10 ways to use your 3M products in the office

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I am not the most organised person, in fact, I proudly call my room an 'organised mess'. I sorta know where everything is, or the general region where it might be, and I'm happy that way! Being too obsessive compulsive makes me feel restricted.

However when it comes to work, I can't afford to be sub-par, I have to be the top of my game!! That's where 3M's products help me sooo much. In fact, I use them daily because they can be pealed away without leaving ANY trace on the surfaces I use them on :p I've been using their products since I discovered how easy they are to use, how affordable they are, and they've been my trusty companions throughout secondary school, college, university and now, work.

Did you know that Post-it's were created by accident? A doctor by the name of Spencer Silver was trying to develop a strong adhesive but ended up creating a reusable adhesive. The distinguishable yellow was coincidence because it was scrap yellow paper lying around!

3M even has pens with Post-it's on them!! So convenient especially when you can't find your Post-it pad.

Thus, I decided to compile 10 ways you can use your 3M products in the office to enhance your work productivity. You can thank me later after you're read til number 1. ;)

10. Writing notes
If you need to write notes when there's not enough space on the page, an awesome way (instead of writing it on another sheet of paper) would be to use a Post-it.. You can even use them to highlight key words or phrases so they you don't affect the document!

3M also has this awesome product called the Laptop Note Dispenser. Just stick it on your laptop and it's easy access any time!

9. Tagging sections
Page 9 is the overview of the contract? Page 20 states the important covenants? Why not tag each section with a label? The thicker ones prevent wear and tear, but if they're temporary tagging, then use the thinner ones. So convenient!

Arranged from largest to smallest, for your viewing pleasure.

 Example of my tagging addiction, I did this for every subject *shifty eyes*

8. Note due dates
It's hard to remember when each deliverable is due, why not categorize them by due dates, and let a Post-it help you with that? 

7. Leave a message
Someone called for your colleague while they were away? Need to leave a quick message? You can be sure that these won't 'fly off' with the 3M's magically strong but reusable adhesive.

Don't know whose cable that belongs to? Label it. Bought a cupcake and you're gonna put it in it fridge? Definitely label it. Use your Post-it's to claim what's yours before someone else does!!

5. Write weekly targets
Need to finish a proposal? Need to call Korea to finalize a deal? Stick it somewhere noticeable on your table, and feel that satisfaction as you rip it off and throw it away once you've done it. Therapeutic, too.

4. Help you clean

We've all eaten that occasional snack while working in front of our computers and somehow our keyboard gets greasy. Or when you've just eaten that biscuit and a few crumbs fell on the table. Try the unconventional way of, using a Post-it to help you! Use the sticky edge to clean your keyboard or even pick up crumbs you may have missed! No it's not insulting or embarrassing, when you've got a useful tool, you've got to use it!

3. Motivational quotes
Have some motivational quotes you want to put up to inspire yourself? We all lose some resolve every now and then. Now you can paste it in front of you so you can stay focused.

2. Reminders

Self-explanory ;p

You can even write one that says "PAY DAY IS ON THE 15TH!!" and draw a cute moneybag. I wanted to do this, but I couldn't draw a cute moneybag, so... 
Another idea would be to write "You do NOT deserve to eat until you finish your work!", like what a friend of mine did, but that might not be entirely healthy since work is never-ending.

1. Make a Flipbook
Aaaand for number 1. If the above don't help you focus or concentrate on your work, then maybe you need a break to make yourself productive. Take a Post-it pad, and draw your own flipbook. Create your own story and even show it around! Done? Alright back to work.

Imagine this head thing head-banging the wall on the right. Yup that was my intended flipbook hahah.

Oh, and if you have extra Post-it's, you could also do this.

Had to bribe her with her favourite food just to snap these pictures hahaha.

Just make sure that your Post-it's don't get wet!! Wouldn't want them to have a colour run.

It's a bag with a Post-it dispenser! Or... a samurai.

Join 3M's Facebook contest by sharing your own tips and you just might win $1,000 worth of travel vouchers!! Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did coming up with ideas and shooting the pictures hahah.

Thank you 3M and OMY for this collab!

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