Tang Hong Kong Gourmet Restaurant

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Was invited by William (Thanks William!) for a food tasting session which was really near my workplace, at Neil Road! So I strolled over once work was over. It wasn't hard to locate the restaurant too!

Tang Hong Kong Gourmet Restaurant
116 Neil Road S(9088853)

Serving Hong Kong chinese food, in a round-table setting, it reminisces eating together as a family when I was younger. Why not recreate that atmosphere with your friends and colleagues?

 The first dish was the soup which didn't really leave an impression on me, perhaps I was just too famished.The soups wasn't too thick, perhaps slightly powderish, so it was okay for me.

We were served a pink drink that didn't look or taste like bandung. Can't remember what it was but I would've preferred milk tea or chinese tea any time. It's chinese food after all!

 Liked these Coconut Milk prawns! I liked the slightly powdery dough taste and this was one of my favourite dishes for the night :) They were also tender and somewhat juicy!

 Thought the Peking duck was yummy. Wish we had the meat served immediately after though, but the meat was part of our sang min (last dish before dessert). The duck skin was crispy and the wrap skin was still warm. For a good price too! Shan't show you my wrap because I was too hungry and folded it most efficiently :D
 I don't eat spicy food, so I had to give this white fish head(that looked like it was going to set my mouth on fire) a miss. The other bloggers mentioned that it was soft and tender though, so if there was an oyster sauce equivalent of this, I would've probably loved it.

 Was introduced to Hungrygowhere's owner, Hoong An! You may know that hungrygowhere was recently bought over by Singtel and is now related companies with! They're working on this uber interesting concept which I don't think I can reveal here, but it'll be rolling out next year, will probably share then! Or the news will be all over it already hahah.

He was really friendly and shared with us some interesting insights and tips. He also recommended some yummy food places for me to try! Which I noted down on my phone :)

 I realised I didn't try this deep fried white bait. Oops. In my defense it was at the opposite end of the table for me! :X

 Mini lobsters! Another spicy dish but I had a little nibble. It was really quite spicy for me. Good to serve as a sharing dish with friends and everyone could have a piece!


If you like salty crispy duck noodles, this is for you. It was a tad bit too salty for my liking so I had to order a glass of water after my first bite!

Double boiled white fungus with papaya isn't a dessert I would usually order, because the fungus is normally chewy hahah. I like my desserts easy to eat and soft! For chinese desserts I love barley ginko nuts, egg pudding, red bean soup, you get the drift :)
Affordable lunch sets for employees or residents working/living near by!

Everyone found these wall decals so cute!

Good for an affordable meal with family or friends or a quick lunch set during lunch break!

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