Travelogue: Bangkok - Sights and Sounds!

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It was my virgin trip to Bangkok! You can imagine how excited I was. But seriously, what's with the clearance at Bangkok?? You literally are dropped off at one end and have to walk all the way to the other end?!! And when you fly off, the same thing happens! Grr. Well, I guess the whole point is to build a greater air of anticipation. Haha! (Either that or they want to screw people over who are late)

 This entertained me for a while! I also caught a movie. Forgot the title but Channing Tatum was in it with the GORGEOUS Rachel McAdams. Okay I just googled it was called 'The Vow.'

We arrived in the early evening, but by the time we cleared customs, bought data plans, took a train (since it was peak hour anyway, btw I would recommend a train because you get to catch a great view of the city), cabbed from the station to our hotel, and finally settled down, it was almost dinner time!

Stopped by the tailor that my friend recommended so that my friends could tailor their stuff, and I decided to get a red dress! (More on that later). We checked out food recommendations near our area (no to foodstalls that had tons of flies buzzing around and ON food) and found, 'Once Upon a Time.'

Mystified by the name of the place, we were excited to try out their food! It was in a quiet nook and we decided to sit indoors where there was air-conditioning instead of outdoors where we would be feeding flies.

A possible mistake.
The interior. It was alright at first but after you stare at the photos and INTO the cupboards, you'll start freaking out. There was a screamer head in one of the paintings (which I obviously would not take a picture of), and the cupboards had freaky looking dolls etc. From what we gathered , this place was probably a photography studio in the past?

Needed to use the washroom... and it was upstairs. Halfway up the stairs, you're hit by HOT AIR. Like as if there was no ventilation, just thick, hot air. It freaked me out even more. The rooms upstairs had beds in them... and I didn't want my eyes to wander longer. Just washed my hands and headed (bolted) back down.

The food wasn't too bad though! Our pineapple rice came served IN a pineapple for extra fragrance and my friends liked the Tom Yum soup!

We ordered quite a few dishes (about six?) and I think it was about 70 sgd in total. Quite worth it.


Feeling like we accomplished nothing all day, we took a cab to the skytower, the tallest building in Bangkok! My point and shoot digi cam doesn't do very nice night shots, but I will be bringing the G1X to Japan to capture everything better! :)


Having heard so much about Patpong, you can't go to Bangkok without even knowing WHERE it is! Or how the street looks like! It's like a little pasar malam lane, with many guys trying to get you in to watch tiger shows or ping pong shows. We didn't go in but we did peak inside when we got the chance! Girls standing on bar tops in their undies and push up bras.

I don't even know how they do these things.

That's all for the first post!

Tell me where you've been in Bangkok, or how you found these places when you've been there! I'd love to hear from you :)
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