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Unique, handmade, gorgeous AND timeless crystal pieces, at affordable rates?? When I first saw them I was blown away too. Thank you NTQTY for creating such lovely jewelry!

They sent me this beautiful titanium cluster quartz ring that's easy to match and steals all the attention.


Castles on a Cloud (Also love the Les Mis allusion)

I really love how the crystal glitters in different colours depending on the light fall, hence I took a few pictures in different filters to show just a snippet of the colours!

I joked and said that if I meet a blonde girl somewhere I would tell her that if she looks closely, she could see people 'living' in the castles. I kid, of course.

Love how it matches with blues/greens/purples/yellows okay it matches with everything, depending if you want a pop of colour or all in the same colour scheme!

Reason why my index finger isn't painted is because of my wisdom teeth surgery in my previous post here! And also, no pictures of my face because it's all swollen.

Have received many compliments on my 'Castles on a Cloud' ring. Completely custom-made too! I could choose the size of the crystal, the size of the ring, the colour of the crystal etc and the owner is really friendly with great service!

Psst! Your package will be bubble wrapped securely so you don't have to worry if any part of your crystal might break during delivery.

My top picks from the website (apart from my ring, of course)

La balle de cristal: Crystals embedded in bullet casings. How is this not awesome? You can choose between gold/silver bullet casings, and blue/white aura quartz! Add this to your outfit to have a subtle rocker aura.

Spectra: I am so in love with this titanium aura quartz. Wearing this necklace will give you an instant elegant look and will catch the jealous eye of many!

Breath: Can't decide if I prefer the necklace chain or the light amethyst crystal on this!

Most items are ONE PIECE ONLY. Meaning you're the only one to have that design. How exclusive is that? Now you can boast something that only you have, and be sure no one else has the same one.

Visit QUOTE CLAIRESFLAIR10 when you check out, to get 10 percent off your purchases! Don't hesitate just buy it as a gift for your bff, your gf, your mum, they're sure to love these handmade necklaces that cost a fraction of the price sold outside!
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