Smoothie King in Singapore

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As more and more Singaporeans opt for the healthier choice without compromising taste, the number of F&B outlets who can match up to those standards are declining in numbers. 

I am super excited to know that Smoooothie King is here in Singapore which means I don't have to worry about damaging my body while enjoying good, nutritous and delicious smoothies!

With over 650 stores across the US and South Korea, Smoothie King has decided to set up their food chain in Singapore, opening their first store at Centrepoint and most recently, their second store at 313 somerset!

It offers 27 different types of smoothies in Singapore along with wraps, salads and tacos and their smoothies fall into three categories – Refreshing, Slim & Lite and Nutritious Meals.

I could really use a Smoothie right now, Singapore's weather is terribly hot.
Seats for you to rest your tired feet from shopping or just hangout with your friends!

I took a trip to Smoothie King and had one of their popular, customer favourites, Banana Berry Treat! The smoothie is a delicious blend of strawberry, raspberry and banana.Very refreshing and sweet, will definitely order this again!

Satisfied with our smoothies, plus the seats are quite comfortable to relax on!

 You get one of these after you place your order at the counter, and once it beeps, your smoothie is ready for pick up!

 It's called the King for a reason ;)

 Thanks Smoothie King and Hyacinths for the smoothies!! Am a regular customer now!
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