Touching up hair roots at Komachi the Hair Cult

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So the last time I dyed my hair was back in April or so, and my roots were really starting to grow out so I decided to book an appointment with my trust salon, Komachi the Hair Cult! It's a huge plus that they're located in Orchard, so I can go about my weekend plans easily.

Outfit of the day: Top from Hong Kong, Skirt from Thevelvetdolls, Heels from Aerosoles

Okay back to getting my roots dyed. Komachi the Hair Cult only uses organic hair dye, and coupled with their hair treatment, your hair doesn't shrivel and dry up much. They really care about your hair, and if you want to achieve a certain look, the stylists will advise you if your hair can withstand such treatment, whether your hair can even achieve the same look or not, based on their experiences.

Here's my hair and (gross) black hair roots when I stepped into the salon.

Quite obvious right! Haha. This is what 3-4 months of hair growth looks like. Opted for green eyeshadow that day.

Komachi the Hair Cult has good service, when I sat down, magazines were presented along with my choice of drink, which was a hot green tea, and later when my tea was too cold, they promptly changed it to a piping hot one!

First step was to apply hair dye over the roots, and lock in with their heat emitting rotating machine.

They put on plastic ear caps so your ear doesn't get any dye applied on it by accident! It's really cute and thoughtful :)

Said rotating machine.

After about 20 minutes, it was all washed off, and here are the end results! Oh, Meiko is amazing at braids, and she gave me lovely waterfall braids. Yay!

Meiko-chan! My roots don't really look that brown in this picture because of the lighting. Please see the next picture.

Tadah! Very happy with how it turned out because it matches the current faded brown the rest of my hair is like.

How gorgeous is this?? I am pretty hooked on this waterfall braids thing, should just use this style for my future wedding too. Haha.

Left profile

Right profile. Meiko is a perfectionist. She actually re-did this 3 times in order to get it neat and organized. End result ? I LOVE IT! 

Curled the ends and here's the finished look!

One thing I really like about Komachi the Hair Cult is their huuuge mirrors that make your legs look long.

Not kidding.

 Thank you Komachi the Hair cult, Meiko and team for letting me trust my locks with you! :)

Make an appointment with them at :

Komachi the Hair Cult

 360 Orchard Road #02-03/04. International Building (next to ANZ Bank) 
Tel: 65-63399432 / 65-68363391

Til next time! ;)
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