Elizabeth Arden's new fragrance Red Door Aura

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Red has been my favourite colour for the past 2 years or so, so you can tell I especially love Elizabeth Arden get togethers because I get to gush about the colour red even more. Okay now I sound a little crazy. Haha.

We met at Cedele, (Raffles city shopping centre) for brunch with 10 girls. It felt like a morning bachelorette  party or something haha.

The theme was Code Red, which explains my red bodycon dress for brunch! Most of the girls didn't realize the theme on the invite though. I was the only one in a red dress. Oops.

Didn't know if people were ordering mains or brunch... but the apple cinnamon pancakes were screaming out at me from the menu... Just HAD to get that. Added an extra scrambled egg because I need eggs in my life. Accompanied with freshly squeezed orange juice and my brunch was complete.

Think Yina and Julie were pretty unhappy with their beef stew though, and with good reason. It looked like curry chicken instead. At least they managed to get their order changed! The food took quite long to arrive though, even though some had only ordered salad.

It was reaaaallly sweet, the sausages were bland, the omelette could've been 'wetter', but I was quite contented with my meal. It wasn't inedible so I was alright :)

After we had finished, we proceeded downstairs to Raffles City Atrium to check out Elizabeth Arden's corner!

Spot anything different from Elizabeth Arden's previous collections? Hint: A red door?
The new range of Elizabeth Arden eyeshadows come in this new packaging! With an indented door on the powder once you open it. Really loving the new design.

Their eyeshadows now have Vitamin A to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, Vitamins C and E to neutralize free radicals in your eye area, and Advanced pigment technology which allows the powder to create a layer to 'float' on top of your eyelid instead of seeping into fine lines!

The 32 new shades offer colors in warm and cool tones, as well as a multitude of finishes ranging from matte, low lustre pearl, pearl and high pearl. Get ready for intense, buildable colours to suit the look you're after!

Was really excited to try the new colours! With anti-aging benefits, each palette at $34 is considered a steal.

Sarah darling *hearts* Poor girl has to lug her huuuuge leopard print make up bag all around the island for her wedding/bridal make up appointments that day! Am still touched she carries and uses the leopard print puff I bought for her from Japan. :)

Saw this super pretty limited edition zebra print collection FREE with a minimum spending amount. Like what the?! I want!

Bunbunmakeuptips' face, Julie!

Some of us had our makeovers done first, while the rest of us proceeded to a hands on activity and be introduced to Elizabeth Arden's new scent for younger women!

It's not as musky and intense as Red Door. It's more floral, light but still oozes class. In short, I love it!

Their pink bottle reminds me of a younger sister to the Red Door. A younger form of sophistication but reflects a confident, effortlessly beautiful lady.

We got to play with some of the scents to create a little perfume charm, which I immediately hung on my bag. Throughout the day, I was receiving compliments and people were wondering where the smell came from! Haha.

Pictured is the 30ml Aura fragrance.

Eau de Toilette Spray Naturel
Red Door Aura 30ml - $59
Red Door Aura 50ml - $91
Red Door Aura 100ml - $114

Available island-wide at all Elizabeth Arden counters! I would strongly recommend you to have a whiff if you like floral, fruit scents.

Love the soft feminine sensuality and elegance emancipating from the smell! 

Top Notes: Luscious Raspberry, Bergamot Lily
Middle Notes: Orange Flower, Rose, Jasmine Petals,
Base Notes: Creamy Amber, Sandalwood, Soft Musk

Top notes are what you'll smell immediately when you first spritz a little perfume on, and the base notes are what you'll be smelling nearing the end of the day.


So I finally had my makeover, and here are the pictures!

 Before and After

What do you think?

I know the lighting is off and all, but I have a soft smokey look :) I think I look plain in the left picture. I was also quite stoned because I was tricked to going into a thai club the night before.

My FAVOURITE picture from the event, because I forgot to bring my digi cam and had to rely on my handphone shots, so some of my pictures turned out blur... Pretty Yina, Tiphanie and Joey! I also like the positioning of Tiphanie's bag hahaha.

Plus, the model in the poster has an exceptionally dreamy look and is in a gorgeous dress. You get the drift!

Thank you Elizabeth Arden for the fun morning and afternoon! Shoutout to Isabel for the great chat whilst I was trying to stay awake and the bkt recommendation. The pork knuckle was delicious!

Will share about their new beautiful colour eye shadows soon :)
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