Meiji Amino Collagen to stay youthful and beautiful!

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In conjunction with Meiji's 10th Anniversary of Meiji Amino Collagen in Japan. (Yes, 10 years!), I'm here to share their new and IMPROVED formula with you!

Decided to do a little experiment of my own to find out |how the Amino Collagen tastes like without any other flavorings, and to find out which tastes better!

Things you'll need
- Meiji's Amino Collagen
- A glass of water
- A glass of fruit juice (I used Mango juice)
- A spoon

1) Using the spoon provided in Meiji's Amino Collagen, add a fully leveled scoop into the glass of water

After stirring, how the collagen water looks like!

2) Stir thoroughly for 1 min
3) Drink and evaluate the taste!
4) Repeat steps above using the glass of fruit juice

Added collagen powder!

After stirring

4) Compare results and conclude experiment

Tasted the mix with water and... it was fishy and unnatural. However, with the mango fruit juice, I didn't even taste the collagen at all! The downside of using the fruit juice is that the collagen didn't fully dissolve so some bits I ended up eating the powder. My fruit juice was cold so that didn't help speed up the dissolving process! Comparing the two, I will definitely not drink this with just plain water but fruit juice has my pick!

Plus, it was super easy to prepare and the container is adorable. It opens halfway so that you won't spill and for easier opening! Great gift for your mum too!

The 5 Good Reasons why Meiji Amino Collagen is well loved

  • Just 5,000mg- the right amount, - no more and no less the amount needed to feel the effects
  • The Power of Fish Derived Collagen – 1.5 times higher level of absorption by the human body than pig-derived collagen
  • Ease of drinking- using our superb technology, Meiji has reduced the odour of collagen for easy and enjoyable drinking
  • Purity and Easy absorbable Collagen Peptide – low molecular Fish Collagen Peptide for good absorption
  • Good Combination of Collagen with other important beauty ingredients – A single spoonful(about 7g) contains 5,000mg of Fish Collagen, 450mg of Arginine(amino acid-a beauty factor) ,60mg of Glucosamine and 50mg of Vitamin C.

2012 IMPROVEMENT- Evolving into nearly odour-free collagen drink resulted from Meiji’s unique new manufacturing process, it is now with much lower levels of collagen’s characteristic odour.
Meiji’s Amino collagen is Sugar free (no sugar ingredient) and has a low calories per serving (27 kcals only), thus enhancing its health benefits for men and women worldwide.


Questions you may be concerned about

Q: Will I gain weight?
A: 1 spoon of Amino Collagen containes 27kcal per serving only. You can take it even when you're on a diet!

Q: Are collagen supplements necessary for someone in their 20s like me?
A: Did you know that collagen starts to decrease drastically after the age of 20? Factors such as UV light and stress accelerate the loss of collagen. Hence, an early start is recommended!

Q: Is it okay to drink this when I'm pregnant?
Q: Amino Collagen is a food item, so taking the benchmark amount should pose no problem even during pregnancy. If you're unsure about this, consulting your doctor may be a better option!


Want some freebies?

Come on down to Meiji's roadshow from 6-8 Jul, Fri-Sun @Takashimaya B2 fountain area for/to:

a. Instant lucky draw (lucky draw forms will be handed out to interested customers, just have to fill up the form to participate in the instant draw at the roadshow to win Meiji Amino Collagen products!)

b. Exchange your existing empty collagen products (any brands) for a FREE MEIJI Amino Collagen white can. 

c. Free Sampling on-site

*Meiji Amino Collagen is available at all OG department stores, Robinsons (Raffles City and The Centrepoint), John Little outlets (Marina Square), Nishino Pharmacy (Shaw House B1, Takashimaya B2 and MEIDI-YA), Metro Causeway Point ,Selected Unity stores & all Guardian Health and Beauty and Watsons Personal Care stores.
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