Nestle: Milo less sugar?! Bring on the Milo Shots!

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If Coke can have Diet Coke.. then it's not surprising if Milo has a Milo Less Sugar? Hahah. 

A few days ago I received this in my mail... and squealed. I am a HUGE Milo fan!! Ever since the van went around giving us free milo during sports day, til today. I drink no coffee, only milo (and tea). There's just something about the cocoa powder that calms and energizes me. Or maybe it's just my weakness for chocolate.

Added a rose for prettier effect. I really love Milo, so I kept this pin *beams*

Ooh now I can boast to the world that I love Milo with my shoe bag!!

 Available at most leading supermarkets for $5.50 per pack of 12 sachets.

How is this Milo different? It contains 25% less sugar for those who are worried about obesity, diabetes or just don't have a very sweet tooth. Still comes with your vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and calcium like your normal Milo!

Made myself a cup the other day and my tip is.. to add less water. I filled my cup to the brim but it tasted a little diluted! Made sure to only fill the cup halfway the next time and it tasted great. I barely even tasted the 25% less sugar hahaha. Milo is my energy booster :)

Next time I head to a coffee shop to have milo I can actually ask for less sugar... sachet style..?
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