Candydoll Makeup x Jewelove Lashes Tutorial

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In the past, I never dared try the dolly, doe-eyed look, because I don't think I can pass off whole 'cute' thing. But with all the hype, Tsubasa Masuwaka's appearance in Singapore, I just had to see if I could pull it off, with little tweaks, Claire style.

Here's my everyday, not too overdone, fresh girl-next-door look that would last the entire day, perfect for day-dates out and for school! Be prepared for a ton of face pics hehe. Alright, let's get started!


 Yuck, me in no make-up, with my fringe clipped so it wouldn't get in the way!


Foundation is SO important! I have to stress this because it can make your face look flawless and smooth. I especially love Candy Doll foundations because it's very natural looking and even though I used 4 types of foundation, my face doesn't look too caked and thick. Make sure you apply them thinly though!

 CandyDoll base makeup items in sample sachets, product size available at Watson's

Step 1: Apply Makeup Base 

If you want to prep your skin so the foundation can last longer, start off with Candy Doll's Makeup Base. Plus it comes with SPF 30 to protect you from the sun! 

Tip: If you want to be really fair like a typical Japanese, remember you have to keep reapplying SPF throughout the day.

Step 2: Apply Liquid Foundation

Blend this all over your face and you'll notice your skin looks dewy, fresh and dark spots disappear!!

Step 3: Even your face with a small amount of Powder Foundation

If your face is naturally oily, the powder foundation helps control shine to give you matt, smooth skin!

Step 4: Finish with Loose Powder

If you used the powder foundation, you can skip this step, but I wanted a sparkly, poreless finish, so I used Candy Doll's Mineral Powder and dabbed it on.

There are two mineral powders under Candy Doll - one is sparkly and one isn't. The sparkly one is more suited for night looks, and isn't very obvious on your skin. The normal one works just fine as well, but since I like sparkles you can guess which one I picked haha.

Tip: Don't forget to remove excess powder using a large powder brush!

 Notice the huge difference from my before picture? :P My dark eye circles are gone, my skin looks healthy and happy. You can achieve the same effect too!

FYI - Candy Doll Highlighter

Candy Doll has two highlighter colours for you to choose from - Marshmallow purple and Cream beige. Marshmallow purple will give you a natural look and cream beige will give you a dolly look. I skipped this step today but I prefer the Marshmallow purple!

Here I'm wearing JeweLove Eye Lash #04 (RP$22.90) JeweLove is known as JeweRich in Japan, it has been renamed in Singapore for export purposes. You don't have to worry though, the quality has NOT been compromised despite the slight name change!

Really easy to wear, just apply a thin layer of Dolly Wink lash glue, use a pair of tweezers to grab the lashes and position them on your eyelids, and voila. Check out the picture below for the effect of applying fake lashes to one eye.
Notice how fake lashes opens your eyes and makes you appear more alert?

Tip: You can add bottom lashes to make your eyes bigger too!

Shading Powder

I *LOVE* Candy Doll's mineral Shading Powder, because it allows me to contour my face easily, giving the illusion of a slimmer, smaller face! It's a shade darker than my foundation, water proof and lasts all day! This is one of their best sellers so they go out of stock pretty fast. If you spot any at Watson's, be sure to grab it because it might not be there after you hesitate.

Tip: Always remember to get matt bronzers otherwise your shading will become very obvious (imagine parts of your face that are sparkly and darker) and your tricks will be exposed faster than you can complete your sentence.

Here's a guide from Candy Doll on how to use the shader and blusher!

Follow this guide above, and shade according to your face shape! From top left clockwise, round, square, oval, triangle face shapes.

For example, the bottom of my face is kinda round-ish, I would prefer to have a more oval face, so I'll apply the shading powder like in the top left picture, to create 'shadows' that makes my face appear slimmer!

Candy Doll only sells one shade of shading powder, but you can build the colour by applying more layers if your skin is darker. The colour is actually a light brown but can appear as a dark brown from all the layers!

Once you've done this, here's a neat little trick,
Tip: Apply some bronzer just ABOVE your cheekbones. And now you've got yourself a healthy glow ;)


After applying your shading powder, it's time for your blusher! Try CandyDoll latest Cheek Color, Pink Flamingo (RP$25.90) for an orange, spring look. Give yourself a big smile and apply it on your cheekbones. You'll see the bronzer + blusher magic.

 Candy Doll cheek In Pink Flaming, if you want a deeper orange, build up the colour by adding more layers!

If you look carefully at Tsubasa's lips, her lips are always nude or in a reallyyy light shade of pink! Hence, to become Tsubasa, you have to recreate her lips :P

However, I skipped this step here!

Lip Gloss

Finish the entire look with CandyDoll latest lipgloss Color, Juicy Cherry (RP$25.90), check out  how shiny it makes your lips look! Super kissable with a tint of red!

Okay, now to spam more pictures, filter edited.


Thanks for reading! I took HOURS shooting and HOURS editing so please +1 this on gplus or share this post on Facebook if you liked the look!

Check out and like if you're a fan of Candy Doll products, and view their Candydoll Beauty Notebook album for more looks you can try :)

Candy Doll products are conveniently available at Watsons (instead of having to fly to Japan), we are sooo lucky to have them affordably priced too! 

Thank you M.O.S.S for the products. Big hearts to Jemay!

Have a great week!


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