Lunar New Year Lunch with Grand Park City Hall

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Woohoo Chinese New Year! It's the year of the Snake and that's my zodiac! (Now you know my age...) It's the time for family reunions, letting bygones be bygones, and of course, time for good food.

Had a great Chinese New Year at Grand Park City Hall with their lavish gourmet indulgences! Was invited by them to do a food tasting. 

Loved the welcoming set-up :)

To kick things off, we were treated with a super awesome, luxurious Yellowtail lou hei!! Can't wait to lou-hei with my family and attempt 4 word phrases to boost health, happiness, wealth and success. I normally just follow what everyone else had already said hehe.

Golden Shunde Yu Sheng ($88++)

Check out the gold flakes omg. It was really fun lou-ing with other bloggers and everyone was into the festive mood :) There was one point when I noticed some gold flakes that had dropped onto the table, and after I pointed it out, someone asked me to quickly throw it back into the pot because we can't let money slip by hahah. We were pleasantly surprised that the yu sheng was not overly sweet, but actually savoury!

Suckling pig! Everyone was happily taking photos of the pig's front, but I took a picture of the pig's butt. There you have it.

Imperial Suckling Pig ($238++)

This was so good! The skin was crispy, the roast was perfectly done, it was great! Would highly recommend this as one of the best dishes we had that day.

Golden Happiness Crispy Garoupa
Not a huge fan of fried fish but this was fresh, crispy and gets a ton of marks for presentation.

Adding a twist to this year’s creation, the Prosperity Flambé Pen Cai is infused with Cognac, and flambéed to bring out the rich flavours and tastes of its ingredients, with a tang of alcohol. 

We were treated to a demonstration where the chef poured cognac and sorta 'transferred' the flames onto the pen cai. It was my first time witnessing this and I was so amazed! The chef had to repeat this several times as there was one pen cai per table (think there were 5 tables?) so I'm sure everyone managed to get a good picture.

Prosperity Flambé Pen Cai (à la carte and takeaway)

21 January to 24 February
$268++ (for six persons)
$428++ (for ten persons)

Incredibly impressed with his skills~! He made it look so easy but I'm sure if I did it I would burn my eyebrows off or something

Here's whats inside our filled-to-the-brim Prosperity Flambe Pen Cai!! It was a really generous serving!

 Sliced Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Scallops, Prawns, Whole Conpoy, Roast Pork, Roast Duck, Soya Chicken, Tien Shin Cabbage, Lotus Root,  Black Mushroom, Bai Ling Zhi Mushroom, Nameko Mushroom, Broccoli, Wood Fungus, Gingko Nuts, Duck Webs,      Beancurd Sheet, White Radish, Sliced Sea Perch Fillet, Sea Moss

It was suuuuper good. We didn't know that there were many more ingredients below the top layer, so we had a happy surprise when we were scooping around hehe.


Imperial Suckling Pig Oven-baked with Lemongrass
This was soooooooo good. The tinge of lemongrass, the tender meat, urghhh I would gladly have this again. It was part of the pig that you saw a picture of, earlier and everyone was raving about this.

Auspicious Glutinous Rice with Foie Gras and Preserved Meat
Was surprised to see Foie Gras at a chinese lunch, but the glutinous rice (and the swan-like design) brought the oriental feel to the dish. By this time we were pretty stuffed.

Urgh we were also served Steamed Mini Pumpkin Dumplings with Green Bean Paste for dessert but I can't find a picture of it -_- Was really adorable though because it looked like tiny pumpkins but was indeed dumplings!
With Superadrianme and Dennis! I think I look too happy over oranges but my tummy was happy k.


Bumped into William!! Notice how each of us is holding one orange. Eh looks like a couple shot come to think of it. But no nothing's going on. hahah.

With pretty Nadia who had amazingly cute nail designs!! Tried to take a photo of them but my camera went a little wonky.

Thanks Alvin for the invitation!

QUOTE Claire's Flair during reservations via email/phone to get Complimentary bottle of house red wine per table of minimum 10 pax. 

Thanks Alvin and Grand Park City Hall for the amazing lunch!


10 Coleman Street Singapore 179809

For reservations: 6432 5543 or email
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