Wearing your boyfriend's (or dad's) shirt.

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I'm sure some of you might've already watched the video above, but I realised that I didn't actually share something I did last year.

I tried the technique.

At first, I tried one of my brother's shirts (he's an average sized Singaporean) but the collar portion was too small. Hence I had to take my dad's old shirts (he's a little bigger than the average sized Singaporean) and it fit perfectly!

This was so long ago that I still had shoulder length hair!


Paired this with jeans because it's WAYYY too short to be worn as a dress.

 Won one of the best dressed prizes. Didn't use the prize in the end because it was a lunch at Todai. For ONE PERSON. Nope not going there alone, plus it's only valid on weekdays -_-

How to wear this? Simple, just find the right collar size that fits below your armpit area, button it up, tie the sleeves together in front or at the back, whichever suits your fancy, and TA-DAH.

 My face is a little pink from drinks.

Easy peasy? If the collar is seriously impossible, the top button's width should suffice too! I think I wore the first button on mine. Make sure it's tight so it DOES NOT FALL OFF. You can wear a tube inside but I didn't. Tried jumping a few times with the shirt and it didn't fall so.. safety test passed.

Have fun! Haven't worn it ever since. Haha.
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