Angelababy's Cafe in Hong Kong

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Admit it. Angelababy is freaking pretty. In her Audrey Hepburn-inspired photoshoot, she captivates and exudes class and beauty. Hundreds, or maybe thousands of girls, wished they had her natural looks, and of course, I'm enamored too.

Which is why I made a trip to check out Angelababy's baby cafe in Hong Kong! 

 Our reaction? Wah, posh.

 We were there on a weekday during lunch time, and there wasn't any queue. Check out the walls, plastered with Angelababy's face in her various photoshoots. The black surroundings made the place look unfriendly and cold. The bit that annoyed me the most was that the table to chair height ratio wasn't correct so I couldn't enjoy eating properly.

All restaurants need to pay attention to detail zzz.

 The lunch menu, with Angelababy in a maid-like outfit. Guaranteed hit with guys who like these sorta things.

We ordered two lunch sets so we got to pick an appetizer and a main course!

 The soup was diluted, and if it wasn't for the fact that my friend and I were starving, we wouldn't have finished it.

 Our duck salad, which was really dry and there was nothing spectacular about it. K next.

Our grilled chicken. The vegetables were really hard and the chicken wasn't piping hot (as evidenced by the lack of smoke), this was 5/10 at best.

Grilled Lamb chop which was really juicy and fatty, I thought that this was the best dish among the 4 that we shared. However, I wouldn't go so far as to say this is a must try when you're there, it's only a 6/10.

Overall, it was a really affordable meal, I think we spent about SGD$20 per person? However, I wouldn't come back again because the food isn't a huge draw, and if I really wanted to enjoy Angelababy's photographic presence, I'd surf the web to look at  her pictures. Plus, only two out of the 4 walls had pictures of her, so if you're going just for her, don't expect too much, unless she makes an appearance herself.

Baby Café,
Shop 30, 11/F, 
Langham Place Shopping Mall
 8 Argyle St. Mong Kok
+852 2111 1169
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