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I never bothered much about diamonds, I just knew that the right guy would have to propose to me with one, and it better be at least X number of months worth of his salary. To date, I don't know what X is for sure since it varies from person to person, but when I eventually find out, I'll let you guys know :P

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Hello diamonds, come to mama

I'm such a "suipian" (anything goes) kinda person about diamonds, I have no idea what the 5 C's are (something to do with clarity and cut?) and my only criteria was that it had to look pretty. 

However, this changed after the event, where I gained valuable insight about diamonds and now I'm officially interested ;)

I was recently invited to Centerpoint for Tianpo's launch of Hearts on Fire and was introduced to Master Diamond Cutter, Brian McHardy. I was moved by his passion for diamonds, surprised by how much science went into it, and how much attention to detail was put into each diamond!

  Checking the diamond to make sure there aren't any imperfections
Hearts on Fire diamonds have four unique characteristics that makes them the world's most perfectly cut diamond.

  • Rare and Unique Diamond Quality - using the best diamonds and the maximum amount of light captured, which is why they look SO sparkly!
  • The Highest Manufacturing Standards - their diamond cutters cut and polish at 100x magnification, while the rest of the industry only operates at 10x magnification! Which means only 400 craftsmen in the world are qualified to cut a Hearts on Fire diamond!
  • A Proprietary Diamond-Cutting Formula - resulting in perfect symmetry, perfect proportions, perfect polish, and perfect alignment, thus, only for those who want the best quality! Why settle for less, right?
  • A Phenomenon of Light - captures light in such a perfect way that it reveals eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and Fireburst® patterns every single time.
 Round diamonds are the shiniest diamonds due to the physical structure, which allows the maximum reflection of light!
He also shared how yellow, blue, and black diamonds are formed, due to the excess nitrogen atom, boron atom and carbon atom, respectively. Really informative!

 These gorgeous flower designs caught my eye too!

The designer behind the Illa Collection, Ilaria Lanzoni, was inspired by her love of the night sky since her childhood days in Italy. 

When I visited Italy two years back, I remember staring at the sky, watching the stars twinkle as I smiled at it, feeling like I didn't have a single worry in the world.

I've always been attracted to stars because I like the symmetry out of an odd-sided figure (math geek), the different ways it could be drawn (do you draw two triangles?) and of course, the more stars I had on my test papers, the more stickers I received from my teacher in primary school. Guess it was ingrained since young! 

Aside from its shape, I always found comfort in looking at the vast, night sky. The world seems much bigger than your own version of it, the problems you're currently frustrated with seem trivial, and it also reminds me to be grateful with what I have.

Illa Constellation Right Hand Ring, $23,270, mesmerizing, isn't it?

Every time I step back and stop overthinking problems, I have a more optimistic perspective of life, and I feel happier. I feel rejuvenated, am driven to achieve and that the sky's my limit.

When I saw the Illa Collection, I was struck by how much it reminded me to persevere and press on. At that time I was going through a stressful period and wanted to take the easy way out, to give up.

 To me, these accessories aren't just pretty shiny bling, but serve as a reminder, an achor, as some would call it, to remind myself of who I can be, and who I want to be.

Of course, there are days when your boyfriend/girlfriend is out of the country and you're missing him/her, so you tell yourself touching lyrics from 'An American Tail'

"Somewhere out there someone's saying a prayer
That we'll find one another in that big somewhere out there

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star"
and looking at the sky brings you comfort because, 

"It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky"

Yup, I can be sappy too.
My favourite Illa look


Loving these because they reflect a lady with style and appreciation for perfection! This look will definitely turn heads and jazz up ANY outfit.

HOW TO WIN Heart's On Fire JEWELERY worth $1,400!

 2) Find my blogpost posted on their wall and hit LIKE

That's it!!
Remember you can only vote for one blogger, so don't vote for multiple or you'll be disqualified :(

A lucky reader will be picked randomly by 30 April so be sure to take part! 

 It's not ever day that you meet a master diamond cutter! Thank you Brian McHardy for sharing such a great deal with us! :)

  Thanks also to Tianpo's team, Evelyn and Winnie for this great learning and dress up session! 
Til the next one ;)

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