Nature Valley's Chewy Granola Bars comes to Singapore!

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What's nutritious, filling, healthy and easy to carry around? Nature Valley's 100 percent natural chewy granola bars! Back on the shelves, permanently!

They contain NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives! Made from all-natural ingredients (real fruits, nuts and whole grain oats) and contain NO trans fat!! Don't have to feel guilty when I snack!

Mixed Berry (cranberries and blueberries)
I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first bite off the bar, as my first thought was how wonderful the berries in the bar tasted, virtually the same as the fresh berries that Nature Valley provided in their basket! After the initial blast of berries on my tastebuds, I noticed that the oats were refreshingly chewy and tasty. What was supposed to be a snack had me yearning for more, as I felt the 3-4 bites I took to finish the bar was far too few! Nature Valley obviously put a lot of effort and thought into these bars.

Fruit and Nut (with raisins, almonds, peanuts and cranberries)
I tried the Fruit and Nut the next day, and the same chewy oats greeted me! This time though, the almonds and peanuts, added an extra crunch to the bar, along with tasty raisins to add some a fruity element to the mix. I found myself with the same problem moments later, as I looked down to my hand and realised I had finished the bar in a few bites. Delectable!

I love the granola bars because I can just pack one in my bag and have it for breakfast, tea break or any time when I'm feeling nibbly! As you can see, top on my list is to put one in my bag :D

Checked out the granola bar section in Cold Storage and found other flavours (not chewy but crunchy!) as well!! :O Ooh I'm eyeing the Apple Crisp and Cinnamon one next!

Definitely my healthier choice compared to biscuits and chocolates! (Got to lose that office lady bottom)
Nature Valley Chewy Bars are $6.30 per six-pouch box! Available at these leading supermarkets from the following dates: 
Giant – 12 July
NTUC – 19 July
Cold Storage – 26 July
7-Eleven – 23 July

PSST! Between 9-22nd July 2012, Nature Valley's Van will be travelling around the CBD distribt or high traffic areas to distribute little treats and their new granola bars for FREE!! 

Thank you Nature Valley for creating such a delicious product and Fleishman-Hillard for letting me try them!! <3
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