My Dream Grohe Bathroom

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Hello everyone! I am back from my mini hiatus which consisted of a trip to Tokyo and a weekend in Bali. It's been so hectic and exhausting I actually slept through roosters crowing just outside my window in Bali. Well, today's entry is to share about my dream bathroom, and if you share your dream bathroom too, you stand to win GROHE products! So keep reading :P


Some people like to sing in the shower, some like to dance, some use those precious minutes to think about life and its mysteries, or the rest of us like to forget everything worrying us in our lives and just focus on the present - the sound of water gently dripping, the pressure of the jet on your skin, soaping and lathering every corner to make sure you're squeaky clean... ah just thinking of that makes me want to take another shower!


Grohe invited me to describe my dream bathroom, and I think it's easier to show pictorial evidence.

Number 1: SPACE

It's hard to get this in Singapore though, but wouldn't it be nice if your bathroom had two sinks (like the one above) so you and your partner can brush your teeth together in the mornings and not have to wait for each other? 


My shower facility needs to have hot water when I want to bathe. I hate bathing in cold water!!

I will take this steam room any day. This is actually part of the GROHE F-Digital Deluxe which is like, the ultimate luxurious shower room.


Of course, you might say that all working shower heads are 'proper', but what I mean is that their jet better not be painful (the villa I stayed at in Bali had really painful ones, even though I turned the entire head to try out all the functions), and the water flow better be consistent. I hate those that run out of water halfway, or lose power suddenly, you know what I mean. Cheap ones don't last. 

This is how my bathroom looks like. It is old, it is faulty, and it doesn't make me want to take a looong shower. I am so embarrassed to be showing you a picture of this. However, GROHE has kindly given me their showerhead which I will soon be enjoying the benefits of!! (Once I get my dad to fix it up for me lol) Thanks GROHE!!

This is how a proper shower head looks like. Why does a shower head look like a cute flower and why is it in a potted plant, you might ask? It's actually Grohe's Rainshower Flower, inspired by tulips, sunflowers and orchids, which will instantly brighten and cheer up your bathroom. WHow do those petals act as a shower head? Well, the petals, apart from their aesthetic purpose, also help to protect your shower head from damage. If you're a klutz like me who drops their shower heads once in a while (it's soapy ok!), this will definitely prolong its life. These babies come with GROHE's DreamSpray technology and have a pretty chrome finish to last you for years

Rain showers will do too.


Claire, you already have an awesome shower head why do you need a bathtub? Well it's simple. Because this is my dream bathroom!!! I love soaking in the bathtub and you can bet your money that I will use the hotel's bathtub every time I'm overseas. It's just so relaxing! You get time all to yourself and it works best with a scrub to rub off those dead skin cells. And the bubbles!!! Nuff said.


Were you expecting this? Bath products are essential and definitely part of the whole perfect bathroom experience! What's the point of having top notch products if the scent of your bath gels put you off? I like fruity smells that last long, meaning even if you step out of the shower and you randomly smell your skin, you can still smell the scent!
So thanks to GROHE, I can now haz nice smelling bath products!! Scented candles are also a wonderful way to complete your sensual experience in your bathroom.


Well, now that you know MY dream bathroom conditions, it's YOUR TURN!

Get a chance to take home a part of your  dream bathroom with 

GROHE Bathroom Accessories (worth $321)! 

All you have to do is:

1) Take a picture of your bathroom, 
2) Instagram it, and hashtag using #thedreambathroom, #grohe and #grohesg, 
3) Tell GROHE in 50 words or less what constitutes a dream bathroom as your caption

That's it!

Winners will be selected at random by the GROHE. 

The contest ends 15 November 2014 at 2359hours.

Another picture of the GROHE F-Digital Deluxe which allows users to control lighting, audio and steam functions via their iPod. How amazing is that??? This is definitely my dream shower ROOM hahaha.

Interested to find out more about GROHE? Check out their Live! Center just off Dhoby Ghaut MRT at:

180 Clemenceau Avenue #01-01/02
Haw Par Centre
Singapore 239922

Also, specially for my readers:


Here's a 20% discount coupon on regular priced GROHE products (with no minimum purchase required). Please note that it expires on 31 December 2014, so don't delay and get your new sanitary products asap!

Thanks GROHE!
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