Coffee Bean's 50th Anniversary Tea Cappuccinos in Singapore!

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Not many people know this, but if I had to choose between coffee or tea, I'll pick tea.

I normally grab a cuppa tea during lunch to stay awake in the afternoon and am always on the lookout for nice tea! So when I was recently introduced to Coffee Bean's 50th Anniversary Tea Cappuccinos which were a great perk-me-up and tasty, I just HAD to introduce them to you guys! The downer is that these flavours are available for a limited time only! Boo.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shows off their comparative advantage by introducing Tea Cappucinos at all outlets from 8th April! I was pretty excited to try these teas for myself and made a trip down to Forum's Coffee Bean with my family on a relaxing Sunday.

 The Coffee Bean staff making my tea cappuccinos!

There are 3 flavours under Coffee Bean's 50th Anniversary Tea Cappuccino range - Chai, Scottish Breakfast and Anniversary Blend Tea, are at $6 a cup and will definitely keep you awake for the rest of the afternoon!

Chai -The chai flavoured tea tasted like cinnamon, which my mum particularly liked. It was refreshing and light on the taste buds. Great for those who like a spicier blend!

Anniversary Blend Tea - the anniversary tea had an acai berry flavour, which is kinda like rose tea. If you're into flowery, fragrant tea, this would be great for you! My dad liked this one!

Scottish Breakfast Tea - the scottish breakfast tea tasted like scottish breakfast tea but the caramelized sugar and cappucino made it sweet with a powerful punch. Among the three I liked this one the most because it gave me a wake up call and I was alert for the rest of the day!

Their tea and foamed milk with vanilla bean sauce mixed with caramelized sugar (the design on the top) is sweet enough, so I wouldn't recommend adding any more sugar to your tea blend!

As all good things come to an end eventually, these Tea Cappucinos are only available from 8th April to 25 May, in conjunction with The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's 50th anniversary so grab them quick!!

Been recommending these to my friends and colleagues and they've all been leaving positive reviews as well!

Thank you Coffee Bean for the tea cappuccinos!

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