Grohe Live Center tour for your sanitary fittings and discount coupon!

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Many of my friends around my age are getting BTOs or DBSS' or condos and are tying the knot. I have THREE weddings to attend in just November itself, with one that clashed that I had to turn down! I'm really happy for my friends who have found someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with and finally settling down! Getting a place to call your own is a huge responsibility, and for many, it's a first hand experience choosing the layout of your home, picking furniture, deciding themes and getting one of the biggest loans of your life.

I want my bathroom to look like this!

For me, the bathroom is the most important sanctuary in my house and hence, I'll want something with great quality and the best value. It's the place where I can be alone to my thoughts, to relax and unwind after a hectic day, and to thoroughly enjoy some me-time. I have some friends who spend an hour in the shower! Well, I accidentally dropped my no-brand, cheapo shower head recently and it broke, so I had been on the hunt for a new one. Instead of going for one of those $10 ones you can find almost anywhere in markets, I wanted a brand that had sophisticated technology and proven track records, while at the same time, providing relaxation to a new level - and I've found it.

Scratch-proof taps that don't leak water? Count me in!

GROHE, a German brand specializing in sanitary fittings, is a global leader offering innovative products that also helps save the environment's most vital resource - water. Their commitment to quality, design and technology can be seen through their multiple award winning products and wide range of different styles to suit any decor and taste.

Learn about how GROHE got its famed reputation

I was invited down to the GROHE Live Center, just off Dhoby Ghaut's red line exit, to have a look at their product portfolio. The first portion of the center invites you to explore GROHE's international reach and cutting edge technologies. It is respectable just how far they've come!

My favourite aspect of GROHE's products is their CoolTouch technology, so your hand does not get burnt when you accidentally touch the hot water portion of the heater, in fact, you don't feel the heat at all. There have been COUNTLESS times when my elbow/hand whatever touched my cheapo brand's hot faucet and I jerked my arm away :( Making me grouchy during my supposed relaxing time. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about.

The next part of the Live Center experience is... the actual products!


There are tons of products here, but I'm just going to highlight those that stood out to me.

GROHE Zero, developed by GROHE, is a lead-free, 5x more corrosion-resistant faucet that reduces potential lead contamination to a minimum, because GROHE cares about your health :)

Take a look at this ultimate luxurious shower called the F-digital deluxe that massages your body with the water jets and also has a switch for you to pick your music, and adjust the lighting. Clubbing in your shower, anyone?

If you're a fan of rain showers (like me), there's a section at the Live Center where you can play with the different types of showers GROHE has to offer! They are resistant to soil and tarnishing, which means they have a long life shine!

My favourite is the Bokoma Spray, ask about it when you're there! It's a great affordable massage system for your scalp, here's a picture of it but a picture doesn't do it much justice.

Now imagine that revolving clockwise, over your scalp. Mmmmm... The Bokoma Spray uses its 8 dynamic spray nozzles to open and close, recreating the tension relieving effect of a fingertip massage. This GROHE Power & Soul shower comes with four different functions you can adjust (note the buttons) and also comes with a soft Rain Spray. Models are equipped with the EcoJoy water saving technology, which reduces water and energy consumption without compromising on the quality of the shower experience.Showering will never be the same again.

Impressed? Let's move over to...


We also had the chance to check out GROHE's kitchen technology which really blew me away!

Check out the GROHE Red, designed to make your life easier. Now you don't need to boil water before you get that cup of coffee, and making instant noodles just got much simpler as instant boiling water comes out of your tap! The lever allows you to control the temperature  and also comes with the CoolTouch function as explained earlier. These faucets also come with a child lock so your kids don't scald themselves while using the tap! 

GROHE Minta Touch is a hygienic invention where the tap is sensitive to touch in addition to the normal lever! So if your hands are dirty and you HATE having dirty levers, this is amazing. Just touching the tap with the back of your hand or wrist sets the water flowing, and you'll never have an OCD problem with this again.

There's also the GROHE Blue where high performance filtered drinking water and cooler flows straight out of your tap. Saves you a lot of time, convenience and obviating the need for bottled water. 

Check out the variety of designs!!

There's definitely a design to suit your taste.

Will share more about how GROHE products save water in the next post. Thank you GROHE for the handshower with the Bokoma spray! Will put it to good use and replace my current crappy one. The dinner was also fantastic.


To check out the cutting edge systems at the Grohe Live Center for yourself, head to:

Grohe Live! Center
180 Clemenceau Avenue #01-01/02
Haw Par Centre
Singapore 239922

Just specially for my readers:


Here's a 20% discount coupon on regular priced GROHE products (with no minimum purchase required). Please note that it expires on 31 December 2014, so don't delay and get your new sanitary products asap!

Thanks for reading!
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