Komachi's signature hair and scalp treatment - reduce hair loss and leaves hair smooth & moisturized!

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! Hope you guys enjoyed the break. I certainly did!!! It's been a few months since I last dyed my hair at Komachi the Hair Cult and I thought it was time my scalp deserved some pampering. Hair plays a super important part in forming impressions during conversations!

I've been blessed with thicker hair - but that has made me take that for granted. Though my hair looks full bodied, I drop a lot of hair daily. Whenever I comb my hair, shampoo my hair, or even just sitting down typing this, I can see and feel my hair drop, landing on my arms or on an untidy pile on the floor.

It scared me, so I finally decided to seek help from Komachi.

Before starting my scalp and hair treatment, I wanted a quick fringe trim! Thanks Meiko!!


Afterwhich I was introduced to the products that were going to be used on my hair. You can purchase them after the treatment for use at home too! These products are carefully tested and have achieved proven results in Japan! 

Hair products are best absorbed after a good wash, so the treatment began with purple rose shampoo accompanied by an amazing head massage which made my hair smell divine!

Head massages are the best!

Then began the green tea scalp treatment. Miko will segment your hair and generously brush it on your head, producing a nice, cooling effect! This treatment helps to balance your scalp's ph levels and deep cleanses your pores to get rid of impurities caused by dirt, dust, grime and free radicals in the air.

At the same time, it repairs the texture and cuticles of your hair :)

 My hair is able to breathe again! Hello healthy scalp!

Then my hair was placed in a mist steamer so the molecules can easily penetrate into my hair and scalp! Many salons use different types of machines to produce heat, but please remember that if you can feel the heat emitting to your face or your scalp tells you that the temperature is too hot, it is BAD for your hair! It is actually more damaging than helping. I was very pleased with the machine used at Komachi because I could still move my head to read and it was very comfortable throughout!

Once my scalp has locked in the moisture, the treatment was rinsed off, leaving a cool sensation that was soothing and refreshing.

After drying my hair, this Oil of Argan was applied as a supplement. It is 100% paraben and allergen free and it does wonders for your hair! It replenishes moisture and gives your hair that extra boost ;) This can also be used on dyed hair on days you feel your hair is feeling dry!

Verdict: I LOVE IT! Will definitely come back to get this again! My hair feels so much more moisturized, and I used to have an oily scalp but this is completely gone now. You can see how shiny my hair looks in this picture, and that's because it was SUPER SMOOTH!!

Meiko shows off her love for braids as she styles my hair for the afternoon out :) Check out that zig-zag in the middle.

Thank you Komachi the Hair Cult, Meiko and Miko for the wonderful service and for restoring my hair to its true glory!!!

Be sure to make an appointment before heading down for your treatment! So glad my hair loss has reduced tremendously :)

Komachi the Hair Cult
Location 360 Orchard Road #02-03/04. International Building (next to ANZ Bank) 
Tel: 65-63399432 / 65-68363391

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