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Komachi the Hair Cult using OCS Organic Care System Hair Dye

I've experimented with long and short hairstyles since primary school and I've decided that I like long hair on me. However, my usual hair was getting a little too boring for my liking, so I wanted to shake things up a bit. Was deciding between a perm or a hair dye and decided to go for the latter so that I could still look youthful.

Booked an appointment with Komachi the Hair Cult under Meiko, and crossed my fingers that it would turn out well, and I am so happy that it did!

PSST! Continue reading to find out how you can score discounts at Komachi the Hair Cult!


Unkempt hair, dry ends. Go away now!!! Also, the roots of my hair are really weak so I drop a lot of hair :( My hair is naturally a dark shade of chestnut brown, perhaps part of my german roots.

All ready for my baby step transformation! Notice how the ends of my hair look really dry? :(

Meiko began by cutting my hair. She is from Nagoya so you can ask her about things to eat in her hometown! She has been in this industry for more than 8 years :O

After cutting my hair, it was time for my first hair wash. I've always liked this towel wrapped around my hair kinda look. Oh! If you noticed, Komachi designed their very own slip on robe which prevents hair from falling on your clothes! Very thoughtful right?

Next came the big decision.

I asked Meiko for her recommendation on which hair colour I should pick, considering I didn't want something too obvious and inappropriate for work. She gave me three choices, ash, gold and toffee. After comparing between them, I decided that I liked toffee the best because of its vibrant and youthful shade. It was also several shades lighter than my natural hair.

Thus, Toffee it was!

Komachi the Hair Cult uses organic hair products and the best part is that it is AMMONIA-FREE! This means that your hair's essential moisture and protein levels are maintained so that your hair is not damaged by the colouring process. Woohoo!

You can create any color imaginable with Organic Color Systems products; fiery reds, intense coppers, rich golds, auburn browns, clean platinums and infinite natural tones. Plus, these colors are true to the chart, and don’t fade, with unrivalled coverage even on resistant grey hair and with natural a gloss/shine.

After deciding on a colour, Meiko went off for a while to mix the dye. When I saw the mix, I asked Meiko if that was going to be the colour of my hair because it's too light!! She laughed and said that the actual result will be much darker. Phew~

My hair rarely looks this neat.

After applying the mixture evenly on my hair, she placed a plastic bag on my head and plugged in an oscillating machine. This Heater machine heats up your hair slightly so that the dye will seep into your hair faster! It's important that the machine your salon uses does not use too high a temperature on your hair or it will damage your hair cuticles!! This machine was gentle and I barely felt anything at all. 

Some time passed and I got my hair washed again!

Meiko wanted to prevent my hair from being dry so she recommended hair treatment for my delicate hair!  This purple shade is quite nice huh. Haha! After applying this generously on my hair, it was time for another wash, blow dry, and to witness the finished product. Everything took about 2.5hours?


Behold, neat, smooth, silky, toffee hair!!! I was so pleased with this because it's a huge difference from my hair before! I couldn't stop smelling and touching my hair. SUPER HAPPY!!

Here's a side by side comparison for your reference:

I really like the OCS products Komachi the hair cult uses as it has:-

• 64 intermixable colors, concentrates, brighteners, and lighteners.
• The most natural, certified organic ingredients with absolutely no ammonia.
• True to color chart results with infinite flexibility to unleash your creativity.
• Semi, demi or permanent results.
• Up to 3 levels of lift with color and up to 7 levels of lift with lightener.
• Supreme 100% Grey Coverage of even the most resistant grey hair.
• Cleaner blondes and beautiful reds that fade on tone.
• Longer lasting tonal values that virtually eliminates color fade.


My stylist, Meiko! She also loves experimenting with braid hair designs and styles, so if you have a particular one in mind, just tell her and she'll make it happen for you!!

With her magic hands, she gave me waterfall braids and curled ends. :D I really love this lighter shade of brown!!

The braiding bit took her less than 10 minutes to complete. Wow!!

I freaking LOVE IT!! Wished my hair could stay like that forever. It's an elegant and classy look that's suitable for all occasions. I'm already looking forward to my next trip to see what Meiko has in store for my hair!!

 After my hair was done, I rushed to TWG to have lunch, was soo hungry!

Thank you Komachi, Meiko and Miko for your help!!! It's been a few weeks since my hair has been dyed and it's still healthy and smooth!! No regrets :)

Komachi the Hair Cult

Location 360 Orchard Road #02-03/04. International Building (next to ANZ Bank) 
Tel: 65-63399432 / 65-68363391

Timotei Shine Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner Review

With Hayley at the Timotei launch event, look at how bouncy and soft our hair is!!

One day, I came home from an event and I was having a chat with my mum when she suddenly commented that my hair smelt 'familiar'. After giving a few hints, she guessed that I was using Timotei products!! #howdidsheknow

Timotei's slogan, "Beautiful hair... Inspired by nature!" definitely gave me beautiful hair that night and I was immediately convinced once I tried it!

A few bloggers and myself were invited to the launch of Timotei held at Backstage salon.

Nope that's not blood haha!

Went with Nurul and we were so glad there was food!!! Was so hungry!! The rosemary chicken was really good.

Decoration was all set and arranged nicely :)

We were told that we were going to try Timotei's shampoo and conditioner first hand and enjoy a head massage by the skilled stylists at Backstage Salon!

Here's a picture that was managed to be snapped before I just relaxed and enjoyed the massage :D The shampoo and conditioner smell REALLY NICE!! The latest Shine Recharge range is Paraben-free and features Jericho Rose extract which rejuvenates and nourishes your hair.

Pretty bottles, too!

Timotei uses 100% PET recyclable packaging that is made from 25% recycled material and is going at only  $6.90 each. That's cheaper than many other consumer brands in the market! Really affordable ;)

Formulated for normal to dull hair, this best selling range freshens your hair and boosts shine. I'm still currently hooked on to it and am still using it now!!

Getting my hair dried and styled :)

Hayley next to me!

Here's the finished product!! Nurul has silky hair too!!

After getting our hair pampered, we made our own little terrarium using soil, stones and of course, a plant!

Here's what we were given, the red stuff are little folded roses. So pretty!!

Here's my completed terrarium! It's very easy to maintain because you only have to water it once every 6 months and it doesn't need direct sunlight so you can place it on your office desk!

After the launch, we were feeling nibbly so Nurul, Angie, Fenny and I went to a sushi place at Orchard Central. My hair smelled soo nice even after drying my hair, I was too pleased with the results!

Here's to shiny, moisturized and healthy hair!!

Timotei is available exclusively at selected Guardian stores including ION Orchard, PAragon, Plaza Singapura, 313 Somerset, Tanglin Mall, Suntec City, VivoCity, Serangoon NEX, JEM and Jurong Point.

Aqua Hair Korean Salon Styling

A while back for my DnD, I dropped by Orchard Delphi to have my hair styled by Aqua Hair Korean Salon! Imagine walking from the taxi stand at Orchard Towers to Orchard Delphi dressed in this.

Yup people were staring alright. Hope no one thought that this cosplay was the newest in-thing at Orchard Towers :(

Aqua Hair Salon has been opened for more than a year and I really like its homely and welcoming environment. Immediately when I sat down, the staff offered to take my bag to place in the locker and I was served yummy korean tea and snacks :)

Getting my hair curled by tongs! Two people working on my hair at once, I felt pampered :X 

It isn't entirely a Korean hairstyle if it isn't done by a Korean, and in my case, I was really lucky to have Sophia style my hair for me once the curling was done!

That's Sophia back combing my hair to madness, so that I would look like a convincing sorceress/witch/Christine Daae. Don't really know who I looked most like but take your pick! Aqua Hair Korean Salon uses Korean products on your delicate hair, and I hear that their massages are reaaally relaxing and super shiok!!

PS: I really like Sophia's hairstyle and colour! She speaks English well and is bubbly and friendly. I was trying to speak some broken Korean and she was teaching me some new phrases! Be sure to book an appointment with her in advance in order to secure a spot!

The Masterpiece

What do you think? 
There was tons of hair spray and hair pins to keep my hair in place the whole night, and it even lasted til the next day (albeit a little messy)

 SNSD Hairstyles, anyone?

If you have a certain korean hairstyle in mind or want the same look as a celebrity, be sure to make an appointment with:-

Aqua Hair Korean Salon
  • 402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard, #03-17
  • Singapore, Singapore 238876
  • Contact: 6732 8011
  • Website/Facebook Page: Aqua Hair Korean Salon

Opening hours: 
Tue - Fri: 10:30 - 19:30
Sat - Sun: 11:00 - 18:00
Closed on Mondays

Thank you Justin and team for the experience!!

Ichikami Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment for gorgeous hair!

Trust the Japanese to have Asian's best interests at heart. If you haven't heard of Ichigami, you should definitely continue reading!

Filled with Japanese botanical essences like Rice Premium, Cherry Blossom and  Chinese Soapberry., Ichikami is the solution to hair problems such as dryness, tangles, hair breakages and dullness!!

Not only does it REPAIR the existing damage to your hair, but it also strengthens your hair to become more resistant to further damage!!

Ever since I switched to Ichikama, I've gotten tons of compliments on how great my hair smells hehe. Yes the people around you can smell the difference!

The 550ml shampoo ($16.90) should be used together with the conditioner ($16.90) to reap the full benefits of hydrated, soft and lustrous hair.

For rinse off treatments, the Ichikami Treatment is a MUST-HAVE. It instantaneously makes my hair smoother and magically untangles knots. I'm guessing it has to be because of the black soybean extracts!!

There are other products in the range like leave on treatments and styling products so be sure to check them out at Watsons, BHG or John Little! Definitely a great product to recommend to friends as well.

Help your curls last longer. Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls range!

Want to know how to achieve Frizz-free curls that last all day? Continue reading for a FREE Giveaway!!

Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls range is enriched with Vitamin E to tame temperamental curls, replenishes lost moisture and nourishes the cortex. Best of all, THEY SMELL NICE!!

What's in the collection?

- Curl Defining Shampoo ($16.90)
Nourishes and repairs dry, frizzy hair to create shine while repelling humidity! Formulated with Hydrolyzed Silk to prevent moisture loss and smooth down the cuticle layer of your hair while you wash!

Left: Shampoo, right: Conditioner. Sorry for the picture but as you know it's liquid so it's hard to take a picture of it haha. No fixed volume. #geek

I've been using this to keep my hair slightly wavy since I last permed my hair in December! It works ;)

- Frizz Sealing Conditioner ($16.90)
Eliminates tangles and defines frizz-free curls! A must so that my hair continues to be soft and smooth.

- Curl Defining Lotion ($18.90)
Its lightweight, non-sticky formula creates definition while leaving your curls bouncy and soft! Best of all, its alcohol-free.

I brought the lotion with me to Japan so that my curls would stay and they worked LIKE A CHARM!! My curls lasted the whole day and my hair really felt bouncy and smooth!

- Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream ($18.90)
This moisturizer and styler highlights curls with its Shea Butter and Avocado Oil ingredients, creating the ultimate frizz control. Perfect for extra frizzy, coarse curls that need a guiding hand!

Available exclusively at Watsons!


Brand NEW: Marc Anthony's Curl Enhancing Styling Foam (worth $21.90)

If you want more control over your curls, its Silk Amino Acids and Vitamin E will help you transform fine, limp curls into full, polished and sophisticated ones!

It's a really awesome product but I am too lazy in the mornings to use this, so I would rather give it to one lucky reader!!

All you have to do is like my facebook page HERE, share this post with your friends on Facebook (using the share button below) and leave a comment here with your name, email and why you want this!

Meetups at my convenience only and only open to Singaporean residents :)

Giveaway closes: 27 August 2012 so be sure to spread the word!

Have a great week!
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