Beerfest Asia 2012!

10:38 PM claire 0 Comments

Been attending Beerfest Asia ever since it first started in Singapore 3 years ago, when I was still a freshman in university! I still remember, in the first year, there was only ONE beer tent! And Vertical Horizon came to perform! It was also the year that I lost/someone stole my Fujifilm Digital Camera. I actually managed to meet Vertical Horizon BACK STAGE, took photos with them, and my camera was gone. The stupid idiot couldn't even return my memory card back to me. Curses!!

Year 2 onwards, there were 2 tents, and last year, they introduced the Comedy Night (fully air-conditioned) for an hour of stand-up comedy! I'm glad they improved the ventilation over the years, and that they doubled the toilets too. Though I walked over to the flyer to use the toilets instead hahah.

Coincidentally bumped into Warren, Glen and Mel at the same place! Mel brought her Oktoberfest gear and I regretted not buying hats from Berlin!! Urgh.

Everyone partying and dancing even though there was no air con. The woman on the left took off her shirt and was in her bra... for a while. Woah.

Can't wait for Beerfest next year!! Hope they bring back the Queen tribute band!! I also watched the Beatles Tribute playing but I didn't get a photo because I didn't bring my camera!

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