I've decided to be brave. Wisdom Teeth Surgery update.

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Another update on my wisdom teeth?! Yes. I've booked my surgery date, it's in July.
If you're wondering what I'm talking about, read entries ONE, and TWO.
I spoke to a few friends and everyone recommended me to just remove all 4 wisdom teeth at one go because...

1) It's cheaper. 
Under general anesthesia,  you're already paying for a bed and anesthetic costs, so might as well just remove all 4! If you do the math, it's seriously cheaper.

2) Pain only hits you once.
When I was primary 1, my mother brought me to a jeweler's to pierce my ears. The lady asked if I wanted to piece my ears one after another, or both at the same time. I obviously said that I wanted them to be pierced one after another but my mother interjected and said that I had to do them at the same time. I pouted and frowned but she had her way.

After they 'shot' my ears, I didn't know which side hurt more, it was a stinging, yet a little numb feeling. My mum was right. If they had done it one after another, I wouldn't have the guts to do it another time! I'll be in pain while being 'shot' again?!? It's like paying someone to torture you.

So if my top teeth really screw up in future, I'd have to go through extraction (not advisable to do general anesthesia more than once for your teeth) and that'll be worse because it'll only be local anesthesia with injection to my gums! I don't have any cavities or fillings but I've heard so much about them <_<


Anyway, I was talking to my friend who did his wisdom teeth surgery (all 4 at once) and he told me that the anesthetic causes a numb feeling creeping up your arm, to your neck, and then you feel sleepy. He akin-ed it to falling asleep! I asked him if he had any dreams and he said no. We contemplated the thought and laughed at what would happen if the drug caused dreams. Patients would be shouting or jerking in the middle of operations, or even sleep walk!! Hahaha.

Give me your support guys! I won't post the exact date here but on the day itself, there will be live tweets of me freaking out, I'm sure of that.

Please wish me luck!!
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