The Body Shop Spa Fit Series - Tone your body without exercise!

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If I shared a way you could firm and tone your body WITHOUT working out, would you believe me? 

Introducing.. The Body Shop's Spa Fit range!

Using these products, coupled with an easy massages, you'll be able to slip into those bikini's with confidence in no time! If you don't like to exercise/perspire, this is an easy way out for you.

Let me show you how it easy it is! You just need to perform it 2 to 3 times a week and you're ready to hit the beach or the pool in this crazy hot weather.

Skin Perfecting Toning Massage Oil
Softens your skin and revitalizes your senses! Would recommend this to pass to your masseuse to use this oil instead of their oil for the best of both worlds! Most masseuse use regular oil that just reduces friction so you get to tone yourself AND relax at the same time! Plus it comes with a nice citrus-y smell made up of orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit oils.

Me pouring oil... wrongly. Hahahha. Make sure you pour the oil onto your HANDS, then rub them together to spread them evenly on your palm and then proceed to massage! :P
Intensive Toning Concentrate
Firms and tones the area! Here are two massage techniques recommended by a wellness expert.

 Place both hands around your ankle, rotate your hands in opposite directions and move your hands upwards from calf to thigh! It's pretty simple!
Massage into the skin using circular motions, pinch a fold (makes you kinda measure your fat) and roll the skin while moving downwards! Follow with light strokes upwards into the skin. Don't stroke down or your fats will go to your belly! Moving them up allows them to go to your chest area. Okay I added the last bit of reasoning hahaha.

Soothing and refining body scrub
Use this once a week so that my dead skin is removed and my new skin can breathe again! I love how the smell makes me feel like I'm rubbing fruit extracts, perfectly natural and preservative free :) Very gentle exfoliator!

 You can see the little particles inside! It really smells delicious. Resisting an urge to taste it hahah.

Toning body massager

Part of the set comes with a body massager. The ends look like little noses sticking out. It gets dirty easily , and friction prevents it from gliding on your skin until you first apply either the massage oil, the toning concentrate or the body scrub! Once you use it with the product, it becomes a charm to work with and I can feel my skin enjoying the massage!

 The third method of massaging, which I need to use the most often because of my huge thighs. I use this with the toning concentrate as well because when I tried it with the scrub, it was a little scratchy for me. So just decide on which area you want to massage and tone, follow the circular motions to massage the product into your skin religiously and you'll massage those fats away!

Rubbing it in a circular motion! Massager just glides on my skin. I could do this while watching tv or a drama. :D

For best results, run over a cold shower from ankle to knee!

The Spa Fit range contains Aloe Vera from Guatemala which is hand-harvested within 12 hours to preserve the freshness of the gel! Ingredients are 100 percent natural too!

If you're not already convinced... I asked some women how they managed to get back into shape after giving birth. Many have shared that they go for daily/weekly massages that really helped! No exercise at all. Believe it :P

The Body Shop also sent me their Tea Tree Pore Minimiser!!

Applied after toner to hydrate my skin and of course, make my pores smaller! It has a distinct tree tree smell and is very easy to use! Thank you Body Shop for sharing these wonderful products with me, so I can now share them to my readers!
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