your  dream bathroom with 

GROHE Bathroom Accessories (worth $321)! 

All you have to do is:

1) Take a picture of your bathroom, 
2) Instagram it, and hashtag using #thedreambathroom, #grohe and #grohesg, 
3) Tell GROHE in 50 words or less what constitutes a dream bathroom as your caption

That's it!

Winners will be selected at random by the GROHE. 

The contest ends 15 November 2014 at 2359hours.

Another picture of the GROHE F-Digital Deluxe which allows users to control lighting, audio and steam functions via their iPod. How amazing is that??? This is definitely my dream shower ROOM hahaha.

Interested to find out more about GROHE? Check out their Live! Center just off Dhoby Ghaut MRT at:

180 Clemenceau Avenue #01-01/02
Haw Par Centre
Singapore 239922

Also, specially for my readers:


Here's a 20% discount coupon on regular priced GROHE products (with no minimum purchase required). Please note that it expires on 31 December 2014, so don't delay and get your new sanitary products asap!

Thanks GROHE!

Grohe Live Center tour for your sanitary fittings and discount coupon!

Many of my friends around my age are getting BTOs or DBSS' or condos and are tying the knot. I have THREE weddings to attend in just November itself, with one that clashed that I had to turn down! I'm really happy for my friends who have found someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with and finally settling down! Getting a place to call your own is a huge responsibility, and for many, it's a first hand experience choosing the layout of your home, picking furniture, deciding themes and getting one of the biggest loans of your life.

I want my bathroom to look like this!

For me, the bathroom is the most important sanctuary in my house and hence, I'll want something with great quality and the best value. It's the place where I can be alone to my thoughts, to relax and unwind after a hectic day, and to thoroughly enjoy some me-time. I have some friends who spend an hour in the shower! Well, I accidentally dropped my no-brand, cheapo shower head recently and it broke, so I had been on the hunt for a new one. Instead of going for one of those $10 ones you can find almost anywhere in markets, I wanted a brand that had sophisticated technology and proven track records, while at the same time, providing relaxation to a new level - and I've found it.

Scratch-proof taps that don't leak water? Count me in!

GROHE, a German brand specializing in sanitary fittings, is a global leader offering innovative products that also helps save the environment's most vital resource - water. Their commitment to quality, design and technology can be seen through their multiple award winning products and wide range of different styles to suit any decor and taste.

Learn about how GROHE got its famed reputation

I was invited down to the GROHE Live Center, just off Dhoby Ghaut's red line exit, to have a look at their product portfolio. The first portion of the center invites you to explore GROHE's international reach and cutting edge technologies. It is respectable just how far they've come!

My favourite aspect of GROHE's products is their CoolTouch technology, so your hand does not get burnt when you accidentally touch the hot water portion of the heater, in fact, you don't feel the heat at all. There have been COUNTLESS times when my elbow/hand whatever touched my cheapo brand's hot faucet and I jerked my arm away :( Making me grouchy during my supposed relaxing time. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about.

The next part of the Live Center experience is... the actual products!


There are tons of products here, but I'm just going to highlight those that stood out to me.

GROHE Zero, developed by GROHE, is a lead-free, 5x more corrosion-resistant faucet that reduces potential lead contamination to a minimum, because GROHE cares about your health :)

Take a look at this ultimate luxurious shower called the F-digital deluxe that massages your body with the water jets and also has a switch for you to pick your music, and adjust the lighting. Clubbing in your shower, anyone?

If you're a fan of rain showers (like me), there's a section at the Live Center where you can play with the different types of showers GROHE has to offer! They are resistant to soil and tarnishing, which means they have a long life shine!

My favourite is the Bokoma Spray, ask about it when you're there! It's a great affordable massage system for your scalp, here's a picture of it but a picture doesn't do it much justice.

Now imagine that revolving clockwise, over your scalp. Mmmmm... The Bokoma Spray uses its 8 dynamic spray nozzles to open and close, recreating the tension relieving effect of a fingertip massage. This GROHE Power & Soul shower comes with four different functions you can adjust (note the buttons) and also comes with a soft Rain Spray. Models are equipped with the EcoJoy water saving technology, which reduces water and energy consumption without compromising on the quality of the shower experience.Showering will never be the same again.

Impressed? Let's move over to...


We also had the chance to check out GROHE's kitchen technology which really blew me away!

Check out the GROHE Red, designed to make your life easier. Now you don't need to boil water before you get that cup of coffee, and making instant noodles just got much simpler as instant boiling water comes out of your tap! The lever allows you to control the temperature  and also comes with the CoolTouch function as explained earlier. These faucets also come with a child lock so your kids don't scald themselves while using the tap! 

GROHE Minta Touch is a hygienic invention where the tap is sensitive to touch in addition to the normal lever! So if your hands are dirty and you HATE having dirty levers, this is amazing. Just touching the tap with the back of your hand or wrist sets the water flowing, and you'll never have an OCD problem with this again.

There's also the GROHE Blue where high performance filtered drinking water and cooler flows straight out of your tap. Saves you a lot of time, convenience and obviating the need for bottled water. 

Check out the variety of designs!!

There's definitely a design to suit your taste.

Will share more about how GROHE products save water in the next post. Thank you GROHE for the handshower with the Bokoma spray! Will put it to good use and replace my current crappy one. The dinner was also fantastic.


To check out the cutting edge systems at the Grohe Live Center for yourself, head to:

Grohe Live! Center
180 Clemenceau Avenue #01-01/02
Haw Par Centre
Singapore 239922

Just specially for my readers:


Here's a 20% discount coupon on regular priced GROHE products (with no minimum purchase required). Please note that it expires on 31 December 2014, so don't delay and get your new sanitary products asap!

Thanks for reading!

Elizabeth Arden Giveaway and 5 min Ceramide Facial Mask Review

Elizabeth Arden has outdone herself again. Their new Ceremide Boosting 5 minute Facial, made up of a two step formula, instantly brightens your face and cleans even make up off your face for a thorough deep cleansing!! I absolutely LOVE it and would recommend you go try it out at once! I've also been using the product that shot Elizabeth Arden to fame - the Original Eight Hour Cream, and it is truly magical.


Products that have got me psyched!

Use the Self-Foaming Mask and Replenishing Serum no more than twice a week for about 2 months will allow you to see your skin become healthy and clear up! Your skin looks refreshed, softer, gives you a healthy glow, and if you don't have time to slot in a facial appointment the night before that special occasions, using this works just as well!

I'll be using the Elizabeth Arden liquid foundation to prove that the Ceramide Facial Mask removes makeup and leaves your skin feeling fresh ;)

Using Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Foundation with SPF15 instantly diminishes appearance of pores and imperfections, creating flawless skin! It also moisturizes your skin for 24 hours. It's very lightweight so you can pile on layers to increase the coverage. Their key ingredients include Soy Lipid technology, natural plant extract, Vitamins C, E and radiant mineral crystals to blur fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for all skin types and it's also available in 26 different shades retailing at $70.

BEFORE! With makeup.

How to use

It's been a long day, and you're so tired you just want to sleep as fast as possible. Removing your make up is SUCH a chore. This is where Elizabeth Arden comes in to help.

Step 1: Self-Foaming Mask

Apply a 20cent amount of he Self-Foaming Mask on the back of your hand and quickly spread this out onto your whole face. Avoid your eye area (so you have to remove your eye makeup separately) No rubbing needed, just nimble fingers. You'd immediately start to feel a sizzling, tingly even burning sensation. Don't freak out!! (and try not to giggle as it may be ticklish) This is just the activating chemical and enzymatic exfoliators cleansing and purifying your skin. Remember that this works better on uncleansed skin. 

The sizzling is thanks to the lactic acid and protease enzyme with botanical extracts which gently exfoliates and dissolves skin-clogging impurities. It also contains Glycerin which replenishes skin with moisture so it doesn't feel so drying after it has sizzled away.
Arghhh can't take the sizzling!!

It was quite an overwhelming, slightly burning sensation for me but I endured it. Once the popping stops, which is about 2 minutes later, rinse your face with luke-warm water and pat to dry. Did you notice that your makeup has been removed? I practically ran to the toilet to wash it off because it was itchy and after washing it off, my skin was slightly pink. It's all worth it though, once you see the results after the next step. Which brings me to:-

Step 2: Replenishing Serum

After washing my face off with warm water and applying the serum! 

Apply the Replenishing Serum to your face and massage into your skin in a circular motion. The serum reinforces the skin's protective barrier and locks in moisture more efficiently. The best part is that it also smooths fine lines and wrinkles over time! After I applied this replenishing serum, my face stopped being pink and the slight burning sensation went away. Instead my skin was brighter and my make up was removed!! Once the product is absorbed, complete with your preferred moisturizer.

Notice my make-up is gone without using any make up remover products apart from the Ceramide Facial Mask! Can't believe I'm sharing my makeup-less photo argh.

The Ceramide Boosting 5 Minute Facial is retailing for SGD 149 in department stores island wide.


Haven't been doing this in a while as I've been so caught up with work, but I am giving away one Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude finish in #4 Cream Nude, which is the shade used on my face in the above review. Worth $70!!

How to enter?

1) Like and share this post above on Facebook, remember to tag my page at Claire's Flair 
2) Leave a comment below with your Facebook name and tell me what type of articles you'd like to see more of on my blog! (Eg, beauty products, make up tips, travel entries, yummy food)

Winner will be contacted via Facebook, so be sure to check your 'Other' inbox because it might be sent there :X

If the winner doesn't reply within 5 days, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be picked.

Giveaway closes 27th July 2014.

Thank you Elizabeth Arden and good luck!

The only app that cares about a Food Lovers' wallet - The Entertainer

Do you eat to live or live to eat? I'm definitely someone who lives to eat, indulging in the occasional ootoro or uni or even dining at Michelin star establishments just because "I deserved it", then back to scrimping and saving for the rest of the month.

Thanks to The Entertainer, I can save sooo much money without sacrificing or reducing the intake for my pampered taste buds, AND get to check out new restaurants and cafes every week!

What is The Entertainer?

I was first introduced to The a Entertainer by my colleague, Chengaiz, who was excited to share a great app that offered amazing discounts at a low initial investment. Established in 2011 in the Middle East, The Entertainer actually provides over 1,065 ‘buy one get one free’ vouchers from the city’s most exclusive dining, leisure, wellness and entertainment venues including Au Petit Salut, Kinki, Carnivore, Hard Rock Café, Gmax Reverse Bungy and Impakt Gym. Offers are also valid for leading hotels throughout the region eg Banyan Tree across sought-after holiday destinations from Thailand to Bali, to the Maldives and more. 

In a nutshell, it's the only app that cares about your wallet. 

I've only used it on food so far but I'm looking forward to utilizing the 1for1 deals by other merchant soon!

Why you need to get The Entertainer

Two main courses for the price of one, so you'll be able to cover the cost of The Entertainer easily after one or two meals!

1) Save money on food without compromising on the quality

Applies for take-out and delivery options too! The Entertainer also promises other 1 for 1 deals like golf, archery, cooking, watersports and more.

2) Save money on hotels, spas, wellness etc

Ideal for staycations or exotic breaks, the Supplement includes 4 and 5* hotels in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Indian Ocean.

Each offer is valid for one complimentary night when a night of equal or greater value is booked at the hotel’s Best Available Rate (room only). Plus, for any additional nights you book during the same stay, as an Entertainer Member, you’ll also receive 20% off Best Available Rates including breakfast for two adults daily!

3) Access free member offers in Dubai, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cape Town and more on the Entertainer Global app!

My favourite feature of The Entertainer is the built in Map. It allows me to view places near me which have 1 for 1 deals with The Entertainer, so I can utilize those deals and not have to travel so far!

Aside from a couple of public holidays, your offers are valid 24/7, anytime, until December 30th, 2014!

You can use multiple vouchers at once and vouchers can be used with no advance notice or pre-booking (excluding hotel accomodation and spas, you're really getting value for money!

Once you've signed up, you can access your offers from any device, and you'll also be able to approve up to 3 additional usernames to access your offers! That means you can share the Entertainer with up to 3 friends or family members so collectively, that leads to even more savings!

How to get The Entertainer

It's soo convenient to use as the app and it's available on iTunes, Google's Play Store and Blackberry World. Just search 'The Entertainer' to begin saving tons of money!

Book version vs App version
Good news! The Entertainer is also available in a book form, which has exactly the same offers as the app, but would be much more convenient if you want to share The Entertainer with more than 3 other friends so all of you can save money together! However, there are Entertainer Monthly Member offers which would be easier to load from your phone if you have an App, rather than to print them from the website. The choice is yours to make!


Download the app from the store (FREE!) and you'll be able to use 1 for 1 deals at selected restaurants or spa centres!! You'll realise just how easy the whole process is

If you want to reap all the benefits The Entertainer has to offer, don't hesitate and just sign up today! The earlier you sign up, the more time you have to explore the possibilities ;)

For more information, feel free to check out The Entertainer's social media platforms!
Twitter: @EntertainerAsia 
Instagram: @the_entertainer241

The book is also available for sale in Kinokuniya bookstores.

If you love checking out new cafes, restaurants and hangouts without burning a hole in your pocket, this app is for you.

Just download it and start saving money already!

Top 5 money saving deals that allow you to eat delicious food at top restaurants

Let's face it. We have to eat to survive, but why does good, quality food at top notch restaurants have to be so expensive??? Unless you're as rich as Paris Hilton, food expenses can really burn a hole in your pocket at the end of the day.

I like to reward myself with some comfort food after a hard day's work. But what can we do?? It's too painful a lifestyle to keep.

Which is why I went and compiled a list of top 5 tips, tricks, apps and more to help you (and me!) make use of all these deals so both our tummy's can thank us later.

Keep reading to find out more and of course, get access to exclusive discount codes!

Ready, set, go.

  • 1-for-1 main course, anybody?
Photo credits: Superadrianme

Introducing, The Entertainer. A widely acclaimed mobile app that focuses on making their customers (aka, you!) happy by caring for your wallet. The Entertainer provides over 1,065 ‘buy one get one free’ vouchers from the city’s most exclusive dining, leisure, wellness and entertainment venues including Au Petit Salut, Kinki, Carnivore, Hard Rock Café and more!

What's even better is that due to the app's international recognition, you can check out their global deals when you're overseas for business or holiday trips! Some places you can expect to use your vouchers are Dubai, Hong Kong, London... and the list goes on.

How to get it?

Download The Entertainer app now for a one month trial to get 1-for-1 main course at selected restaurants, absolutely FREE!! It's a flat fee of $95 to get access to ALL their partners til 31 Dec 2014, which can be utilized via the app, a book which they will mail over, or you can pick up at any Kinokuniya bookstore. In my opinion, $95 is a really great deal because it's easily recoverable by dining at at least 2 places before it expires. For example, a main course at Hard Rock Cafe would set you back by at least $30 per person, but if you get 1 for 1 you immediately get $30 off!

PSST!! To help you get started, key in "@claires_flair" at checkout to get yourself 20% off the original price! That reduces the price from $95 to $76 and has effectively just saved you an additional $17!! You're welcome.

Discount code is only valid until the end of April. So don't hesitate and just get it now before it's too late!!

  • $30licious set meals 

Photo credits: Superadrianme

Presented by American Express and Hungrygowhere, diners can enjoy specially curated set menus including craving-worthy-dishes at more than 30 restaurants across the island! American Express cardholders get them at $30++ while all other diners using other modes of payments get them at $35++. All you need is the person footing the bill to pay via an Amex card to qualify for the $30++ set meal!

I popped over to Mouth Restaurant during lunch recently and was treated to their signature baked custard bun that was beyond legendary. I've never had a custard bun that had a bo luo bao crispy texture on top, complemented by the liquid salted egg custard that was just divine. Trust me, the list of restaurants under this promotion? Worth going through all the trouble of signing up for an Amex card just so I could use this promotion.

For a complete list of restaurants and details of their set menu, click here. Participating merchants include Etna Italian Restaurant, Gyu-Kaku (Anchorpoint), and Tomo Izakaya, among others, offering a wide array of cuisines that even the fussiest foodie is certain to be spoilt for choice. Making a reservation on Hungrygowhere isn't an essential step, but it could help guarantee a table at your preferred location.

PSST!! The $30 set meals are only valid until end of April, so be sure to check them out ASAP!!

  • Restaurant Week
I remember my first experience with Restaurant Week when it first launched in 2011. What initially began as a curious interest to find out which restaurants were under the programme, quickly turned into a fastest-fingers-first race against time to clinch a reservation at one of the top restaurants in Singapore. Here's a tip, book first, ask your friends who's interested to meet for a meal later.

Just imagine - limited seats for a special 3-course meal at established and new restaurants will be offered at an irresistible fixed price of either $25++ (for lunch) or $35++ (for dinner)! Some really high end restaurants will have an additional surcharge, but it'll definitely be cheaper than what you could ever get when you order ala carte. 

Their partners include, but are not limited to, Il Lido, Infusion@ Dempsey, Jade, La Noce, Magma, My Little Spanish Place, Michelangelo’s, Salt Grill & Sky Bar so you know you're definitely getting value for your money.

Reservations for these high in demand spots are only available online via . However, the most recent Restaurant Week was in March, so I doubt there will be one soon. Keep your eyes and ears peeled though! As rumour has it that they will be extending restaurant week to cover two weekends so more people can benefit ;)

PSST!! Join their mailing list to get priority booking 2 days before everybody else and to get ample notice on when the next restaurant week will happen!!

  • Subscribe to food deal newsletters

I subscribe to Groupon, and customize my alerts such that I get only one email a week about food, and boyyy have I been milking the benefits! There are discounts for a wide range of eateries, from KFC family meals to Rendevous Hotel buffets, and you can get value vouchers (eg pay $20 and get $40 worth of food) or even 70% off dim sum set lunches! The earlier you find the deal and purchase it, the faster you can make a reservation at the establishment before everyone books the place and you have til there's a slot a month later. #truestory

PSST!!  Don't forget to keep track of which places you've bought deals for, their terms and conditions (some places are only applicable for weekday lunches) and when they expire!! I've had a few coupons that were completely wasted because I either a) totally forgot about them, or b) didn't read the fine print properly and realise I'm not applicable. Bleh.

  • Get a credit card

I'm not saying you should just get ANY card, do your homework first. Citibank has dining privileges with 5 and 6 star hotels like W Singapore, St Regis and Raffles hotel, and even promises to refund the difference if you can find a better offer with their partnered restaurants under another credit card! UOB has partners with hotels as well but gives you more choices to dine at cafes and smaller establishes too. DBS  gives great value especially for entry level credit cards due to their wide range of discounts which you can find out more on their mobile app. There are tons of other credit cards but I can't be going through them all! Just spend within your means and remember to ask your friends to pay you back if your credit card is being used to foot the bill. That friend that says she'll pay you back all the time and always forgets to bring her wallet? Dump him/her.

Alright that's it! Be sure to share this post with your friends so all of you can save money together! Let me know if you have any comments or any other tips to share too.

Til next time! 

BRAND'S® InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip in Acai Berry Flavour

Thank you BRAND'S® for the work essential kit!! Working in the office all day causes my hands to be dry and the hand sanitizer is also very useful! Of course, jotting down ideas and using the thumbdrive to transfer files are also part and parcel of a day at work, coupled with a quick gargle after lunch and keeping those lips moisturized! Very thoughtful gift!

Most importantly, I'm very glad to get the Marine Collagen Essence Strip in Acai Berry! Out of the 3 collagen flavours for BRAND'S® InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip- (Acai Berry, Kyoho Grape and Japanese Mikan), my favourite flavour has got to to be Acai Berry! It's sour yet sweet, and you can barely taste the fishy collagen taste! Also, each strip is really convenient to keep in your bag for a boost during the day. If your skin is lacking of collagen, it will appear dry, dull, lacking in elasticity and show other signs of aging. Yikes!

Once you hit 25, collagen loss will exponentially increase, so it's important that we take collagen regularly (recommended 2 strips a day) to keep your skin radiant and supple! BRAND'S® InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip is also rich in Vitamin  E to help fight oxidation and reduce effects of free radicals and use low molecular weight collagen of deep sea fish produced in Japan.

Off to start my routine now! :)

Komachi's signature hair and scalp treatment - reduce hair loss and leaves hair smooth & moisturized!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! Hope you guys enjoyed the break. I certainly did!!! It's been a few months since I last dyed my hair at Komachi the Hair Cult and I thought it was time my scalp deserved some pampering. Hair plays a super important part in forming impressions during conversations!

I've been blessed with thicker hair - but that has made me take that for granted. Though my hair looks full bodied, I drop a lot of hair daily. Whenever I comb my hair, shampoo my hair, or even just sitting down typing this, I can see and feel my hair drop, landing on my arms or on an untidy pile on the floor.

It scared me, so I finally decided to seek help from Komachi.

Before starting my scalp and hair treatment, I wanted a quick fringe trim! Thanks Meiko!!


Afterwhich I was introduced to the products that were going to be used on my hair. You can purchase them after the treatment for use at home too! These products are carefully tested and have achieved proven results in Japan! 

Hair products are best absorbed after a good wash, so the treatment began with purple rose shampoo accompanied by an amazing head massage which made my hair smell divine!

Head massages are the best!

Then began the green tea scalp treatment. Miko will segment your hair and generously brush it on your head, producing a nice, cooling effect! This treatment helps to balance your scalp's ph levels and deep cleanses your pores to get rid of impurities caused by dirt, dust, grime and free radicals in the air.

At the same time, it repairs the texture and cuticles of your hair :)

 My hair is able to breathe again! Hello healthy scalp!

Then my hair was placed in a mist steamer so the molecules can easily penetrate into my hair and scalp! Many salons use different types of machines to produce heat, but please remember that if you can feel the heat emitting to your face or your scalp tells you that the temperature is too hot, it is BAD for your hair! It is actually more damaging than helping. I was very pleased with the machine used at Komachi because I could still move my head to read and it was very comfortable throughout!

Once my scalp has locked in the moisture, the treatment was rinsed off, leaving a cool sensation that was soothing and refreshing.

After drying my hair, this Oil of Argan was applied as a supplement. It is 100% paraben and allergen free and it does wonders for your hair! It replenishes moisture and gives your hair that extra boost ;) This can also be used on dyed hair on days you feel your hair is feeling dry!

Verdict: I LOVE IT! Will definitely come back to get this again! My hair feels so much more moisturized, and I used to have an oily scalp but this is completely gone now. You can see how shiny my hair looks in this picture, and that's because it was SUPER SMOOTH!!

Meiko shows off her love for braids as she styles my hair for the afternoon out :) Check out that zig-zag in the middle.

Thank you Komachi the Hair Cult, Meiko and Miko for the wonderful service and for restoring my hair to its true glory!!!

Be sure to make an appointment before heading down for your treatment! So glad my hair loss has reduced tremendously :)

Komachi the Hair Cult
Location 360 Orchard Road #02-03/04. International Building (next to ANZ Bank) 
Tel: 65-63399432 / 65-68363391

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