Maybeline Lashionista, Hypercosmos Eyeshadow, Hyper Liquid Eyeliner, Baby Lips Pink Glow and Foundation Sticks

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I'm always on the lookout for better make-up products than the ones I'm currently using, so when I first received this pack from Maybelline, I couldn't wait to share them with you :)    Check out Maybelline's Arresting Lash party's press goodie bag! I have also included the invitation card because it was pretty cool haha.

Thank you Maybelline!!
More on their products later.

The event was held at... Zouk!

That night we were treated to catwalk performances, make up tips by Larry (if you remember, I wrote about his tips in this entry!) I arrived early, so I went to walk around the area shopping for clothes. It was too dark though and the lighting made the colours of the clothes appear a different shade.

I actually saw a really nice dress from catwalkclose but I could not fit into it -_- their size was superrrrr small and not for girls with bigger bottoms (like me) Plus their largest size was M!!! I can't fit into M just because of my hips/butt so I was very upset. No refunds were given that day so I had to make-do with store credit. Haven't found anything that I liked so far either.

So, along with the crappy colour estimation,  I got quite frustrated and gave up.

It was really really crowded and I could only join Sarah, Andy and everyone only after it ended. Plus, when Xiaxue walked by, I could see throngs of girls whispering (not very softly) and pointing at her. 

If Xiaxue ever reads this, don't worry I only heard good things! Like "She's soo pretty" and "Omg her hair is soo nice!" Yup.

A blur picture with Mel. I've known her since sec 3 because we were in the same literature and geography class. And now she was in the NUS pageant and a blogshop model?? You never know what life has in store for you :) I remember us talking with Leigh-anne and complaining about our geography teacher. Who had purple-pink lips because of her lipstick and we absolutely hated her perfume because it really smelt bad. Haha but it's those funny instances that makes school memorable right?

Oh I suddenly remembered that my geography teacher liked to pout. *shudders*

Luckily we managed to grab another photo! I miss wearing my IJ uniform, even though I was a complete geek in it. Hahah. Mel you're still as skinny!! 

How does Hayley look cute in like every photo?! Her face is so small!! 

With Silver who was dressed in pink to match the launch of Fashionista's pink mascara. Haha.

Lashionista DOES NOT CLUMP AT ALL. Even after multiple layers!!! Korilakkuma also wants to try hehe. However, I don't think it adds much volume, it just darkens your current lashes. Would recommend this for either the first coat on your eyelashes, or the last coat to remove clumps. For lengthening effects you really have to combine it with other mascaras! Perhaps the Maybelline's super volume mascara. (purple in colour!) Really lengthens but clumps easily.

Here's a photo of my sparse eyelashes, after applying Lashionista.

I really like playing with eyeshadows. Just using the right colours and blending them properly can cause your eyes to reflect your mood and personality. I like using lighter colours in the day because it makes me look more awake and bright and cheery. For night events, smoke it up with dark purple, dark brown or charcoal black. Plus, I carry a small make up pouch to work to touch up so I really prefer all my make up to fit inside. It's only about 15cm by 10cm? Quite small so I can't bring bigger eyeshadow palettes.

 Sorry the colours don't come out on paper as well as they do on the skin. A better representation below!

As you can see, there's purple, pink, blue, green and brown to choose from! My personal favourite is the green and blue eyeshadow that really makes your eyes pop and look refreshed! (LG1) For a more sunkissed healthy look, choose the CP1 brown tones. Dark purple is recommended for clubbing :P

Now Maybelline has made it even more convenient for ladies to carry make up around!! Check out their new Hypercosmos Eyeshadow range ($17.90 each), which features TWO baked colours in each palette!! If you're wondering how baked eyeshadows are different from normal eyeshadows, the baking process removes excess water pigments for more pure, intense, saturated colour!

This makes the colours transfer more easily onto your eyes and it stays longer!

In this new range, Maybelline also introduced their Baby Lips Pink Glow in Baby Pink and Baby Lips Pink Glow in Pink Blast. This lip balm makes you look like you're wearing a hint of lipstick, but you're just wearing lip balm! Plus, lip balm keeps your lips moisturized for up to 8 hours PLUS it's infused with Botanical concentrates to restore damaged cells on your lips! If you know why your partner keeps wanting to kiss you... you know why. Hahah. Lips are really important, and dry chapped lips are a definite turn-off.

After. No photoshop!!

I know of a guy who would apply lip balm just before making out. Religiously.

Also a quick introduction to some of their other products from Maybelline that I love.

I haven't used foundation sticks in a really long time (since seconday school) because I didn't like how dry and patchy they would look on my skin, but Maybelline's clear smooth foundation sticks makes my face look moisturized and healthy!

Why did I use them in secondary school? Haha that's because I was in choir and we needed like really thick make up so that we look great on stage. Imagine dark drawn in eyebrows, two to three layers of foundation, red lipstick, etc etc. No falsies though.

I used their foundation stick here! Very natural looking right? :)

Maybelline's foundation sticks are available in 01- Fresh and 03- Radiance. If you're relatively fair skinned, Fresh would suit you, and if you're relatively darker (or tanned), then Radiance is a better option! Comes with SPF 21 PA and it eliminates shine and absorbs extra sebum from your skin, so if you have oily skin, this is a good recommendation! Plus it's very natural looking and can hide redness. This product glides on very easily. Best foundation stick I've ever used so far!

Lip balms that come with SPF protection get double approval from me! Comes in two flavours, depending on your taste (because you WILL eat some lip balm, it's inevitable) Either Mango Pie or Cherry Velvet! I actually leave lip balm in my work pencil case so that I can conveniently reapply every time my lips feel dry in the air-conditioned office. I keep another lip balm in my make-up bag, and a third one in front of my mirror at home! :) See how prepared I am? Muarhaha.

Get them at Watsons, Sasa, Guardian, selected departmental stores etc etc. Thanks Maybelline! Because I'm worth it. (BHB) Hahahh.
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