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Claire's Levi's 501® Interpretation - The boyfriend look

I've been wearing jeans for as long as I can remember, and I love everything about it! I'm sure many of you share the same sentiments.

The fabric, the ease of mixing and matching, the colours, right down to the uniform sewing, I love them all, especially when they fade or form new designs with wear (eg, holes).

I remember the first time I begged my parents to buy me my first pair of Levi's jeans. They complained that it was really expensive ($150 vs cheap brandless ones for $20), but when they saw me in them, they recognised the quality and how great the fit was, and bought it for me :) Woohoo!

Having some fun picking jeans ;)

Please understand that it's tough for me to buy jeans and pants. I can't even buy them online because 99% of the time, they don't fit. It's either the hip fits but the rear doesn't, or the other way round. Sigh.

Until I stumbled upon Levi's®.

Recently, in conjunction with their 140 years of iconic jeans, Levi's launched a 501® style interpretation contest where participants all over the world brought their own unique style to the 501®.

Singapore had their own share of entries, and my favourite has got to be Rosalyn Lee's tie dyed black 501® jeans. Her come hither bold pose, edgy look, and wedge heels are such an inspiration!

Picture credits to Levi's 501® Interpretation

It's such a shame that Singapore outlets do not carry 501® female wear though. They're available in other countries if you're travelling soon!

The Levi's® experience

I checked out one of the Levi's stores in Singapore and was attracted to the neat, homely environment! Staff greeted me as I walked in, didn't fuss over me unnecessarily, and were helpful when I needed assistance. They even took the initiative to recommend their latest collections when they saw I was attracted to similar items!

Impressed already, and I hadn't even tried anything on yet!

Super excited with the variety of bags, belts, caps, shoes, slippers and more at the accessories section!

My interpretation

Due to the fact that the female 501 collection wasn't available in Singapore, I planned to have a friend model the jeans for me instead. There I was sulking in a corner, thinking about all the ladies in Singapore who, like me, had to contend with a no-501® range, until it hit me. Who said we couldn't?!

No more observing, I had to find out for myself if it's everything people say it to be and experience it for myself first-hand!

I jumped up, went to the 501® jeans section and asked the staff for their smallest 501® size. Was about to point to a light blue denim jeans on the rack until I saw the new non-denim pants in true chino, chalk blue and mineral red. I knew I just had to try them on, and guess what?? I managed to fit into their smallest size, size 28!! (Now you know my hip size urgh)

After I tried them on, I realised why the men love their 501® jeans. They're so comfortable!! And now, they're officially versatile too :p

One of the first things you'll notice about a pair of 501® jeans is their eye-catching and distinct label. If you look at the label in greater detail, you'll notice the two-horse leather design. That was added in 1886 (more than 120 years ago!!) and demonstrates the incredible strength of Levi's® clothing, because two horses – each pulling in the opposite direction on the same pair of jeans, can't tear them apart.

The 1887 trademark, notice the similarity til today!
Photo credits to: Levi's Strauss

In fact, the product was called “The Two Horse® Brand” until 1928, when the company adopted its Levi's® trademark. #nowyouknow

"You said you weren't going to lend me your Levi's 501®  jeans so I took them myself!"

The Boyfriend Look

To get the boyfriend look, the most important factor is your BOTTOMS. They must not be hip hugging, and preferably, in a men's cut. 

The pair of jeans I'm wearing is the NEW non-denim Spring 501® Original Fit Pants in Mineral Red, and it fits perfectly at the waist! I really love the vibrant colour and quality stitching. The upper thigh area has a tighter fit to give the illusion of a smaller silhouette, but it is not tight fitting at the bottom, notice the straight cut and excess cloth! I especially love how Levi's® put themselves in their customer's shoes and added slightly larger pockets to cater to those with larger smart phones!

With these new pants, I could wear them to the office, to shop or even on a farm because they're so durable! My trusty, dependable pants :)

Threw on a navy blue cap, a Levi's® cream t-shirt, and a fuschia Levi's® watch to complete the 'thrown together' image and am pleased with how it turned out!

Love the laid-back, effortless, 'I-did-not-spend-too-much-time-and-effort-to-look-this-good' feel! Did you know that Levi's 501® jeans have been using original texture, weave and dye methods since 120 years ago? Now that's commitment to authenticity.

Choose to add a feminine touch by matching with heels, or you could go all the way with your boyfriend look with sneakers/shoes!

While other fads have come and gone, people are still wearing their 501's and will continue to do so. The reason is simple, 501's like jeans are supposed to look, and the wear how jeans are supposed to wear.

I'm sure many of you have noticed Levi's signature arcuate stitch  (the double V stitch on the pockets), which have been their brand icon since Levi's 501® jeans were first made.

In 1873, Jacob Davis and company founder Levi Strauss invented the first blue jeans using their patented process of securing clothing at “points of strain” with rivets. The result was strong jeans that could stand up to the hard work thrown at them. 

Boy, if only they knew that the Levi’s 501® jeans would become an international icon, loved by generation after generation.

So the next time you see a pair of 501 jeans, or put on a pair of 501 jeans yourself, know that they're part of the Levi's legacy, clothing full of heritage, innovation and founder of essential wardrobe must-haves around the world. So by wearing them, you're ensuring that the legacy lives on.

Girls gotta love a guy in 501®jeans and a cap, 501 represent! ;)

Check out Levi's Facebook page  for global updates to Levi's stores, and to show your appreciation for their brand!

Feel free to share your 501® Interpretation with me as well!

Please VOTE FOR ME at 
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You can vote 1x per day per category :)

Thank you!! *hugs all*
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Levi's® 501 party at Zouk

Free flow? Levi's®? 987FM? Fashion show? That was all my brain needed to register - yup I'll definitely be there.

A week ago I was invited by the lovely people at Levi's® for their 501 party, in conjunction with the jean's 140th anniversary. The 501 jeans, if you haven't already heard fo them before, is the first legendary pair of blue jeans made that had durability, style, and comfort, all in one. Over the years, Levi's® 501 jeans have evolved to keep up with changing demand and have survived the test of time to prove that they're the essential "must-have" in every person's closet.

I invited my two friends, Shu and Maggie to come celebrate Levi's® history with me, and we met up at Zouk's entrance. Of course we had to hit the bar before the event started! :p

First up for the night, Divian and Dee Kosh's game, where they picked 2 female and 2 male volunteers from the audience. Boy, were they in for a surprise...

Divian and Dee Kosh explaining the rules of the game. The two ladies and men were split into two teams, and the ladies had to pass a beer bottle through the jeans (in one leg and out the other!) of two models, and one of the male volunteers. Sounded simple, right?

Check out those muscles!! :D

So the first contestant began, (evidently Divian getting excited here), and the whole purpose was to make it look "wrong".

It was about to get terribly wrong.

When it came to the male volunteer's turn, the female contestant  had trouble getting the beer bottle through because... he was wearing skinny jeans. 

Divian got the crowd to start chanting "TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT OFF" and... he obliged.

Safe for work lah
The whole crowd burst into laughter and "OHMGOD"', Divian's expression s priceless, and Justin's censorship is just hilarious. So glad I managed to capture the essence of everyone's reactions here! Hahahah.

Someone was saying that the crowd already had the better view, if you know what I mean. Haha!

After he took off his jeans, the first contestant passed the beer bottle through without any difficulty, and it was the second contestant's turn! She was luckier though, because her male volunteer had baggy jeans on. However, he still took his pants off, when no one even egged him on. The crowd was traumatized.

Joined William's table for the night! He had attended the earlier media launch, which I couldn't make it to

After a splendid tap dancing and miners-turned-hiphop dance, we were treated to a fashion show featuring Levi's® latest Spring/Summer Collection!

Levi's®'s new collection has outfits for sports, dates and casual wear! Really loving that pink floral dress that the model is wearing! So flirty and fun ;)

I'd love a boy in that denim jacket!! Maybe not buttoned all the way though :p

 William and I were debating over the sexuality of the model on the right. Is he/she male or female? I think he's a male but William was convinced he's a she!!
What do you think?

Another picture to prove my point. Male?? Okay if she's really a female then I will stand corrected. Just being curious here. Anyway, it doesn't matter if you're male or female, both of you can wear colour co-ordinated outfits, it's the new couple look! Haha.

Grabbed a photo with Sheron and Darren! :)

Next up was The Mutton's segment, which was a drinking game!! Shu wanted to get my up on stage as a volunteer but I'm so glad that wasn't successful. My team would definitely lose!

Participants were split into teams for this game, and they had to put on a pair of Levi's® jeans, finish that mug of beer, and head back to tag their next team mate.

There's William up on stage! Got pose all. Hahah.

Quick photo with Joey and Mag :)

The last segment of the night was Bobby Tonelli and Rosalyn's musical dress up game. This contestant ended up wearing so many layers he was declared the winner!! Check out how dashing he looks in a bikini and blonde!

That concluded the end of the night, it was a great party and my friends had a good laugh and unwind from the hectic week!

With the Bobby super-hot Tonelli and pretty Xinyi!

With the Muttons. Have you guys checked out their awesome burger joint in collaboration with two fat boys? The Burger Bar, at the basement of Far East Plaza (near Ya Kun!) has really juicy patties and serves the famous tiramisuhero!

A picture with some of my blogger gfs :)

Thank you OMY and Levi's® for selecting me as one of the finalists for Best Interpretation Blogger!
Hope I'll have your vote once voting is open! :)

See you guys once I'm back in Singapore!

Your ticket to luxury with Reebonz


I have a confession to make.

During my entire secondary school, and junior college student life, I've never dared enter a Chanel, Louis Vuitton, or other luxury brand store. Why? Because I couldn't afford anything, plus I didn't look the part, so what was the point?

But I've always wanted to enter one of these stores.

If only this was my school bag when I was still in school.

Hence, I looked at the bags from afar. Yes, I meant it literally, from outside the store. I would walk past the store several times just because I wanted to catch a few more glimpses of the bags or accessories, trying not to look like a suspicious person.

I've dreamed about the bags. Why were they all so expensive and unattainable?!

At that time, I did not know how much these bags cost. I just knew that there was no way I was going to afford it with my measly pocket allowance from my parents (which made watching movies with friends a bit of a stretch, as it were).

Kids these days dress much better than I did at that age, the times, they are changing.

 1 in 6 Singaporeans are millionaires, right?

When I entered university, I mustered the courage to enter these stores, with my friends, of course. I never knew what to say to the staff, and often left the store, with thoughts of the adorable accessories, and beautiful bags. I vowed to own a bag from one of these brands in future.

Now that I've just started work, I've been squirreling funds away for my first 100% earned luxury bag. I'm currently spoilt for choice and value, thanks to Reebonz!

With a selection of all the top, popular brands such as Prada, Miu Miu, Chanel, YSL, Burberry, and much more. The best part of this whole arrangement, is that you can shop from the comfort of your own home via their online website. It helps that Reebonz offers frequent discounts, and deals to cater to every budget!

I love online shopping because I'm... lazy. If I had the option to sit at home all day in front of my computer, clicking through many websites and looking at pretty models, compared to walking around town all day into the brands that I commonly shop at... I pick the former. Walking is tiring, plus the stores are far away from each other... furthermore there's just so much variety online...

Since I do know my size for the various items, shopping online is a breeze. There is of course, caveats to this mode of shopping, returns can sometimes be a tricky process, and manufacturing defects that aren't apparent on studio-shot photos can be an issue with certain items you purchase online.

Reebonz (pronounced ribbons) allows you to purchase items from all the above-mentioned brands (and more) at up to 70% discount ONLINE with free shipping. Allow me to share with you what I love about Reebonz!

Great idiot-proof, user interface
When I first logged onto Reebonz, I was already impressed by how professional the website looked. "Looks very legit" was my first thought. You also get to sort pages by price and availability! Membership is free, and only members can view events, and purchase items at a discount. New events are in daily at 12 noon. (be sure to check the site before heading out to lunch!) :p

Pretty and neat!

Be tempted by their bags, small leather goods, accessories, clothes, and shoes! The men are also accounted for, with their own section of bags. I am currently eying their Chanel items. I am leaning a little towards the vintage Chanel range, because I have noticed that less people carry them in town. However, browsing their website, and after a visit to their physical store (I'll get to that), I ended up having feelings for a bunch of other bags as well! ._.

Chanels, please.
New arrivals can be as recent as bags from one season ago. So you don't have to worry about items being completely outdated or passé.

Each Fashion Sale Event is only available for a limited period of time! Hesitate, and that bag you've always wanted now belongs to someone else. Boo.

Crazy discounts
Prices shown on their website are cheaper than retail prices by up to 70%! The reason for such rock-bottom prices, is because Reebonz exports their products from authorized suppliers from Europe, so you know that you're getting the real deal.

They even had a recent 99% sale (!?!?!), where members had to complete 2 missions to be granted access. The first was to refer 5 friends, and the second, was to guess a mystery bag which would be revealed on a certain date and time. Within MINUTES of the 2nd mission released, all 300 places to the event were snagged up.

I passed the first mission, but was 10 minutes late in activating the second mission. Let's just say that I was depressed for the rest of the day.

Installment plans make luxury, affordable
If you can't fork out the money immediately (I completely understand) for these bags, Reebonz offers 0% installment plans for credit cards, with a minimum spending of course. More information is available at their website.

 Miu Miu weakness

Now, it's possible to look tres chic and show off your fashion sense with your new buys!!

Plus, if you invite your friends, receive 5% credit or up to 200 credits (that's SGD $200!!) from your friend's first purchase!

Feel and touch before your purchase!
If you're more of the touchy-feely kinda person, you'd enjoy this. Launched in Feb 2012, Reebonz Space is an area for members and the public to have a personalized shopping experience while being pampered by complimentary refreshments. Reebonz Space is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. Here are some pictures of their Singapore branch!

The female clothes section

 Made this picture huge so you guys can see the discounts for their brands and items!

 Why wait forever on the waiting list when you can just own one immediately? The red one is gorgeous.

A woman can never have too many shoes.

 A dress from alldressedup that caught my eye while I was browsing :)
 Model wannabe. How can anyone not love this Leopard Print bag from Mulberry?! 
This is also my favourite shot of me in the entire post lol.

 Singapore's branch is located at:
Clifford Centre
24 Raffles Place

The location is Perfect for the office crowd. All photos with me on this blogpost were taken at Reebonz Space. You can walk around, and pretend that you own every item in this space, as I felt extremely comfortable shopping in there. A nice mini getaway from the bustle of work


A baby blue Balenciaga?!
There are definitely going to be some concerns about online shopping, since it's with regards to spending your money on products that you can't feel or touch before purchasing.

1) Products that do not arrive in a condition up to expectations

Reebonz takes great pride in ensuring the quality of their products and I haven't heard of any complaints from my friends who have purchased from their online shop so far. Plus, items are gift-wrapped packaged nicely and delivered to your doorstep within 3 days! That's better than the best online blogshop I know of :X How's that for expectations?

2) Payments are not secure

Reebonz is committed to protection your personal information. From their website "The Site encrypts your credit card number and other personal information using secure socket layer (SSL) technology to provide for the secure transmission of the information from your PC to our servers." Trust that it won't be compromised :)

3) Exchange, refunds?

For any incorrect or defective items, Reebonz has a 14 day return policy upon receipt, subjected to a few terms and conditions. So if you change your mind, you still have an option out!

Convinced yet? :P Head to Reebonz already!

 Two baby proenza's!

Check out their Facebook page or download their iPhone/iPad application for their latest events and updates!

So I'm still on the hunt for my perfect bag. Any suggestions? :) Feel free to tell me your favourite bag featured in this post as well!

XOXO: Thank you Christine for helping me shoot these photos!! They came out gorgeous!

Belvedere Party!

Some shots from the Belvedere party held at the red dot museum! Tried a few of their cocktails but sweet cocktails are my favourite. Loved the watermelon flavoured one the most! :)


Came from work so I missed the Mugler show :(
Also managed to catch the gorgeous Arissa, founder of carte-blanche at the party! Her necklace is from Tom Binns and costs 2,450 SGD. Love her style and dressing! She's a great fashion inspiration :)
Thanks so much the invite! It was a great event, many fashionistas came for the after party and managed to catch up with bloggers i haven't seen in such a long time! Didn't bring my camera that day though, photos are still with Pistol!
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