Best selfie handheld compact digital camera - Casio Exilim TR-35 Review

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A big thank you to the team at Oglivy and Casio for loaning me their highly anticipated and raved Casio Exilim TR-35!! If you haven't noticed, a number of my shots on Instagram and on my previous posts were captured using the popular camera, and I am totally in love with how the photos turn out on their 12 megapixel camera!!

They sent me an Exilim TR-35 in HOT PINK. When I opened the box I gasped as it was just so pretty and stylish. The new camera is packed with innovative and practical functions to help users capture the perfect selfie and create personalised short picture movies for instant sharing on social media, which I will share more about later!

It's very light and relatively thinner than most digital cameras, which makes it a breeze chucking it into your handbag and bringing it wherever you go. It features a 3-inch touchscreen display which can capture quite a wide angle for selfies which are great for group shots! There are a couple of editing and effect features like make up shots (which smoothen and brighten), painting, cutting out subjects, cropping, adding sparkles, etc. Apart from the stunning make up mode, the rest are pretty standard across Casio cameras.

The main feature of the TR-35 is its 360° rotating frame and 270° rotating display which contains a few ways for you to take photographs, depending on how you're holding the camera.

Convenient buttons

You can either press the screen, or press the button on the camera frame. One is usually more convenient to grip than the other. Major plus is that macro shots can be captured from 8cm and they turn out really well!

A new feature is their posing mode which allows you to set a timer and takes 5 consecutive shots. There's a guide voice prompting you while you change your stance. How cool is that? You can review your photos later and pick your favourite ones to Instagram ;) Which leads me to my FAVOURITE NEW FEATURE of the camera: Ability to send your picture seamlessly to your phone, and then uploading it on social media.

How to send your photos to your phone to upload to social media 

Step 0: Download the "EXILIM Remote" on your App Store or Play Store
Step 1: Take your photo
Step 2: Press the phone icon on your screen, select the photos you want to be sent and hit "Send to phone"

Step 3: You will notice this screen! Use your phone to connect to this wifi hotspot, using the password.

Step 4: Once connected, open the 'EXILIM Remote' app that you've downloaded. You're done!

For more information and how to take remote photos, check out EXILIM Remote's website

Here are some snapshots I took with the Casio Exilim TR-35 so you can figure out their resolutions yourself!

Outdoor selfie

Macro mode!

Bright light selfie

Store selfie

Bedtime selfie

Some potent cocktail mixes uniquely presented in bottles at Finalsip's launch! Low light and macro.

Low light selfie at a train station in Kaohsiung lol.

Notice the clarity of the picture! Taken at Hualien, Taiwan

I  LOVED how this shot turned out! The contrast of red and green just stands out so much. Spot the pagoda? I was just sitting there for the longest time taking it all in. Also taken at Hualien, Taiwan

Night shots are clear and lights aren't compromised! Raohe, Taipei.

New hairstyle selfie, make up mode that just makes your skin look dewy and soft *_*

This convenient and handy camera comes at a whooping retail price of SGD$1,199 which is reaaally expensive considering you can get an entry level DSLR with that kind of money. However, you've got to admit that the sheer size and genius of the rotating screen makes any selfie look good. You can experiment with different angles to find your favourite best side, and its lightweight makes it perfect to carry around in your bag. Best of all? You can share your photos on social media within seconds!

No other camera brands have come up with an innovative camera that is even near par to satisfy the appetites of selfie addicts.

Worth it? You make the choice.

Thank you again Oglivy and Casio!
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