Wisdom Teeth Consultation

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So.. I finally manned up and made an appointment with NDC for my wisdom teeth consultation. My doctor was really nice and re-assuring and he explained the procedures to me in great detail, answered all my curious (possibly annoying) questions and my random attempts at jokes.

Me: "Will I lose some of my memory?"
Him: -_-;

Took an X-ray that revealed what I already knew (it was more for the doctor's analysis), my lower wisdom teeth were impacted, under the gum, and might potentially decay when food gets stuck, causing the tooth in front of it to decay as well.

My upper teeth, seemed normal.They were still hidden under the gum but also under a bone.

He listed several options for me.

1) General Anaesthesia, remove all 4 at once
2) Local Anaesthesia, to remove the teeth on the left side/right side (either, not both)
3) General Anaesthesia, to remove my bottom wisdom teeth

(note: General anaesthesia, you're put to sleep. Local anaesthesia, you're conscious all the way but the area will be numbed)

I asked if I could do General anaesthesia on the left side, then general again next time on the right, but he remarked that general anaesthesia has its risks and hence, shouldn't be done more than once.

I thought about it really carefully.

In my blog post here, I talked about how the dentist will cut open my gum, drill my tooth to bits, take out the tooth bits, and stitch it back.

I was right.

But did I really want to be awake when that happens?? I know, under Local anaesthesia you technically don't feel a thing, but you can SEE what happens. You can SEE the blood that's being removed from your mouth (you can probably estimate how much you're bleeding). I know girls bleed every month but I don't like the sight of blood at all.

Also, if the dentist (paranoia sets in) happens to raise his eyebrows during the surgery, exclaims "Oh golly, I've never seen THIS before!" or "Oh no I can't seem to remove this" etc, I would totally freak out.

Plus, why would I want to see someone inflicting harm on me??!?! Drilling into my teeth?!! The only time I said I will pay for someone to inflict pain on me is for hair waxing. That's it (for now).

I've never had any surgeries or operations so far so perhaps this aversion to pain is explainable?

The risk, though, no matter what type of anaesthesia I chose, was that my lower wisdom teeth were near my nerves. This meant that after the surgery, I might feel numbness in my chin or tongue. MIGHT, not definitely k. And, if I decided to remove my top wisdom teeth, which were kinda near the sinus (some air space), there are risks of infection etc.

And so I decided. I will leave my top teeth wherever they are. They seem happy that way. As for my LOWER teeth, to the left one that caused me great pain when I was in EUROPE, you deserve to get out of my life, and to my right one that is nearer to the nerves, well you will cause me future pain so you're gone too.

Surgery date has been booked for July, til then I'm going to try and forget about my surgery until the week before.

 Wish me luck. I also hope I somehow get 'Get well soon!' cards and bouquets of flowers like what I see in dramas. #wishfulthinking

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